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iPhoneography is No Longer a Game, it’s a Real Alternative to Your DSLR Camera

April 09, 2018

Are you someone who takes pictures that are able to rival any DSLR? Do most people assume that your iPhone pictures are taken with an expensive professional camera? If yes, then you are definitely an iPhoneographer.

iPhoneography is for people who want to elevate the type of photos that they take with their iPhone cameras and really get the most out of their phones. If you're someone who already has a DSLR, but can't be bothered to lug it around "just in case" something beautiful happens, then iPhoneography is definitely a good alternative.

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Any good iPhoneographer will tell you that the key to their success is a little imagination, and a few tools, namely, their iPhone lens attachments. For starters, lens attachments completely revolutionize the way that your phone's built-in camera works. You literally expand your vantage point 100-fold, because the lens attachments allow you to either appear closer to the subject when you are far away or widen the scope of the shot without any distortion or reduction in image resolution.

Contrary to popular belief, high-quality iPhone lens attachments aren't actually "heavier" or more expensive than cheap ones — depending on the brand that you get.

For instance, with Hitcase's next generation of TrueLux Optics.

An iPhone Case and Lens That Can Take a Hit

Hitcase Snap

All Hitcase lenses are interchangeable, compact and waterproof with precision-grade optical glass, that allows you to capture stunning imagery never before thought possible on your iPhone.

With a lens such as these, you get much of the imaging capabilities of a DSLR camera, with the familiar UI, mobility, and connectivity of your phone — you couldn't imagine posting images directly from your DSLR to your Instagram, but by expanding your phone's capabilities, you can.

Many iPhones like the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X are limited by their fixed wide-angle lenses, equivalent to about 28mm. Attaching Hitcase's TrueLUX Wide and SuperWide lenses give you a wider field of view for adding more context to your shots.

Hitcase TrueLux SuperWide Lens

Hitcase has a wide array of cases that are both protective and allow you to have full access to your photography accessories. These lenses are durable and extremely easy to switch around while managing to keep your iPhone's integrity. Their aesthetic fits in with what Apple products are known for — minimalist, clean and lightweight.

Just a simple scroll through your Instagram feed proves that keeping things simple is the epitome of taste. Many simple, minimalist photographs look better because they're viewed on a small screen anyway — why not create an image inside your phone's ecosystem. That's the idea behind iPhone photography.

As you experiment with your iPhone, you'll see just how great a tool it is in curating a more cohesive image, even if you don't have the most advanced DSLR. It's actually possible to take amazing pictures with your iPhone and shelve your big, bulky, expensive camera for special occasions.


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