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Our collection of waterproof and drop-proof cases are IP68 and MIL-SPEC Shock certified, providing the highest degree of water and drop device protection on the planet. So whether you're diving with sharks, surfing or just lounging around the pool, Hitcase has you and your iPhone covered.

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Whether you spend your days around the pool, lake, ocean or other wet environments -- or you just want some peace of mind if you get caught in an unexpected downpour -- Hitcase has your back -- because a little water shouldn't have the power to ruin your day or your entire trip. 

At Hitcase we design and build waterproof iPhone cases for adventurers, wanderlusts, thrill-seekers and anyone that needs a little extra protection from the wild and wet world out there. And if you've ever taken an unexpected dip in the pool or dropped your phone in a puddle or the toilet, you know how fragile these things can be, so why not protect it with the best waterproof iPhone case money can buy -- a Hitcase.

Pro - Tough, Rugged, Adventure-proof 

Our most protective case, the Hitcase Pro is tough, rugged and adventure-proof for even the most extreme outings. With multiple Everest summits under its belt, the Pro laughs off danger other cases would simply crumble under with a full 10 feet of drop protection and up to 30 feet of waterproof protection. And with threaded lenses and our unique Railslide fixed mounting system, your iPhone can go from a simple phone to a fully-loaded action camera in just a few quick steps. That's why we think it's the best waterproof iPhone X case you can get. 

Shield - Thin, Light + Waterproof 

As the world's thinnest waterproof iPhone case, the Hitcase Shield gives you complete dust and dirt protection, as well as IP68 waterproof protection up to 10 feet, in a beautiful and machined aluminum body that's as sleek as it is protective. And with our easy in, easy out Shockseal, you can install and remove the case in just seconds without marring your phone, hands or the case itself. But because the Shield supports Touch ID, wireless charging and other iPhone functionality while snug and secure, you'll only have to remove the case when you want to. 

Shield Link - Waterproof + Magnetic 

An update to the popular Shield, the Hitcase Shield Link is perfect for water-sports, mud runs, getting caught in the rain and any other wet activity. The best part is that this upgraded case adds magnetic functionality, making the Shield Link the thinnest magnetic waterproof iPhone case you can buy, and giving you the power to attach one of our creative lenses or mounts for more inspiration to capture more of your next adventure. 

Splash - Waterproof + Travel-proof 

Lightweight and slim, the Hitcase Splash is a great travel case for adventurers that want a bit more grip than our machined aluminum options. While the soft-grip exterior helps protect against drops, you also get MIL-SPEC Shock protection up to six feet for those clumsy moments, and up to 10 feet of IP68 waterproof protection for wet environments. And because it's compatible with our iPhone lens kit, you don't have to sacrifice your creative side when you go for a waterproof iPhone case. That's why our favorite iPhone XS Max waterproof case is the Splash.