How To Start A YouTube Channel With Your iPhone

January 15, 2018 3 Comments

It's true that being a YouTube Influencer (YouTuber) can be quite a lucrative business, but what a lot of people don't know is that anyone can start a YouTube channel and post high-quality videos without investing in an expensive DSLR and other expensive tools. You can start a YouTube channel with an iPhone and still create amazing content.

To be clear, you can shoot, edit and upload videos from your iPhone.

For someone who's bought the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X, that should come as a relief since these devices have (probably) taken a huge chunk of your tech budget for the year.

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If you'd like to maintain a certain level of control over how your videos are edited and want to remove them from your phone after shooting, treating your iPhone as just another camera is a perfectly fine decision.

So, where do you start?

Start by setting up your YouTube channel

To make a YouTube channel, you'll need to use a Google account — if you don't currently have one, then you need to make one. After making a Google account, head to YouTube and log in with that account’s credentials. Go to "My Channel", add channel art, and a channel description. The YouTube interface is extremely intuitive for creators, which means that it will provide you with the necessary steps to have a complete channel profile.

Once your channel is created, all you need is equipment that will help you create stable and dynamic imagery when you're telling your story. Enter your iPhone...

Check out the video below. We filmed it entirely on an iPhone, using Hitcase lenses, cases, and mounts:

If you're starting your channel as a daily vlogger — especially if you have an interesting point of view, i.e. Medical student, Law student, Teacher etc, or maybe you're someone who'd like to shoot some B-Roll that Casey Neistat would be proud of, no matter what your jam is, you'll need a tripod, stabilizer, and lenses for your iPhone.

Ironically, getting all of these accessories for your phone isn't all that cheap! Who would have known? Thankfully, just like with most entry-level DSRL, there are brands which have created bundles as the iPhone photography community grows.

The HITCASE Film & Photo Bundle is great for a startup channel because it includes two items that every YouTuber worth their weight in gold would have; A car/boat/motorcycle mount, a tripod, and a stabilizer. All three of these tools can be found in the ShootR and the Mini SuckR.

ShootR Pole

The ShootR is Hitcase’s in-house-designed monopod for action cam use. It's light, compact, waterproof and durable. Many of the monopods available on the market right now don't compete with DSRL monopods, so the Hitcase team designed something that would rival anything found in a professional photographer's studio. The best part is that the ShootR is small enough to fit in a jacket pocket yet provides enough reach for you to get dynamic shots that you couldn't get if you were manually trying to stabilize your phone.

The Mini SuckR is a small, strong, secure, and quick mounting iPhone suction mount. This little tool replaces your car camera mount and tripod. With its powerful suction capabilities, it's possible to mount the SuckR on a surface and have it act as a tripod, or mount it in your car, when you're shooting a car Vlog, or on your motorbike, jet ski, snowmobile, boat, ATV, the list is endless! In order to make the SuckR, the Hitcase team partnered with world-leading motor vehicle mounting experts RAM Mounts. The SuckR is constructed of metal and tough plastic and can be easily taken apart for cleaning.

Hitcase SuckR Mount

Once you've created your video, and edited it using the tool of your choosing, the next thing is the all-important video thumbnail.

The best way to create a thumbnail is by using a section of the video, or by taking a snapshot of an interesting part of the video and then edit the image to enhance it so that nobody scrolls over it.

While there are plenty of amazing image editing apps that you can immediately download and use on your phone if you'd like a bit more control and have an app like Adobe Photoshop, but if you don't have it, don't go spending any more money — there's a free online app called Canva!

The snapshot that you've taken of an interesting part in your video can be enriched with text and design elements, but that's typically really intimidating for people — especially if they don't have design experience. With Canva's tools and their interface, you can easily customize your YouTube.

The key to winning at being a YouTuber is consistency. You don't necessarily have to put yourself on an upload schedule, but you do have to consistently upload videos in order to eventually end up on someone's feed. The YouTube algorithm won't know to promote you unless you upload multiple times per week until you've amassed enough subscribers. So until that day comes, film as much as possible and become a professional iPhone videographer.

As your video editing becomes more cohesive, you'll want to invest in sound equipment, etc. For now, get better at the craft of producing consistent videos and your YouTube stardom might just become a reality.

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Kids channel funny video

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Philicia j

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