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How To Decide on the Right iPhone Lens, In Two Easy Steps

April 19, 2018

Are you currently in the market for some iPhone lenses, but genuinely have no idea what you need and why you need it? Have you tried using other accessories in the past and found them lackluster, prone to capturing distorted images and a drag to lug around? It’s time for you to get back to the basics of iPhoneography!

A simple search offers a wide array of options when you're looking for an iPhone lens to take your iPhone Photography — or iPhoneography to the next level, but it can be really difficult to determine which of the suggestions are the best quality iPhone lens for you and your photography needs.

Hitcase Crio iPhone Photography Case


All you can really do is pick the best iPhone lens for you, even if the "Pro's" wouldn't agree with you — especially if the aim is to get way more out of your already expensive iPhone, in a day and age where iPhone photography is extremely competitive and highly elevated.

Adding a lens to an already suped-up iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus, or even iPhone X is a huge investment, so you need to make sure that the lens you end up with, be it a wide-angle, or macro lens works for you and your lifestyle.

Step 1

The first step to knowing which iPhone lens is right for your photography needs is to determine what's missing from your pictures — the new iPhones make sure that there isn't much (if we're being honest) and know what they mean for a fledgling iPhoneographer.

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Let's quickly take a look at these types of lenses and what they can do for your iPhone photography!

A Wide-Angle iPhone lens helps you take photographs that include even more items in the frame than the average iPhone lens. A wide-angle camera lens works for someone who is looking to take landscape photographs or is at an event where they want to take a picture of a large group of people, without the fear that they won't all fit in the frame. A wide-angle iPhone camera lens is a fantastic alternative to shooting an image in panorama mode, which ends up eating battery, and doesn't necessarily prevent image distortion.

TrueLUX SuperWide

The all new HITCASE TrueLUX® SuperWide comes with 3 spherical lens elements, and delivers high-quality images with excellent detail throughout the entire field of view (FOV), with none of the distortion that its nearest competitor comes with.

The TrueLux SuperWide is a must-have for any real estate photographer who has ceased to find the convenience in lugging their bulky DSLR around from location to location. iPhoneography is now making shooting photographs in homes easier than ever before.

A Macro iPhone lens helps iPhoneographers capture images of things that are not normally seen by the naked eye, because they require you to get really close to the subject and stabilize your phone for long enough that you can capture a highly detailed image. With a macro lens, you can at least rest assured that you will be able to get detailed, in-focus images without needing to get super up close to whatever you're shooting. The images always come out with the most velvety bokeh (depth of field) which makes the subject pop even more.


TrueLUX Macro

The all new HITCASE TrueLUX® Macro Lens captures small worlds in great detail with 3 times the magnification and a up-close-and-personal working distance of 12-22mm, offering a wider, easier to use working distance than traditional Macro mobile lenses.

Ideally, you want to have as much variety as possible when you buy into the macro lens life, which is why it makes more financial sense you get yourself a bundle!

Truelux Lens Bundle

Turn your iPhone into a better camera with the redesigned TrueLUX® Lens Series from Hitcase. The TrueLUX Lens Kit includes: the Macro, Wide and SuperWide, allowing you to capture any scenery, any time while still having the ability to swap between HitCases other waterproof and compact lenses. It works because you work!

You may already take fantastic pictures, but just need to include more subjects/elements in the frame. That's where something like a wide-angle lens would come in...

Step 2

What is your price? Unlike a lot of the camera lens manufacturers, Hitcase allows you to buy bundles in order to maximize your access to lenses — as well as protective gear that keeps both your lens and your expensive iPhone safe from the elements so that you can really get close to your subjects and elevate your Instagram grid!

Good iPhone lenses have nothing to do with price — it’s about attention to detail

One thing that a lot of iPhone camera lenses get wrong is the inability to avoid distortion. In order to get you a lens as cheaply as possible, a lot of the lens makers usually give quality control a miss. Not good. At the end of the day, what you need from a high-quality iPhone lens is something that produces images with very little vignetting and ultimately no distortion around the edges of your photographs.

While we can debate the relevance of a point-and-shoot camera another time, one this is for certain that if you are interested in turning your everyday iPhone into a point-and-shoot, Hitcase helps you do exactly that.

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With exceptionally durable cases and lenses that provide world-renowned image quality, from Toronto to Russia, it goes without saying that any adventure photographer worth their weight in gold would put Hitcase through its paces.

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