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Protective & Waterproof iPhone XS Max Cases 

From simple drop protection to full dirt, dust, snow and waterproof options, our cases give you the confidence to take your device everywhere. And with our collection of extensible lenses and mounts, your next waterproof iPhone XS Max case can help you take better pictures and video, too. When's the last time a generic case did that for you? 

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When you own the best phone money can buy, a substandard or cheap case just won't do. Here at Hitcase, we build stunning, ultra-thin, highly protective and waterproof iPhone XS Max cases for people who live active lifestyles. So whether you're climbing mountains, catching waves, backpacking across the country or just enjoying a night on the town, we've got the perfect case for you -- because you never know when one clumsy moment can ruin your day or even your entire trip. 

Adventure ready and made from a single machined piece of aluminum fused with a polycarbonate panel -- yes, the same polycarbonate that they use to make bulletproof glass -- and featuring our revolutionary silicone ShockSeal that helps protect against drops and liquids, the Hitcase Pro is shockproof up to five meters and waterproof up to 10 meters (five meters for iPhone 7/8 Plus, X). And unlike other waterproof iPhone XS Max cases that block access to important features, your lightning port, Touch ID and Face ID are fully functional with no degradation of operation.

The Hitcase Pro is also compatible with our line of artistic lenses, giving you three unique looks to exercise those creative juices. There's the TrueLUX Wide, which lets you fit twice the amount of stuff in your photos and videos (great for landscapes and views from the top of the mountain); the TrueLUX SuperWide, which goes even wider for that fisheye look (good for a unique perspective on just about any subject); and the TrueLUX Macro, which gives you three times the magnification of the default iPhone camera -- perfect for capturing those little details and a beautiful bokeh that you'd only get with a dedicated camera. And because the lenses are as waterproof as the case, a rainy day won't spoil your creative plans.

When you want that unique angle or perspective, the Pro's distinctive mounting bar works with over 10 Hitcase mounts and any GoPro compatible mount, so you can attach your phone to a tripod or your helmet, handlebars or even the car dashboard for hands-free operation while you film your own exploits or the exploits of others -- the creative possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Hitcase Pro for iPhone XS Max 

If you want the best case we make and the best case available for the iPhone XS Max, the only answer is the Hitcase Pro. The Pro is our flagship offering and is the toughest, most rugged and finest iPhone XS Max waterproof case we sell, and the peace of mind you get with the Pro means you don't have to think twice when your phone takes a tumble onto the ground or into the water.

Hitcase Splash for iPhone XS Max 

For those that want the slimmest and lightest waterproof iPhone XS Max case we make, the Hitcase Splash is for you. The Splash provides a more everyday type of protection with three meters of waterproof protection and two meters of drop protection, and its soft-grip exterior made from Durosoft TPU helps you hold on in wet environments such as in the rain or underwater. It's also great for adventure with dust and dirt protection of your entire phone, including ports.

The Splash is also compatible with our magnetic line of TrueLUX lenses, so swapping lenses on the fly has never been easier -- but don't worry, it's secure enough that the lens won't come off unless you want it to. The Wide, Superwide and Macro allow you to get up close or back away from your subject, great for when you want to capture more of that beautiful landscape in front of you or the ground at your feet, and you can switch between them all in mere seconds.

While there's no mounting bar on the Splash like on the Hitcase Pro, any aftermarket steel plate allows the Splash to work with our Hitcase magnetic mounts, which puts unique mounting options and perspectives at your fingertips.

And because we engineered the Splash to not interfere with normal operation of the iPhone XS Max, the silence switch, wireless charging and Touch ID all still work flawlessly within the secure confines of the case, meaning you'll only need to remove your case when you want to, not because you need to.  

Hitcase Ferra for iPhone XS Max 

For a day-to-day option that looks as great as it feels, Ferra is our first leather iPhone case and is the first case from our brand new design series. Though it's not suggested for those wanting a waterproof iPhone XS Max case, Ferra is perfect as that daily urban or work-life case, providing just the right amount of drop protection -- up to head-height without worry -- all enclosed in a gorgeous leather skin that encourages you to touch it.  

The ultra-light and slim Ferra is handmade from full-grain Italian leather and looks just as comfortable in the board room as in the garage. And the longer you have it, the more beautiful it becomes as the leather morphs to reflect your unique lifestyle -- each nick and point of wear a testament to the memories of yesterday. We also added a soft microfiber interior and premium stainless steel buttons to ensure that your phone is completely protected from those micro scratches, scuffs and bumps that happen dozens of times a day and all work to mar your device over time.

The best part is that Ferra works with our magnetic TrueLUX lenses, so going leather doesn't mean you have to give up the creative options that we offer. Indeed, you can attach and swap the TrueLUX Wide, TrueLUX SuperWide and TrueLUX Macro lenses in just a matter of seconds, giving you access to those unique shots that other iPhone XS Max users won't have.  

The Case for an iPhone XS Max Case 

With the biggest screen Apple makes -- a whopping 6.5 inches -- the iPhone XS Max is a sight to behold. But with such a large piece of glass adorning the front of this engineering marvel and no bezels to speak of to absorb any bumps and shocks, you've got so many more ways you can render your phone inoperable with just a simple drop or a moment of unexpected fumbling.

And with a retail price starting at $1,099 for the 64GB model, and rising all the way up to 512GB of storage for an eye-popping $1,449, the iPhone XS Max is the most expensive iPhone ever, and the most expensive mainstream smartphone you can currently buy.

So get some peace of mind for your new and expensive iPhone XS Max that's just waiting to pop out of your hands onto concrete and the multitude of other things that are seemingly engineered to separate you from your phone. Don't leave it up to chance -- our cases have been rigorously tested in the real and extreme world, so you can be sure that when life throws you a curveball, you can shrug it off without batting an eye or missing a beat.  

So which Hitcase should you get?  

We like the Pro for any extreme activity and outdoorsy types that need adventure-proof protection from sun-up to sun-down. The Splash is great for all water activities and is the thinnest and lightest waterproof iphone xs max case we make. The Ferra is perfect for that premium tactile feel and users who want an elegant yet protective case. The Pro and Splash also give you an unimpeded view of the back of the iPhone, if that's important to you. Some of us here at Hitcase have a Ferra for daily use and swap to the Pro or Splash when we're traveling or heading out to have our next great big adventure.

With our selection of robust iPhone XS Max waterproof cases, and a non-waterproof option for daily, around-the-town use, your iPhone XS Max has never been safer. Choose one or mix and match several to keep your options open. And because our cases are just a fraction of the cost of your new phone and cheaper than many warranties, it'll pay for itself on the first drop or dunk in the pool or -- ahem -- toilet.

Drop-proof your iPhone Xs Max.

Your iPhone Xs Max deserves the best protection on the market. Leading the charge in iPhone protectives, the PRO is the toughest, most rugged and waterproof case we manufacture - serious outdoor gear for your phone. Attach any 3 TrueLUX iPhone Lenses for better photo and video capture, or choose the perfect mount for added versatility.