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Meet Your New Favorite Wide Angle Lens for Your Cell Phone Camera

October 18, 2019

If you've ever found yourself disappointed with your cell phone's lack of a wide-angle lens, know that you don't need to buy a brand new iPhone to get a fresh look or for a new way to capture images and video of your adventures -- just get a Hitcase.

Unlike other cases that give you a false sense of security yet let you down when you need them most, like in the instance of a careless drop or another I-should've-seen-it-coming moment, a Hitcase gives you the peace of mind you need to truly bring your phone with you anywhere you go. Even if it's to the ends of the earth or to the top of the world. (Yep, our cases have even summited Everest -- multiple times.)

But a Hitcase doesn't just keep your phone safe, it makes your phone better with iPhone accessories that allow you to do more than you can do with a stock iPhone.

wide angle lens for cell phone


The secret is that most of our cases come with embedded magnets and threads* (*Hitcase Pro only), giving you the ability to securely and confidently attach a wide-angle lens to the back of your cell phone, as well as a dozen or so mounts, which altogether transforms your phone into an action camera that rivals dedicated pieces of kit like GoPros. After all, the best way to capture all your activities is with the one that you always have with you -- your iPhone.

And even if you have Apple's latest and greatest offering, complete with multiple lenses and various fields of view, a protective Hitcase allows you to affix the Hitcase TrueLUX Wide or TrueLUX SuperWide to fit a whole bunch more stuff in your iPhone's photos and videos -- more than you ever thought possible. So the next time you're trying to capture that big group shot or beautiful panoramic setting, you can quickly pop on a TrueLUX lens for that perfect look without all the running around for a better angle or position.

The Hitcase TrueLUX Wide 

As the best wide-angle lens for iPhone cameras that you can buy, the Hitcase TrueLUX Wide lets you double up and fit more than twice as much into the frame as the stock iPhone camera. And we're not talking about some flimsy, cheap, plastic abomination that casts all of your images in a soft, blurry mess of streaky colors and annoying artifacts. The TrueLUX Wide is made from triple-element optical-grade glass with a sharp, edge-to-edge clarity that has to be seen to be believed.

The result is a wide-angle lens that has much more in common with the optics of a professional DSLR than something you'd find in the clearance bin (beware of cheap lenses!). But because it's tiny and light -- just 29mm across, 19mm long and 22 grams -- it's easy to pull it out of your bag or pocket when the moment strikes, attach it to the back of your iPhone and start shooting, all in just seconds. Try doing that with a bulky DSLR and a bag full of lenses and accessories.

But the best use of the TrueLUX Wide is when you need to put more distance between yourself and your subject -- say, when you and your friends are all crammed in, ready to take that first life-changing leap out of a perfectly functioning airplane -- and there's hardly room to stand, nevermind space to take a few steps back. Attach Hitcase's handy iPhone wide-angle lens, and everything magically shrinks into the frame before your very eyes.

And once you get home you'll be inspired by the TrueLUX Wide's sharp and vivid images, which we're proud to say won't distort, vignette, or leave you with any artifacts in your prized photos and footage. You get the same edge-to-edge clarity that you expect from your iPhone's camera, but with a whole new way to capture it all.

Additionally, the TrueLUX Wide, like many of our cases, is waterproof, snow-proof, dust-proof and drop-proof, so you don't have to break out the white gloves whenever you want to go wide or back to the stock iPhone camera. And if you go with a waterproof case like this iPhone XS Max protective case or an iPhone XR case, you won't have to risk water damage just because you want a different or wider field of view.

Furthermore, all our iPhone wide-angle lenses have anti-reflective and anti-scratch coatings on all the lens elements, so a little bit of sun or some dust or dirt won't ruin your lens or your pictures. In today's hectic world where you could have any number of random things in your go-bag, that's a good thing.

The Hitcase TrueLUX SuperWide - Turning it up to 11


If you thought the TrueLUX Wide was as wide as iPhone photography gets, we wouldn't blame you. Fitting twice as much into an iPhone frame like we did with the TrueLUX Wide is no small feat. But when wide isn't wide enough, the Hitcase TrueLUX SuperWide turns the wideness up to 11. 

