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Hitcase Design Series

It's 2019.

The industry landscape is full of unoriginal clear plastic and derivative black smartphone cases with little to differentiate between them amongst the thousands of companies designing similar products.

It's time for change.

We are proud to have enabled people to capture and share their everyday adventures with the world, using simply their iPhone and a Hitcase. From multiple Everest summits, to capturing the world record free-solo high-line, to live-streaming the first ever shark-dive with Discovery Channel from an iPhone, we’ve been there, every step of the way watching our incredible community grow.

What's next?

How does it feel.

That's the central question that has driven our design team for more than 18 months.

The average smartphone user touches their phone between 2400 and 5000  times per day.

When you touch your phone or anything else, you initiate an incredibly complex chain of events. With more nerve endings in your fingers than in almost any other part of of your body, these nerves transmit a huge amount of information every millisecond to your brain.

Temperature, pressure, vibration, texture and form… all technical terms for how something feels.


We want to make your life just a little bit better, several thousand times per day, and we think that adds up to a lot. Protective products on the market today are focused on making products cheaper, but in the race to make things cheaper, things got worse, sharp edges, flow lines, rough textures, careless design.

With our new Design Series of products we are narrowly focused on the touch senses. We know you'll love it. It just feels better.

Coming in 2019

We're excited to bring you this new approach to design, while protecting the devices you value most, so they look, and more importantly feel, beautiful in your hands.

Founder of Hitcase

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