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The Best Protective Case for iPhone XS Max

September 16, 2019

No accessory is more crucial for today's modern phones than a protective case, and the iPhone XS Max is no differentMade from lightweight aluminum, glass and other fragile components, it only takes one drop or just a moment of carelessness for your phone to be sent to the cold, hard ground -- and you might be left with unsightly scuffs, dents or, worse yet, a cracked screen or an otherwise non-functioning iPhone. 

Best Case for iPhone Xs Max 

So if you want to take your phone with you to the ends of the earth -- or, at least, outside into the big world out there -- you need a protective case. But not just any case will do. Cheap plastic cases won't do much to protect your new iPhone from the elements, and they may even harm your phone as you install or remove the jagged plastic. What's worse, substandard cases are a pain to actually use, literally. Their harsh edges are uncomfortable for your skin and fingers and have a tendency to crack.  


But if you want the best protective case for your iPhone XS Maxlook no further than a Hitcase. Our beautiful and protective iPhone cases are made from premium materials that complement, not cheapen, the engineering marvels designed by Apple. Furthermore, with a Hitcase, you get the peace of mind that only a Hitcase can provide, with a real-world level of drop protection that ensures your iPhone XS Max can take whatever you or the world throws at it. 


About iPhone XS Max 


Released in September 2018, the iPhone XS Max was the top of the Apple iPhone heap when it hit stores with its huge, 6.5-inch screen and $1,099 price tag for the 64 GB variant -- the 512 GB version cost an eye-popping $1,449 -- but it came packed with the latest and greatest features from Apple. 

With a beautiful Super Retina OLED display consisting of 2,688 by 1,242 pixels, the iPhone XS Max matched the iPhone XS's 458ppi with a significantly larger display in a form factor only half an inch taller and a fifth of an inch wider and weighing just an ounce more than its little brother. 

 Best Case for iPhone Xs Max

But as the biggest and most expensive iPhone that you can buy, the iPhone XS Max is also the most fragile due to its huge glass display. And because it costs a pretty penny, picking up a replacement for a dropped and damaged iPhone XS Max isn't the most straightforward thing for your pocketbook. Even a warranty can run you hundreds of dollars, which is significantly less than the cost of a protective case. 


Does the iPhone XS Max Need a Case? 

According to Apple, the iPhone XS Max comes with a certain amount of native protection that they claim protects the phone against a dunk in the water or a coffee or soda spill. Nevermind that this says nothing of the phone's drop protection -- hint: there is none -- but if you read the fine print, you'll see that the phone's protection wears off over time and Apple won't cover any water or liquid damage under warranty. 


Apple calls it splash, water and dust resistance, and they say it applies to the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, and iPhone 7 Plus. While most of their phones come with an IP67 rating under IEC standard 60529, which means a phone can survive a dunk in up to one meter of water for up to 30 minutes, the iPhone XS and XS Max have a rating of IP68, which bumps the water resistance protection up to two meters for 30 minutes. 


However, these ratings are only valid in a controlled laboratory setting, which the real world is decidedly not, and, according to Apple, the protection itself on the iPhone XS Max and their other phones is not a permanent feature -- it wears away under normal use. 


Unfortunately, Apple provides no guidance as to when your phone's protection will bite the dust, leaving owners in the tenuous situation of relying on their phone's built-in protection past the ephemeral expiration date. And it's no small issue. Spill a drink on a months-old iPhone XS Max and you could be left with a very expensive paperweight, even after drying it out for days. 

Strangely enough, on the same page touting iPhone's water resistance, Apple suggests avoiding swimming or bathing with an iPhone, as well as bringing a naked iPhone with you during water skiing, wake boarding or surfing. They also suggest users avoid submerging their iPhone in water or dropping their phone or subjecting it to other impacts. But as we well know, life happens and the unexpected does occur.  


Stay Safe With a Hitcase 

Suffice it to say that if you have a new or old iPhone XS Max, your best bet is to go with a case. And if you're looking for the best protective case for your iPhone XS Maxwe have several options to keep your fragile phone safe and sound while you do whatever it is that you do. 


