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You just spent a good chunk of change on a new iPhone X. So why leave it vulnerable to the world when one fumbling moment can ruin your day and leave a healthy sized hole in your wallet. Our line of protective iPhone X cases are built to withstand hard hitting drops, water, snow, dirt, dust and anything else you throw at it.

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Hitcase Crio for iPhone X

For minimalists and creatives, the Hitcase Crio is one of those protective iPhone cases that does more than just protect. Made from impact resistant TPU with a soft microfibre lining, the Crio is lightweight (just 34 grams!) and low profile, so it won't ever get in the way. And with its magnetic lens mounting system, you get three different creative looks to play with. There's the TrueLUX Wide, which gives you twice the field of view versus the stock iPhone camera; the TrueLUX SuperWide, for that familiar fish eye look with low barrel distortion; and the TrueLUX Macro, which allows you to get up and close and personal with a focusing distance of just 12mm to 22mm.

Available in grey or black, the Crio also features our magnetic link mount system, making it compatible with many of our Hitcase accessories, such as our TiltR Tripod Mount and our StickR Adhesive Mount, the latter of which works brilliantly as a neat little desk stand.

And just in case you thought we forgot about protection, the Crio is drop resistant up to six feet, so a tumble or spill won't render your phone inoperable.


Hitcase Shield Link for iPhone X

With zero bulk and resistant to all kinds of damage, the Hitcase Shield Link is a premium, protective iPhone X case that won't leave you hanging in even the toughest environments or circumstances. Waterproof and drop-proof up to 10 feet, the Shield Link is made from high-quality, lightweight aluminum, and with our unique Hitcase Shockseal, your iPhone comes out just as easily as it slides in, with no risk of the case popping open when you don't want it to.

Available in silver, black and rose gold, the Shield Link comes with two front attachments for your phone. There's the Air Shield when you only need drop and impact protection, while the Aqua shield covers the screen for those wet and wild moments. Whichever one you choose, they both work to keep your phone looking as beautiful as it did the day you took it out of the box, no matter if you drop it on the ground or in the pool.

The Shield Link also works with all our magnetic Link Mounts, so that one-of-a-kind perspective or angle is easily within reach. And with magnets around the rear-facing lens, you can also attach one of our three creative lenses, giving you Wide, SuperWide and Macro looks in addition to the default iPhone X camera.


Hitcase Pro for iPhone X

When only the most protective iPhone X case will do, it must be the Hitcase Pro. Offering extreme protection from the elements and the world, you'll never have to worry about your phone as long as it's in the Hitcase Pro. Made from a single piece of machined aluminum and with polycarbonate glass -- yes, "bulletproof" -- on the back, the Hitcase Pro is waterproof up to 33 feet and drop-proof up to 16 feet, which makes it MIL SPEC Shock rated.

Sitting just milimeters off the right side, the Pro's eye catching and functional Railslide bar lets you securely mount the case to most of our Hitcase mounts, as well as the many GoPro compatible mounts out there, all for an endless array of ways to get that perfect shot.

With threaded grooves on the back, the Hitcase Pro also allows you to attach one of three Hitcase TrueLUX lenses. There's the Wide, SuperWide and Macro, which all give you a different look than the stock iPhone X camera -- perfect for those unique, Instagrammable moments.

And just like with the Shield Link, the Pro comes with two covers -- an Air Shield for drop protection and an Aqua Shield for water protection -- so you can tailor your phone's protection to the day's plans.


Hitcase Enduro for iPhone X

For a protective iPhone X case without all the frills, the Enduro is perfect for trades, the workshop and the garage. The Enduro is drop-proof and shatter-proof up to six feet, dust proof with full protection of all ports and buttons -- and a 2mm raised lip on the front and back protects both the screen and cameras from damage and scratches.

Weighing just 44 grams, the Enduro utilizes a soft TPU exterior for that secure but not sticky grip, so your phone's not impossibly pocketable like other soft-feel cases. The best part is that the EnFrame chassis actually suspends your iPhone X in a pocket of air, giving a whole lot more protection when you need it.

In addition to its protective qualities, the Enduro is also compatible with wireless charging, and the signature Hitcase back provides a transparent view of your beautiful iPhone X.


Hitcase Splash for iPhone X

The Hitcase Splash is the perfect protective iPhone X case for water enthusiasts. Drop resistant and waterproof up to 10 feet, the Splash is great for surfers, swimmers and kayakers. So whether you're hitting the beach or lake this weekend, or you're planning on white-water rafting down the Colorado River next month, the Hitcase Splash will make sure your phone keeps up with all your water adventures.

But don't think the Splash is a one-trick pony. We also made the Splash tough, and it carries a MIL SPEC Shock rating to prove it. And the DuroSoft TPU exterior fully encloses your phone to give you a confident grip, even if it can withstand slipping out of your hands.

The Splash also works with our TrueLUX lenses, so you have three additional ways to be creative with the TrueLUX Wide, TrueLUX SuperWide and TrueLUX Macro.

And with our easy-in, easy-out design, you're never more than seconds away from your naked iPhone X, not that we suggest the risk of going case-less.


Hitcase Ferra for iPhone X

If you're looking for a beautiful alternative to bulky, protective iPhone cases, consider the Ferra. It's the first case from our new design series that puts look and feel first. Durable yet soft, the Ferra is handmade from full-grain Italian leather and is truly a sight to behold. Hand sewn, dyed, cut and pressed, the Ferra's leather skin gives you grip when you need it, and it even provides a nice little moment when you brush against it.

With a soft microfibre interior and premium 304 stainless steel beveled hardware that's cool to the touch, the Ferra gives you head-height drop protection, so you're covered if it slips out of your hands during a call or fishing it out from your pocket or bag. And since it weighs just 30 grams, you'll hardly notice it's there -- well, until you grab a hold of it and that little smile ekes its way out.

Available in black or brown leather, Ferra beautifully shows your life on its sleeve by creating a gorgeous patina that's uniquely yours, changing and morphing every day you use your phone.

With the Ferra, you get to experience the luxury of full grain, hand made leather all while not sacrificing protection -- because a beautiful case is a waste when it doesn't fulfill its purpose, and Ferra gives you a level of confidence and beauty that you won't get with other leather cases.

Drop-proof your iPhone X/Xs.

It’s time you protected your iPhone X or Xs with the most innovative case products on the market. The PRO is the toughest, most rugged and waterproof case we manufacture - serious outdoor gear for your phone. The Splash and Shield Link are great everyday cases that are waterproof, drop-proof with lightning fast installation. The Enduro is an impact resistant, dirt and dust proof case that goes the distance as far as protection goes. The Crio is an ultra-thin and light drop-proof camera case. All of our cases have the option to attach our TrueLUX iPhone Lenses, while the PRO (Railslide), Shield Link and Crio (magnetic Link mounts) are compatible with our series of iPhone mounts.