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Our goal is to design protective iPhone cases for the real world out there. You know, the world of surfing and skateboarding and snowboarding and camping and all that other stuff we all love to do. Don't risk going case-less, so that the next time your iPhone is falling out of your hands it's 100% covered.

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Here at Hitcase, we get it. We love our iPhones, too. Not only are they beautiful to look at and use, they organize our lives, keep us in touch with our friends and family and allow us to capture our day to day activities and adventures quickly and easily without lugging around a backpack full of devices, cables, cameras and lenses.  

That's why we do what we do. We make cases that highlight and complement the beauty of our phones without sacrificing an ounce of protection. Dropped your phone from head-height? No big deal. Caught in rain storm or fell into the lake? You're covered. Our iPhone XR waterproof case, the Hitcase Splash, is drop proof up to two meters, waterproof up to three meters and dust, dirt and all around weatherproof, too. So go on that mud run or catch a few waves -- your phone can take it, and you can capture it all in photos and video while you're at it, too. 

About the iPhone XR

With the second biggest screen in the iPhone lineup -- behind only the iPhone XS Max -- the iPhone XR is basically a slightly bigger iPhone XS with an LCD panel instead of an OLED, which Apple says helps with battery life. 

But while the screen is touted as Apple's most durable ever, just like its big brother, it's no match for a world full of jagged edges and hard surfaces. Glass is glass, and it'll inevitably break one day when you least expect it, especially on a device you carry with you everywhere you go. Could be tomorrow. Could be next week. It could be in five minutes when the edge of your jacket catches your oblivious phone sitting on your desk, sending it crashing to the floor. 

Apple says the iPhone XR is waterproof, but a case is still a good idea. According to them, the XR resists spills from coffee, tea, soda and other liquids, but if you read the fine print they go on to say that the iPhone XR's protective qualities are temporary and that normal wear and tear will decrease the phone's natural resistance to the elements. So, sure, on day one your phone might survive a little water, but next month when you're done ogling your device and you're out in the real world, how much protection do you really have? Would you want to risk it?  

Do I need a case for the iPhone XR? 

With an edge to edge display -- the biggest LCD panel you can get in an iPhone -- and packed with the best that modern technology has to offer, the iPhone XR is an engineering marvel, but it can very quickly become a very expensive paperweight if you're not careful, especially if you lead an active life. 

We've done our own tests and the iPhone XR, while better than legacy iPhones, is no rugged beast. The screen can crack, the panel can leak and your ports and buttons aren't air and water tight forever. Apple also says they won't cover water or liquid damage under warranty, so get that confidence you need for your iPhone XR with a waterproof case from Hitcase and don't give a second thought to whether you should bring your phone with you on your next adventure. 

Hitcase Splash

Not just the only Hitcase iPhone XR case we offer, the Splash is the best XR case that money can buy, period. Drop resistant and IP68 waterproof up to 10 feet, the Splash is lightweight, slim, and comes with a soft-grip exterior that's just perfect for wet environments. You also get dust and liquid proof port coverage, because you never know when your iPhone XR's magical water and dust resistance will wear off. Our cases don't expire at some random moment, so you can rest easy knowing that you're always covered by Hitcase. 

An easy-in, easy-out, two-piece design, the Hitcase Splash might just be the toughest case you've ever had such an easy time installing. And because the case is wireless charging compatible with air-tight flaps for a regular Lightning charger, you won't have to take your phone out of the case to give it a little juice. 

And if you thought the Splash was a one trick pony, the case is also MIL-SPEC Shock rated and gives you six feet of drop protection, so it can fall from head level onto concrete without spiking your anxiety level. In addition, the DuroSoft TPU exterior is grippy enough to help prevent those drops from happening in the first place, but not too tough to get in and out of your pocket with ease. 

But the best trick of the Hitcase Splash is how it works with our three iPhone camera lenses, which allows you to augment your photos and video with unique views you don't get on the iPhone XR. There's the Wide, which gives you two times the field of view over the stock camera; the SuperWide, for that classic fisheye look; and the Macro, which, with a focusing distance of 12mm to 22mm, enables you to capture tiny worlds with your iPhone XR -- and they all attach seamlessly and easily with magnets that pop the lens into place yet are strong enough to avoid any unwanted detachments. And with the Hitcase Action REDi Button, the signature design element of the Splash draws the eye in and encourages you to capture more of your adventures and the world in brilliant photo and video. 

You get it all for your iPhone XR -- a waterproof iPhone case with drop protection, dust and dirt protection of all buttons and ports and the ability to affix three different creative lenses -- in the thinnest and lightest case we've ever made, all without interfering with your phone's natural function. That's right, the Hitcase Splash lets you use all your phone's buttons and features such as Touch ID and the silence switch without interruption and without needing to remove your case. We also paid special attention to the iPhone XR's speakers, ensuring that the Splash won't put a damper on your around-the-fire music moments at the end of a long day. 

And because the Splash has a transparent back, you won't miss one minute of your gorgeous iPhone XR, especially if you picked one of the six stunning new finishes Apple developed for the device. Apple says their seven-layer colour process allows for deeper, richer colours than ever before, so who would want to cover that brilliance with a boring black case. 

Protect Your iPhone XR With a Waterproof Case

If you've ever worried about dropping your iPhone XR or getting it wet, the Hitcase Splash is the waterproof iPhone case for you. It's great for an everyday type of protection from those daily bumps, scuffs and scratches that can leave your beautiful iPhone looking marred and worse for the wear. It's waterproof, drop-proof and element-proof, all with lightning fast installation and easily pocketable with a confident grip. And with our lens options, it makes your phone a better version of itself in just a moment's notice.