Welcome To The Family Geoff Brown!

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geoff brown hitcase welcome

Congratulations to Geoff Brown for joining the Hitcase team! Geoff is a big hitter, an amazing backcountry snowboarder from Whistler. Geoff has been rockin Hitcase for about a year now after fellow snowboarder Trevor Karl gave him a Hitcase.

Geoff has been a fan of Hitcase since that initial introduction and we have been looking forward to working together since that time. We are so pumped to have such a stoker and extremely talented athlete on the team.

For Geoff, the Hitcase just makes sense for what he does. He is a mad social media guy, with a Hitcase he no longer needs to use his action camera and download videos before uploading, he can upload directly from his iPhone to his Instagram and other social media accounts.

A video posted by Geoff Brown (@geoffbrownsnow) on

Geoff has already made a custom Hitcase mount for capturing over the shoulder pov videos like the example above. Killing it!!!

Glad to have you onboard Geoff. We can’t wait to see all your adventures through the Hitcase lens.

Check out Geoff’s site and follow him.



shockproof waterproof action camera case for iphone

Dual Shockproof System For Your iPhone

Besides being one of the most durable waterproof iPhone cases on the market, the Hitcase incorporates a patent pending shock absorbing system called the ShockPad and ShockSeal. These two components work in conjunction to provide extraordinary protection against bumps and drops for your iPhone.

Hitcase’s unique dual seal combination of ShockPad and ShockSeal does two things, one it allows all Hitcases be waterproof up to 33 feet and two, protect and cushion your iPhone from drops up to 10 feet.

shockproof  rugged waterproof iphone camera case with changeable lenses

Water Seal and Shock Absorber In One

The ShockSeal, acts as both a water barrier and shock absorber. The single piece design wraps around the phone providing protection without gaps. The single unit makes a more reliable seal and when the ShockSeal and ShockPad are snapped together, they take up less volume, saving space.

Designing the ShockSeal as a single unit means removing it is fast and easy for cleaning or in the unlikely instance where you need to replace the seal. Modularity and replaceablility is built into the design of the Hitcase. Our goal is to make almost every part inexpensive and easy to replace.

drop proof waterproof iphone action camera case with changeable lenses

Premiere ShockProof iPhone Case

The finely engineered ShockPad made of xxxxxxx contains grooves cut to allow moisture vapor to escape to prevent screen cover fogging. The grooves also provide extra shock absorption. Every component that make up the Hitcase has been finely considered. The replaceable cover, replaceable ShockSeal & ShockPad, metal hinges, swappable lenses, all these components have the attention to detail and quality you won’t find in any other iPhone case. When you buy the Hitcase you are buying the absolute best shockproof, ruggedized iPhone case with the best customer service available.



John Cain, Vagabond, Entrepreneur, Hitcase User

Big Hitters, Hitcase Pro 5.

Today’s Big Hitter is John Cain, traveller, entrepreneur, adventurer. John has been travelling and blogging for the last 1.5 years on his sites http://vinjabond.com/ and http://sixvaser.com. John has some great articles about his passions, travel, adventure and survival.

He started documenting his adventures using a GoPro but switched to his iPhone and the Hitcase Pro in 2013. Now, about 95% of his photos are taken with the Hitcase Pro. You can see more of his work on his FlickR site. https://www.flickr.com/photos/sixvaser/

His work is inspiring and tempts the traveller and adventurer in all of us. The photos below were all shot with Hitcase.

Trulynet.com Gets The Hitcase

Waterproof iPhone Case.

We get plenty of reviews on the Hitcase Pro but here’s one reviewer who understands how the Hitcase is designed. You only put it on when you need it. That is when you need reliability in extreme conditions and dependable waterproof and shockproof protection. Think of it as sports gear like ski boots or a dry suit, something you put on as needed, that’s why we call it the action camera case for iPhone 5.

Here’s some of what they have to say.

“We found it easy to take our phone out and snap back in, critical for when you are gearing up. We could still make and receive calls in a pinch, and adjust our volume and even use headphones while in the case.”

Full review here.


Generation 2 Hitcase Pro/5s Already Shipping


Our 2nd generation Hitcase Pro 5s/5 action case secretly shipped in December. If you bought one from December onwards you received the following improvements with your Hitcase.

Improved Audio
We’ve improved our Patents Pending Shockseal with Thinner but stronger lower diaphragms and new Mic damper system that make calls crystal clear without interference.

Even tougher Construction
New Particle filled polycarbonate blend.

Smoother and simpler Railslide
Even easier to mount eyes free!

Vidometer, How Fast, How Far, How Steep, How High Did You Go?


Hitcase with Vidometer app - turn your iPhone 4S into an action camera


noun, pronounced /vid-ah-m-i-ter


1) A free iPhone app that shows multiple instrument overlays for the action sports videographer, turning the iPhone into an action camera.

2) Combines the readings of a speedometer, odometer, accelerometer, inclinometer, altimeter and GPS data from your iPhone and overlays them over your own sports videos.

3) Show your speed, altitude, orientation, acceleration, and more right on your videos.

Works best in conjunction with Hitcase, the premium quality ruggedized waterproof case good to a depth of 30 feet.

Have you heard about our great new iPhone app that lets you record action camera data right over your videos?

