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dave downing

Seven Time World Champion Wakeskater Reed Hansen

“The Hitcase approach just makes sense, the market is crowded with POV options, but I’d rather just use the camera I already carry everywhere in my iPhone. It’s such a sick system, the Hitcase Pro is bulletproof, and fully mountable. I can easily shoot, edit, and share videos or photos on the fly, without hassling with sorting through hours of footage, or wondering if I turned the camera on. It just works.”

Reed Hansen Stomps the First Ever Casper Flip on a Wakeskate, Hitcase in Hand – Instagram

dave downing

Burton Snowboard Legend Dave Downing

“This year I went over to Japan and rode up at Alts Bandai ski resort near Fukushima with some Burton Retailers. When I was a Pro for Burton I used to have a photographer and a filmer to document the riding. So, this year I decided to film myself using my iPhone 5s and a Hitcase. Its so easy to flim and edit right from the chairlift and make something special to remember the trip. I can’t wait to go back and do it again.”

Dave Downing Shreds Some Pow with Hitcase – Instagram

Alex Andrews

Burton Pro Snowboarder Alex Andrews

"1. Hitcase has changed the way I document and share my adventures with family, friends and the world! It’s the perfect iPhone case for my energetic lifestyle.
2. Only froth puppies use Hitcase.
3. Hitcase is only for those who venture into the deep chowda! Frothy vibes."

Alex Andrews on a Sweet Side-By-Side with Hitcase – Instagram

Paddy Kaye

Paddy Kaye (Owner, Joyride Bike Parks)

"My Hitcase is awesome, it keeps my phone safe and protected from the all the elements out here on the course build and allows me to capture all the action without worrying about damaging it. The fisheye lens is great for capturing all the action!"

Paddy Kaye Slaying Some Epic Single Track with Hitcase – Instagram

Tanner Rainville

Volkl Pro Skier Tanner Rainville

"No brainer for skiing, fish eye lense means you never miss the action, and it’s waterproof. Snap in your phone and go, best on the go case and camera for your I phone you could ask for."

Dropping! With Tanner Rainville and Hitcase – Instagram

Tanner Rainville

10 Time World Champion Jet Ski Racer Cyrille Lemoine

“I use my Hitcase all summer long with my jet-ski; I make calls at sea, I swim with it, I film with it, I take pictures, it keeps iPhone 5s safe! And in the winter I ride motocross with it. I also love making movies with the new Vidometer application, I can capture all my exploits in extreme sports. I’ve become addicted to my Hitcase!”

Listen to the Pipes on This Jet Ski!-Instagram


Customer Testimonials

“Out of all the companies we work with at CAPOW Hitcase might be the easiest selling product we deal with. We give our guests the photos we took of them, they look rad and buy the product that makes them look rad. Huge success.”
Canadian Powder Guiding (CAPOW.ca)
“I am a HITCASE user and I was surfing out east with it this past hurricane season. I tried to punch through the back of a set wave and lost the HITCASE. When I got back up to VT, I used “find my iPhone” app and it was in the middle of the Atlantic. I pinged it several more times and it went to a house then on the road. The next day it was delivered to me here at the surf shop a little sandy but otherwise undamaged. Stoked on the product!”
“I lost my phone (and Hitcase) 2 months ago in a murky river while tubing in high water. The other day, someone found it washed up on the banks, after several flash floods (raging water heights up to 8 feet high). Not knowing how long it had been there, they took it home and charged it… it turned on! When returned to me, the photos on it were priceless. My phone is bone dry and the case is still water tight! Thanks again for making such a great product and for turning great days into epic stories!”
Mahalo! Cory
“Hitcase Turns iPhones into GoPro Killers. During my trip to New Zealand, my GoPro rig lost its connection from a motorcycle and smashed into tiny pieces. From that point forward, I went with Hitcase – never worrying if the iPhone would capture my movements and never afraid it would allow my phone to join that GoPro in the camera afterlife.”
John Scott Lewinski
“I am so very pleased and impressed by the quick and genuine response to my support request. For that reason alone I will recommend the Hitcase. Plus I’ve already had fun with it.”
“Wow, this case is amazing! Just letting you know (not that you didn’t know already)! As a volunteer firefighter with the CFA this is exactly what I needed! With the helmet mount (that is as sticky as cheese cooked in a non-oiled pan) and the VERY wide angle lens this is definitely a keeper! I have tried to put it through its paces and has not failed me at all! Water (under full pressure) – CHECK. Heat (and a lot of it) – CHECK. Shock proof (after being dropped from a moving truck) – CHECK. Being able to answer calls (with gloves on) – CHECK! Vidometer App – Aaa-maze-ing!”
Sam McColl
“Thank you, I’ve been really looking forward to receiving this case and even though I haven’t tried it yet have sold at least one unit for a friend and recommended to many more based on my research for underwater cases (no, I’m not looking for free stuff lol).”
Steve Rollins
“So I am a huge fan of your cases, forget otterbox! You guys make much better cases. Thank you! And keep being awesome.”
Josh Z.
“Testing the Hitcase for IPhone. It is a waterproof case with larger lens. In some ways better than a GoPro!!!”
“I’m a firefighter in Florida and I took my iphn4 hitcase in a training burn on an aircraft simulator. Lots of heat, water, steam etc and even a quick full flame contact. Worked great..Not a mark! Love this case!! Which is why I’m losing my mind waiting for mine to arrive for my iphn5! Later… Stay safe!!”
Myke Street
“Love my hitcase pro. Thanks guys!”
Patrick N.
“I received my Hitcase Christmas Day as a gift and I loved it! The images you can take with this case is insane and the durability is seemed great!”
Connor B.
“Well since I’m in the shower testing it thought I’d say thanks works awesome!”
Dylan C.
“Thanks. Im loving my hitcase!”
Mike R.
“Don’t need a GoPro with this right? I’m wanting something that’s simple and I can just mount that bad boy to whatever and go. Hoping to see the case for iPhone 5 soon! Stoked!”
Kevin K.
” We use the Hit Case it works really well for us . IT mounts to any go pro attachment fully water proof . also a safe place for the phone when out in the elements . We also use it to link with the go pro.”
“Hi, I’m an ex-Apple software product manager, and I just LOVE your app. Well done!”
Michael E.

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