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5 Tips for Stunning Travel Photos with an iPhone

April 04, 2019

Thanks to technology, adventurers no longer have to carry a bulky, heavy, and complex DSLR or film-based camera along anymore. Over the last few years, the iPhone has easily replaced more expensive cameras and outranks them for convenience. When traveling, it is incredibly easier to whip out a smartphone and take photos, whether on a safari in Africa or floating the canals of Venice. However, there are always ways to better photography skills, even with a camera as basic as the most recent iPhone. Here are five ways to improve photographs while traveling with an iPhone:


1) Tripod: Using a tripod can increase opportunities for interesting shots and beautiful time lapses. Making sure that the iPhone is stable and given a view of a weathered landscape or busy traffic area, set a time-lapse for at least three or four minutes. This can capture the movement or life that a photo could not embody otherwise. Note: time-lapses do not record sound.


2) Lighting: Unlike older versions of the iPhone, updated iPhones easily capture portraits and landscapes in low-light. New sensors and faster aperture mean that the iPhone automatically photographs better in low light. Editing photos can also increase or change the exposure of a photo. Make sure never to delete photos that may seem “too dark” at a glance - editing can be the effect that brings out the desired image. 


3) Focus: Different focal lengths can change the theme of any photo. Wide angles give a better sense of environment or setting and macro lenses enhance the details. An iPhone camera lens attachment takes photos to a different level, competing in quality with DSLRs quality. 


4) iCloud: once the adventurous day is over and everyone has returned to the hotel or AirBnB, it’s time to select favorite photos and upload them to iCloud. Losing photos, whether it’s because of phone damage, a lost phone, or stolen phone, is devastating. Be diligent about uploading photos on a regular schedule while traveling. 


5) Editing: find a photo editing application that fits the needs of the photo. Always try adjusting the exposure, contrast, and saturation of any photo, even the ones that seem perfect without editing. Keep the original photo and edited photo as separate files, there is always the chance that the original will need to be edited again. 


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