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How Do You Hitcase: Glenn King

April 03, 2018

Glenn King, a Canadian mountain biker and freeriding enthusiast doesn’t let his fast-paced views hold him back from snapping some intense shots, by replacing his DSLR.

Athletes in most action sports have the most incredible views, but life seems to pass them by at lightning speeds. As an action sports athlete, Glenn King found that balancing his DSLR and taking detailed videos from various angles was a serious schlep, but every photo that he took was a good one.

"As a mountain biker, I have always loved capturing high-quality content during my rides."

Carrying his gear, as both the photographer and the athlete put his gear is at risk of getting trashed.

“I would definitely worry about bringing expensive cameras out on wet days.”

 Glenn King Hitcase

No Compromise: Beautifully shot DSLR image, but at what cost?

In 2012, while watching videos created by Andrew Taylor, a fellow mountain biker, and content creator, Glenn became curious about Hitcase, while watching Taylor demonstrate it. He furiously started searching online for it.

“One of the main things that led me to Hitcase was the pairing of high-quality lenses with a waterproof case that you actually enjoy having on your phone."

Adventure Photographers are encouraged to invest in a full photo suite that protects their gear while allowing quick access to their cameras.

"I spend a lot of my time with my Hitcase outdoors mountain biking or skiing in pretty harsh environments so having a fully waterproof case to mount the lenses too is perfect for me. I utilize the Hitcase Pro and Crio the most."

Glenn was always anxious about getting caught in a quick-moving snowsquall and how could potentially destroy his gear if he wasn’t prepared for it.

"The Pro is perfect for days on the bike or skis as I can use the various mounts to capture POV style footage or even just amazing handheld photos/videos without having to worry about moisture or mud wrecking my phone. I usually swap to the Crio if I am just having a mellow day since its so low key and the magnetic lens mount system allows me to swap lenses very quickly and easily."

Most phone cases that protect phones also bulk it up, thereby reducing the quality of the images. Would Hitcase do the same thing?

"My Hitcases have improved the quality of my photos but even more so the variety of my photos. Between the SuperWide, Wide and Macro lenses the opportunities are endless."

iPhones are getting smarter, can a lens extension really make all that much difference?

"Riding with my Hitcase and some lenses has allowed me to always have a high-quality camera on me with the ability to change lenses to create a different look than your average iPhone photo."

An iPhone is still not a professional camera, so the wonder was always if the quality will be the same, without a steep learning curve.

"It is 100% easier to create content that shares my lifestyle on social media since there isn't always a need to carry big bulky gear everywhere I go."

Glenn King Hitcase

Seeing how well this product works had been a real eye-opener, especially for someone who has a passion for action sports.

"I have been recommending Hitcase to friends and family like crazy.  Why not buy a phone case that you can mount lenses to for the same price (or even less) than other cases that you can't mount lenses too."

But, a phone isn’t meant to be taken on an adventure, right?

"The Hitcase Pro paired with some accessories has basically replaced the need for a GoPro or other style action cam in my life. Usually when I pull my Hitcase out people are intrigued but unsure, until I show them the photo after I take it, then they are sold."

What happens when a newer mirrorless camera comes out and vies to replace a DSLR?

“All I need is my Hitcase and some lenses!”

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