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The Hitcase Pro is one tough iPhone case. Machined from a single piece of strong aluminum and polycarbonate ("bulletproof") glass, the Hitcase Pro is waterproof, drop-proof and withstands the rigours of just about any activity, no matter how extreme.  

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Whether you're summiting Mount Everest or diving with great white sharks, tough iPhone cases can save your phone from the world that so desperately wants to ruin your day. Waterproof, drop-proof, dirt-proof, snow-proof and ready for whatever it is that you love to do. Where will you take it?

The lip on the side of the Pro isn't just distinctive, it's functional, allowing you to quickly and easily mount your iPhone to one of our many Hitcase accessories, as well as any GoPro compatible mount. So if you're shredding down the mountain or snorkelling with dolphins, you can capture unique vantage points with ease, leaving your hands free to do the adventure-y stuff you live to do. 

The Hitcase Pro also works with our creative line of TrueLUX lenses, so you can grab the TrueLUX Wide, TrueLUX Superwide or TrueLUX Macro for three unique looks that you can't get with a stock iPhone. And since all the lenses are waterproof, too, you can be creative underwater or even out in the rain when everyone's seeking shelter for their electronics. 

And with full iPhone functionality, including Touch ID and Face ID, as well as easy port access to charge your phone, you won't have to take the Hitcase Pro off unless you want to, not because you need to. But when you do, the easy-in, easy-out ShockSeal technology exposes your bare iPhone in just seconds, all without injuring yourself or scuffing your device like the cases of so many of our competitors.

Hitcase Pro for iPhone XS Max 

If you're a lucky owner of the best phone money can buy, the iPhone XS Max, don't expect to take it with you on any grand adventures, or even out of the house, without a rugged and tough iPhone case. With its humongous 6.5 inch screen, nonexistent bezels and slippery, aluminum body, it's just begging for a cracked screen moments after you completed the awe-inspiring unboxing ritual.

But within the Hitcase Pro, your phone can not only travel with you outside, you can take it up or down a mountain or into great white shark infested waters, and your phone won't miss a beat. With the Hitcase Pro, we encourage crazy adventures and the documenting of them because we know the Pro won't let you down.  

Inside the box you get the Hitcase Pro case; an Aqua Shield, which completes the waterproof seal on the Pro with a thin and responsive screen cover; an Air Shield, which foregoes the screen cover when water, mud or snow aren't an issue; extra port plugs for charging your phone; a micro cleaning cloth, which helps keep your case looking extra clean whenever you've got a spare minute; a manual that tells you everything you need to know about the use and care of your case; and our iPhone dash cam app, Vidometer, which allows you to easily record videos of your exploits with maps, heart rate, speed, altitude, g-force and more.  

Hitcase Pro for iPhone X/XS 

Shock proof, waterproof and dust, dirt and mud proof, the Hitcase Pro for iPhone X or iPhone XS is the ultimate tough iPhone case for activities and lifestyles that demand it. From surfing and snorkelling to skiing and mountain climbing, the Hitcase Pro is our strongest aluminum iPhone X and iPhone XS case. So whatever you're up to, keep your iPhone safe in the Hitcase Pro and never worry about your phone again.

A triple patented design, the Hitcase Pro is low profile with an anodized aluminum frame, just like the iPhone itself. It carries a IP68 waterproof rating up to 33 feet with a scratch resistant screen, so even shallow scuba action is no problem. The Pro is also drop proof up to 16 feet, making it MIL SPEC Shock rated. And the Pro's Shockseal design allows easy installation and removal of your iPhone without degradation to the sealing mechanism, which means you can remove the case every night and it'll still protect your phone out in the world every day.

But the best part of the Hitcase Pro is the add-ons, which transform your phone into a mini action camera or DSLR with three creative lens options and a multitude of mounts. You can even attach the Pro to GoPro compatible mounts for an almost limitless amount of creative possibilities.  

Hitcase Pro for iPhone 7/8 Plus 

Compatible with both the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus, the Hitcase Pro allows your phone to go everywhere you do. It's why we started this company and started making tough iPhone cases in the first place. Your phone's an expensive device -- an investment -- so why not look after it with the highest level of mobile protection on the planet? Say yes to a happy iPhone. Say yes to incredible mobile photography and video. Say hello to your new adventure companion, the Hitcase Pro.

With a one-of-a-kind, low profile aluminum frame, the Hitcase Pro looks as good as it protects. It gives you the power to take your iPhone 7 or 8 Plus into water up to 16 feet deep or drop it from up to 10 feet onto hard concrete -- yeah, it's MIL SPEC Shock rated. And not only do you have access to our line of accessories and mounts with the Pro's Railslide mount system, you can even use GoPro compatible mounts, meaning you can mount it almost anywhere using stuff you might already own. Once you've found a spot, our iPhone lens kit gives you three unique looks with the Wide, SuperWide and Macro TrueLUX lenses.  

Hitcase Pro for iPhone 7/8 

Available in silver and black, the Hitcase Pro for iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 is one tough iPhone case. Made for the adventure seekers of the world, the Pro is an exceptional piece of gear that keeps up with even the most active and adventurous lifestyles. iPhone photographers will also rejoice at the mounting options and creative lens attachments that are the bread and butter of the Hitcase Pro.

Weighing just 88 grams, the Hitcase Pro is a metal iPhone case that protects your phone from the elements without bogging you down. So you can enjoy the 33 feet of waterproof protection and 16 feet of drop protection (MIL SPEC Shock rated) with ease and without worry that your phone won't make it to the end of your adventure, even if you're having some personal doubts yourself.

In the box you get the Hitcase Pro, extra port plugs for using your charger, a micro cleaning cloth, a quick start guide and our free Vidometer app, which lets you record videos with maps, heart rate, speed, altitude, g-force and more.  

Hitcase Pro for iPhone 6/6s 

If you like the small form factor of the iPhone 6 and 6s, you're not alone. Our phones are getting bigger but our pockets are not, and neither are our hands. So if you're looking for a tough iPhone case for your favorite iPhone model, the Hitcase Pro is your best bet.  

Rugged and hardened against the elements, the Hitcase Pro is certified IP68 waterproof up to 33 feet, which is about the point where you'll feel twice the pressure you feel at sea level. The Pro is also drop proof up to 16 feet, making it MIL SPEC Shock rated and ready to take on the best and worst of what you've got.

Furthermore, the optional attachments let you take your iPhone photography or videography to the next level with up to three creative lenses and a handful of mounts that give you unique looks and angles that you never thought possible from your iPhone.  

Shockproof, waterproof design offers extreme protection

So called "tough iPhone cases" are a dime a dozen. But the Hitcase Pro is the real deal. It has a triple patented design featuring a unique Shockseal waterproofing system, threaded lenses, Railslide mount system and an anodized aluminum frame. Your phone is an expensive device, so why not look after it with the highest level of mobile protection on the planet?