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Waterproof iPhone 5s case

HITCASE PRO is a shockproof, waterproof iPhone case for your iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, and iPhone 4/4s. Protect your iPhone while retaining full use of the touch screen and ability to send and receive phone calls. The tough ABS/Polycarbonate exterior is impact resistant with a finely textured rubberized surface for an easy grip. Never worry about dropping your iPhone again.

HITCASE PRO has a built in a 3X wide angle lens, effectively turning your iPhone into the ultimate tool for capturing professional quality photos and videos.

HITCASE is our non-wide angle waterproof iPhone case for your iPhone 5s and iPhone 5. Hitcase is all about making those best days even better. Hit the slopes, Hit the water, or Hit the road – we’ve got you covered.

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ChestR Mount for Hitcase TubulR Mount for Hitcase StickR Mount for Hitcase MotoR Mount for Hitcase

Hitcase has a wide selection of mounts that allow you to mount and attach it anywhere. Capture photos and videos. The Hitcase mounting system is GoPro® mount compatible so you can use many of your existing GoPro® accessories with HITCASE PRO

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Hitcase Press Quotes and Reviews

HITCASE PRO has been featured on TV, in Magazines, Newspapers, and all over the Internet.

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