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We make protective iPhone XS cases that allow you and your phone to join the wonderful world of adventure, not spend your days cooped up indoors gripped with fear that your new iPhone will take a tumble and ruin your day. Because your next trip should be to somewhere exotic, not to the Apple store to replace your broken device. 

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The iPhone XS. It's a marvel of modern engineering. With a super retina screen, faster Face ID, the most powerful smartphone chip you can get and a dual-camera system that allows you to adjust blur and depth during and after photos, the iPhone XS is the best iPhone Apple's ever produced. And if you've just spent $1,000 or more on your device, don't leave to chance with a substandard case. And don't even think about going caseless. 

While Apple touts the XS's durable glass and stainless-steel bands, as well as some kind of newfangled water and dust resistance, it's still a glass computer. And if you read the fine print, you'll see that the iPhone XS's native protection is not permanent and will wear off with normal use, whatever that means. Apple also won't cover any water damage under warranty, so if your new XS does happen to get some rain or takes a dip in the pool or toilet, you're out of luck. 

You can browse our selection of iPhone XS cases by price, colour, features, material, line and lens compatibility, so it's easy to find the perfect case for you. From extreme, adventure-proof protection to extensible iPhone XS camera cases, there's a Hitcase for everyone.

Hitcase Crio for iPhone X/XS 

Perfect for photographers and creatives on the go with a just-right amount of day-to-day protection, the Hitcase Crio is an iPhone XS case that provides six feet of drop protection in a thin and lightweight case -- just 34 grams -- that you'll barely notice while running, hanging out, or doing whatever it is that you love to do. 

The secret of the Crio is its embedded magnets, which allow you to extend the functionality of your iPhone XS with up to three inspiring lenses and a half dozen mounts, all with secure fixtures that are easy to swap on the fly and won't bog you down with endless fiddling -- so you can tap into your creative side quickly and easily whenever inspiration strikes. 

Our favorite combo for the Crio is a simple tripod Link Mount attachment, which makes your iPhone work with any standard tripod, even those bendy ones that you can stick just about anywhere, and the Hitcase TrueLUX Wide lens. With this trio -- Crio, mount and lens -- you can take professional level photos and video without the shake and limitations of handheld operation. The wide angle lens for iPhone also lets you fit twice as much into the frame as the standard iPhone lens, all with crisp, edge-to-edge clarity, so you can get on and worry about the shot, not your gear. 

Hitcase Shield Link for iPhone X/XS 

Available in color-matched silver, black and rose gold, the Hitcase Shield Link is an updated version of our popular Shield case. We took the same protection and design that made the Shield great, and we added our TrueLUX lenses and magnetic link mounts to the Shield Link, so you don't have to miss out on our accessories just because you wanted a thin metal case. 

As the thinnest magnetic iPhone XS case you can buy, the Shield Link is less than 12mm thick -- just barely bigger than your iPhone -- but it's tough enough to protect your phone during just about any activity. With 10 feet of waterproof protection and 10 feet of drop protection, the Shield Link and its lightweight aluminum frame gives your phone shatterproof and weatherproof powers, and with the easy in and out Hitcase Shockseal, it takes just seconds to install and remove the case, so you won't break the case or scratch your phone because you wanted a peek of your bare iPhone XS. 

But the signature factor of the Hitcase Shield Link is the magnets we added to the back of the case, which lets you get creative with three new looks via our iPhone lens kit and opens the door to a whole bunch of mounting options for unique and inspiring views you can't get while handheld. 

Hitcase Pro for iPhone X/XS 

For the utmost in extreme iPhone protection, the Hitcase Pro is the strongest iPhone XS case we make. Shock proof, waterproof, dust, dirt and sand proof, the Hitcase Pro is for the adventurers of the world, or for anyone that wants the best iPhone protection money can buy.   

MIL-SPEC Shock rated and drop-proof up to a dizzying 16 feet, you'll be breaking bones before breaking your iPhone, and the low-profile, anodized aluminum frame and polycarbonate ("bulletproof") glass back makes for an inspiring and premium feel that deftly matches the build quality and beauty of the iPhone XS. 

The Hitcase Pro is also waterproof to a shocking 33 feet, so even the most vigorous water-sports won't be cut short due to substandard protection.  

The best part is that the Pro is compatible with our threaded lenses and Railslide mounts, so you get all the creative options of our Hitcase accessories with the added security of locking mounts and threaded lenses. The Railslide also works with all GoPro compatible mounts, so you can finally ditch that old and tired action camera for your iPhone, which can do oh so much more.  

Hitcase Enduro for iPhone X/XS 

Great for trades, shops and tinkering around in the garage, the Hitcase Enduro is a soft-grip iPhone XS case with a hard nose. Built to withstand repeated drops on hard surfaces, the Enduro's DuroSoft TPU exterior fully encloses your phone with drop and shatter proof protection of up to six feet, so even multiple falls from head height won't earn you a trip to the Apple store for a replacement.  

Weighing just 44 grams, the Hitcase Enduro is MIL-SPEC Shock rated and has a 2mm lip to protect your screen and lenses from bumps and scratches. And unlike our other cases, which protect with a snug yet forgiving seal, the Enduro's EnFrame chassis actually suspends your iPhone XS in a cushion of air for extra support, perfect for repeated jolts and drops. 

And with full coverage, your phone is dust, dirt and sand proof with functional buttons and easy and secure flaps for charging your device. The Enduro is also compatible with wireless charging out of the box, so you won't have to remove the case for any reason.  

Hitcase Splash for iPhone X/XS 

Amazingly thin for a waterproof iPhone XS case, the Hitcase Splash is made for those who want a waterproof protection but would rather ditch the metal, weight and slipperiness of a more robust case. With lightning fast installation due to the case's two-piece, easy in and out design, the Splash is IP68 waterproof up to 10 feet, and MIL-SPEC drop-proof up to six feet, so you get all the protection you need, no matter what your next adventure entails.  

Wrapped in a DuroSoft TPU exterior, the Splash is great for rain, snow and all types of full water immersion, all without sacrificing grip, yet the case is easily pocketable with no frustrating stickiness. And because it's sealed for water, you also get dust, dirt, mud and sand protection of all ports and buttons, so you can spend time in the water as well as on the beach without worry -- you can even take your phone on your next mud run! 

And because the Splash compatible with our line of magnetic lenses, you also get three unique looks to compliment your phone's standard camera. Try doing that with another generic, waterproof case. 

Hitcase Ferra for iPhone X/XS 

Part of our new design series, the Hitcase Ferra is handmade from full grain Italian leather and stainless steel beveled hardware. Slim and ultra-light -- just 30 grams -- the Ferra is ideal for a day-to-day level of protection that sacrifices a little bulk for a lot of beauty.  

Soft and inviting to the touch, the Ferra is stylish yet durable, and provides the Hitcase standard of six feet of drop protection you've come to rely upon in a beautiful leather iPhone XS case that encourages you to reach out and touch it. And because it's genuine leather, you'll enjoy watching the case change over time, each nick and bump a memory of a past adventure. 

The Ferra also works with our line of creative lenses, so you get access to the Wide -- great for landscape, travel and sport photography -- the SuperWide -- for that classic fisheye look -- and the Macro, which gets you up close and personal with tiny worlds with a focusing distance of just 12 to 22mm. 

Get ready for adventure with Hitcase

Our collection of iPhone XS cases are protective, drop proof and/or waterproof. And our advanced, high quality iPhone camera lenses and magnetic mounts make your iPhone XS better than before. Get ready for adventure with Hitcase!