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15 Hitcase iPhone Accessories You Won't Be Able to Live Without

April 17, 2019 1 Comment

You're just about ready to embark on your next big adventure, but the most important thing in your bag or pocket is missing something. Your iPhone -- you know, the thing you reach for hundreds of times a day -- is a technological marvel but is hardly ready for the rigors of daily life, never mind any extreme adventures or extended traveling. With fragile glass and exposed ports, cameras and sensors, your iPhone is more at home in a controlled laboratory setting than being your partner in crime, 24/7.  

Here at Hitcase, we've got some good news for you. Our line of protective cases and iPhone accessories make your iPhone what it needs to be to keep up with you and your adventures, whether you're going halfway around the globe or making a quick run down to the corner market because you never know what the world has in store for you.  

Traveling Europe With Hitcase iPhone Accessories 


For many of us on this side of the pond, traveling Europe is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that we cherish for the rest of our days. The lucky ones return again and again, or even find a way to stay permanently, but for those of us that only get one shot, we don't want to risk the digital memories of our adventures to a careless moment or one of life's little lessons. 

From backpacking and hitchhiking to cars, buses, trains and even quick, interstate flights, the possibilities for adventure are endless. Unfortunately, the ways in which you can be left without a working phone are also limitless. Our iPhone accessories ensure that your next phone mishap won't leave you digitally stranded. 

For the backpackers and adventure seekersthe Hitcase ProShield Link and Shield are your best bets. They all provide water and drop protection and can go wherever you go without worrying that your phone will crap out before you do. A little rain, mud or tumble onto the ground has never been such a non-issue.  

  • The Hitcase Proour flagship case, is the apex of iPhone protection. It has our best water and drop protection, the ability to attach up to three different lenses, access to many different mounts and straps, all housed in a slim and tough aluminum frame ready for whatever you or the world can throw at it. 
  • As the world's thinnest magnetic and waterproof iPhone case, the Shield Link is perfect for travel with its slim profile, and its built-in magnets work seamlessly with our magnetic lenses and mounts, which help improve your phone's photo- and video-taking capabilities and allow for creative mounting and storing options. 
  • The Shield is the ultimate protective travel iPhone case. You get robust water and drop protection inside of a thin and light aluminum frame that keeps your phone dry and sheltered from the outside world. 

If you're more of the jet-setting typepreferring instead to stick to the urban side of travel as you live it up in coffee shops, bars and clubsthe FerraCrio and Snap are the perfect iPhone accessoriesThey all provide basic protection from drops and nicks, and can all be augmented with Hitcase lenses that enhance the field of view of your iPhone's camera.  

  • Ferra, the initial offering from our new design series, is a leather case that is as comfortable to handle as it is beautiful. Hand made from full-grain Italian leather, Ferra is a minimal, slim case that provides two meters of drop protection and comes in brown or black leather. 
  • Crio, a lightweight, low-profile case gives your iPhone Hitcase protection without being overly bulky and also works with our magnetic lenses and mounts, so you can capture images and video in a whole new, unique way. 
  • Snap is our case for an everyday type of adventure. Its slim profile and versatile mounting and lens options means that you'll never be caught unprepared.  

Hitcase iPhone Accessories for Extreme Activities  


If simply seeing the sights leaves something to be desired, Hitcase has you covered. Whether the view of the mountain compels you to climb up it or shred down it, we make sure your phone is with you at every turn or step of the way. 

For the discriminating adventurist, there is only one real option: the Hitcase Pro. It provides all the protection you need for even the craziest of adventures, and the interchangeable TrueLUX lenses and removable Railslide mounting system make up a complete system of iPhone accessories that helps you document every crazy moment, even those that didn't go exactly as planned! 

  • Three TrueLUX lenses are available for the Pro, and each screw securely into the case body for a rigid and worry-free optic solution. The TrueLUX Wide enhances the normal iPhone FOV, allowing you to fit twice as much adventure in your photos and video. The TrueLUX Superwide gives that fisheye effect with almost 150 degrees of diagonal FOV for photos and over 120 degrees of FOV in video mode. Lastly, the TrueLUX Macro gives three times the magnification to your iPhone camera and allows you to take shots of subjects just a centimeter or two away. 
  • When you want to go hands-free, our diverse collection of mounts take all the guesswork and frustration out of typical iPhone accessories, allowing you to focus on what's in front of your phone, not what's behind or under it. While you can mount the Pro to a standard tripod using the TiltR Tripod Mount, we just love the ChestR Mount. It keeps your phone at just the right level and perspective for awe-inspiring shots, and it also rotates 360 degrees and pivots 180 degrees, so you can capture a unique, first-person view without the bother of cumbersome hardware. 

Spring Break With Hitcase iPhone Accessories  


If traveling in boardshorts or bikinis with a beer or cocktail in your hand is your idea of a getaway, Hitcase can help your phone survive the festivities, even if today's hangover makes you wish that you didn't.   

Whenever water is involved, we all know that the most relevant iPhone accessory is a waterproof case. Because while you can survive a dunk in the pool or ocean, your phone can't. That's why our waterproof cases provide three meters or more of water protection so you can capture moments above and even in the water without worry.  

  • The Hitcase Pro is our best waterproof case with five meters (10 meters for iPhone 7/8) of waterproof protection. Other Hitcase cases such as Splash, Shield and Shield Link provide up to three meters of waterproof protection. 
  • If you're going to be spending any amount of time in and around water, an absolute must-have is the FloatR Flotation Device (only for Hitcase Pro). Made out of soft neoprene fabric, the FloatR is comfortable, highly visible and, most importantly, extremely buoyant. That means if you or your phone jumps, falls or gets thrown in the water, your phone will be floating at the surface for easy retrieval. 

Local Adventures With Hitcase iPhone Accessories  


Even though many of our cases are made and tested to withstand the rigors of extreme adventure and travel, you don't need to go halfway around the world for a little slice of excitement -- you might just find one on your daily commute or even just a few steps from your front door.   

Whether you're heading to the park for a quick jog, biking around the city or in a creative mood armed with just your phone, the most important iPhone accessory is a protective case. But beyond basic protection and making sure that your phone will be in good shape at the end of the day, Hitcase cases makes your phone better than when you took it out of its sealed box.  

  • Ferra and Crio both use TrueLUX magnetic lenses, which interchangeably and easily attach with secure magnets and are made from precision-grade optical glass, allowing you to capture unique images quickly and effortlessly without the bulk of a complicated DSLR camera. 
  • Ferra and Crio are both thin and minimalist with a light and form-fitting profile that gives you enough protection for your daily activities while also looking great. 
  • Crio also works with our magnetic link system, which allows you to easily secure your phone to any of six magnetic mounts such as our car/wall mount that attaches to the dashboard, vent or any wall, keeping your phone safe and easily within reach.  
  • Our final callout is the carrying case for TrueLUX lenseswhich holds all three of our TrueLUX lenses -- the wide, superwide and macro -- in a convenient and pocketable form. The case also comes with a carabiner clip, so you can attach it to a belt loop or elsewhere on your body, ensuring quick and easy access to three unique ways to enhance your photos or videos. 

Hitcase iPhone Accessories -- All You Need  

At Hitcase, we are committed to making the world's best iPhone accessories. It starts with ensuring that your phone is given all the protection it needs to keep up with your life's adventures, from the most extreme to the most mundane. With your phone snug in one of our premium cases, you can rest easy knowing that your phone will be ready to capture whatever it is that comes your way, planned or not. 

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Johannes Sverdrup
Johannes Sverdrup

April 23, 2019

Hi. Will the PRO fit iPhone xr in future?