Here at Hitcase, we design and make protective iPhone cases to suit any lifestyle, no matter how adventurous. Want to take your iPhone XS Max on a week-long trek up the side of a mountain? Get a HitcaseOr what about backpacking Europe or the States for months on end? There's a Hitcase for that. 

Even if your days are spent primarily in the office, we also make slim and unassuming cases that ditch the bulk without abandoning the protection you need -- after all, you can still drop your phone from head height onto the sidewalk if you're not careful. 


Hitcase PRO for iPhone XS Max 


The Hitcase Pro is an iPhone XS Max protective case that provides you with the utmost in iPhone protection. Made from anodized aluminum and bulletproof glass, the Pro is drop-proof up to 16 feet (MIL SPEC Shock rated) and IP68 waterproof up to a dizzying 33 feet. And unlike the iPhone XS Max's temporary, built-in protection, you won't get less of it as time goes on; just push that worry aside and use your phone as you normally would -- you're covered. 


Additionally, this tough iPhone case comes with threads on the back to affix one of our creative lenses from our iPhone lens kit, which gives you even more ways to capture photos and videos of your exploits. And with the Pro's Railslide mounting system, you can use one of our mounts, or any GoPro compatible mount, to find just that right angle or vantage point that you can't get with normal, handheld operation. 


Simply put, the Hitcase Pro is the best protective case for iPhone XS Max, and it even enhances the functionality of your phone with access to lenses and mounts that you don't get with a naked iPhone. 


Hitcase Splash for iPhone XS Max 


Iyour iPhone needs some drop and water protection but you aren't a fan of hard metal cases, the Hitcase Splash is great waterproof iPhone XS Max case that won't let you down. Slimmer and lighter than the Hitcase Pro, the Splash is a part of our waterproof iPhone case collection that gives you waterproof protection up to 10 feet and MIL SPEC Shock rated drop protection up to six feet, so head-height drops or a dunk in the pool won't send you to the Apple Store for a replacement. 


The best part is that the Splash's DuroSoft TPU exterior gives you a secure and confident grip in and around water or during rain or snow, but it doesn't prevent you from easily sliding your phone into a pocket or bag with that yucky stickiness that's all too common on cheap cases. The Splash is also compatible with wireless charging and our line of inspiring lenses, so you don't have to trade away extensibility or lose functionality when you go with a soft case. 


In all, the Splash is the best protective case for iPhone XS Max if you don't need the rugged strength of the Pro but you still want waterproof protection for those days around the pool or at the beach. 


Hitcase Ferra for iPhone XS Max 

For a case that is as elegant as your iPhone XS Max, look no further than the Hitcase Ferra, the first leather iPhone case offering from our new design series that places a premium on materials and workmanship and provides more of a normal, everyday type of protection. 


Available in saddle brown or black, the Hitcase Ferra is made from full-grain Italian leather and stainless-steel beveled hardware that's a beauty to hold and behold. And while it won't protect your phone from the weather, the Ferra is the perfect complement to our more rugged cases for those times when you're stuck at the office or spending a day at the coffee shop rather than climbing mountains or otherwise traipsing around the world. 

However, you still get the six feet of drop protection that you've come to rely upon from Hitcase, so those everyday kinds of bumps and drops won't leave your phone looking ragged after just a few months of ownership. And the best part of the Ferra is that since it's made from genuine leather, it'll develop a gorgeous patina over time like a fine leather wallet or bag -- mementos of all the little moments of protection the case provides. 

For home, office or other creative uses, the Ferra is the best protective case for iPhone XS Maxand its premium feel will leave you wondering why you ever settled for cheap plastic cases that leave your device looking worse for the wear in just a few days.  


Final Thoughts 

Whether you are an avid adventurer, weekend warrior, or everyday hero, there is a Hitcase for how you live your life and for how your iPhone needs to be protected from the elements. Sure, you could get a new case every week or two, but why bother? Get a Hitcase and leave the worry to us. We've got you covered.  

Explore our protective XS Max cases and other iPhone case collections today.  

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