The result is that iconic "fisheye" look you've seen in countless action sports videos and other creative uses such as in music videos and even feature-length films. You know the effect -- that close-but-far look that seems to defy how we see the world. It works by producing convex images that bulge out in the middle and pull in the edges for an impossibly full and dense frame.

But don't worry about any of that. All you need to know is that the TrueLUX SuperWide captures images with crystal-clear, edge-to-edge clarity that perfectly complements your iPhone's existing camera. Producing tack-sharp pictures and video that work seamlessly with your phone's native image stabilization, you won't get the typical vignetting, chromatic aberration, fuzziness and other optical artifacts that are common with lesser attachables and superwide lenses, which means you don't have to trade down in image quality to flex a creative muscle.

wide angle mobile photography


Like our wide-angle lens for iPhone cameras, the TrueLUX SuperWide is made from an anodized aluminum outer casing and contains three spherical lens elements. Both also weigh 22 grams and are 29 mm wide, but the SuperWide is one millimeter shorter. The SuperWide is also waterproof, snow-proof, dust-proof and drop-proof, and has anti-reflective and anti-scratch coatings on all lens elements.

An added bonus, the TrueLUX SuperWide has the distinction of reducing the focusing distance of your iPhone from a native 90mm to an astonishing 16mm. This means that in a pinch you can use the TrueLUX SuperWide as a macro lens when you want to get up close and personal with tiny worlds. (Hat Tip: We also make a dedicated macro lens called the TrueLUX Macro.)

Wide-angle compatible cases

Because we want everyone to experience the joys of mobile photography, our iPhone wide-angle lenses are compatible with just about all Hitcase cases. So whether you're an aspiring creative looking to upgrade your phone's photo capabilities or you're an adventurer in need of a solid camera that won't break the first time it falls to the ground, you can get the right amount of protection you need without sacrificing some fresh and inspiring new looks.

From our most rugged and tough iPhone case to our elegant and understated leather iPhone case, you can realize your protective needs while knowing we've got your back -- literally -- with creative lens options. Even if you have multiple iPhones with models spanning years, a Hitcase on each means you're just seconds away from inspiration with the TrueLUX Wide or SuperWide in your pocket.

The Hitcase TrueLUX Wide and SuperWide are compatible with the Hitcase Crio, Shield Link, Pro, Splash, and Ferra.

Making use of iPhone wide-angle lenses from Hitcase

No matter if you're an avid photographer or someone that just wants to take your 'grammable moments to the next level, the Hitcase TrueLUX Wide and TrueLUX SuperWide are great ways to easily stand out amid the sameness that dominates iPhone photography. Such is life when everyone has similar iPhones and is documenting similar activities -- if only there were a way to keep the phone you already own and love and upgrade the whole picture-taking part.

With the Hitcase line of iPhone wide-angle lenses, you can have it all: a new look for your images and videos without dumping your phone for another ubiquitous model with the same look, bells, and whistles as everyone else. You could go the DSLR route, but who wants to lug around a bag of accessories, lenses, and batteries, only to leave it at home or in the office when you want to go out in the world unencumbered.

If you travel a ton or you enjoy regaling your friends and acquaintances of your daily exploits in inspiring imagery, remembering to pack or grab your phone isn't something you even need to think about. But bringing a bulky camera with you changes everything. Instead of living and spontaneously capturing moments, you're stuck managing a bunch of equipment, and the stilted and wooden expressions on your subjects' faces tell it all -- you should have brought your phone.

Armed with just an iPhone, your favorite Hitcase and the TrueLUX Wide or TrueLUX SuperWide lenses, you're an adventurer, documentarian and social media mogul all at the same time. And because you're protected by a Hitcase, your next careless moment won't send you to the Apple store for a replacement phone. Instead, it'll be a nice reminder of why you went with a Hitcase. Your beautiful and compelling images, on the other hand, will live on for all to see on Instagram, Facebook or wherever else you share what you love to do.

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