That’s right, show your speed, altitude, angle of turn and acceleration on top of your videos just like a pro ESPN video, for free!

Why Vidometer?

Before we developed the Hitcase we were already shooting action videos. When the time came to create an outdoor worthy case for the iPhone we had a total video solution in mind. We wanted Hitcase to be something more than just a case. Hitcase with Vidometer is a hardware and software combo that works together to turn your iPhone into an action camera.

We created Vidometer with Hitcase Pro to help improve our snowboarding training times and see where we screwed up. Plus it was great to show the videos on a large screen at event after parties to compare runs and tease your friends.

vidometer iphone accelerometer app

How It Works

Using the great built in sensors of the iPhone, Vidometer uses the iPhone’s following sensors:

  • Axis accelerometer (get magnitude and direction of forces applied to the iphone)
  • Gyroscope (accurately detect orientation in space)
  • GPS chip (get speed and altitude)

The overlay is rendered over the video in post processing. Vidometer’s post processing time is the fastest among all of the apps in this category. To watch the video with overlay requires no post processing – only when you want to share or download the video from the app.

iphone 4s waterproof case


  • Free
  • Shows invaluable data to help you improve your time and performance
  • Review your run in HD for training and coaching or just to show off
  • Clean, uncluttered interface that is easy to use
  • No post processing necessary to playback videos
  • upload directly to Youtube
  • easily trim parts of your video clips

Future versions include skinnable interface with many new overlays and direct upload to Youtube (feature now available) right from the app. Come back here for future news and updates to Vidometer.


Ver. 1.3

New! Direct upload to Youtube and ability to trim videos.

– Listen to music while recording! Simply go to the app settings and set Audio = OFF. This will mean your recorded clips will have no audio, but now you can listen to your favourite tunes while recording.
– Audio for playback on Windows computers is improved. We are using a different audio codec now to fix some audio issues in recorded videos.
– High quality output mode for professional video producers. We have a new Video setting that will produce the highest quality video for you to transfer to your computer. Beware, the file sizes in this mode are huge!
– Improvements to the focus modes. The app will now lock focus once recording has started. Before starting recording, just tap the screen to set the focus, then hit record!

vidometer iphone app, iphone speedometer

In the meantime check out our featured Vidometer video post what others have shot with Hitcase and the Vidometer app. Send us your video links and subscribe to the Hitcase Youtube channel to see more.

Download the Vidometer App.

ShockPad, A High Tech Seal For Your iPhone’s Protection

Waterproof iPhone Case.

hitcase waterproof iphone case

The companion to the ShockSeal, covered in our previous post is the ShockPad. While the ShockSeal provides shock and water protection for the front and sides of the iPhone, the ShockPad keeps your iPhone securely in place and safe from impact while providing a 100% watertight seal for the phone.

The high tech looking grooves on the ShockPad are not there just for show. The V shaped grooves are designed to provide spring, compressing to absorb shocks, blocking strikes from penetrating the back of the iPhone case.

ruggedized waterproof iphone case

Three channels cut into the grooves are air channels to push moisture away from the case and flatten out when pressure is applied. No other case considers air moval into account. The Hitcase ShockPad is designed this way to avoid fogging.

The ShockPad and ShockSeal together provide optimal water and shock protection unlike any other waterproof iPhone case.

waterproof iphone case

ShockSeal, The Heart Of The Toughest iPhone Case

Making Of The Hitcase.

iphone camera case

The ShockSeal is the heart and soul of the Hitcase. We spent more time developing and testing our watertight shockproof seal than other companies spend developing their whole case.

Our CAD expert Keddie along with Brooks our founder spent countless months making minor adjustments and ordering dozens of silicone prototypes to fine tune the Hitcase’ seal to make it perfect. We even paid for several hundred hours of computer simulation using the same computers NASA uses for our underwater performance simulations.

iphone case for video

Details of the ShockSeal As It Sits Inside the Hitcase

What Sets The ShockSeal Apart From Other iPhone Case Seals?
Other cases have only a single seal, typically an o-ring to prevent water from seaping into the case, this single point of contact makes it more vulnerable to failure. Our patented ShockSeal has a dual seal design built into a single unit. This provides and extra level of security when you are in rough water environments. Take the Hitcase kayaking, surfing or snorkling. You can be assured your iPhone is not going to get soaked because it is designed for hard waves and use in deep waters. In fact the Hitcase can go down to a depth of 33 feet. That is 3 to 10 times deeper than any other iPhone case!

iphone case for action video

Detail Of the Double Seal Design

The Best Ideas are simple ones, Both Water Seal and Shock Absorber In One Unit

The ShockSeal, being both a water barrier and shock absorber in one has several benefits. The single piece design wraps around the phone providing protection without gaps. The single unit makes a more reliable seal and combining the two elements saves space. Creating the ShockSeal as a single piece also makes replacing it simple and quick for easy cleaning or in the unlikely scenario where you will need to swap it out. That modular replaceablility is part of the Hitcase design philosophy. Our goal is to make almost every part inexpensive and easy to replace.

Two Tough Materials Fused Into One

One of the biggest design problems we faced was sealing the tough clear polycarbonate material covering the iPhone touchscreen to the pliant silicone material in the rest of the ShockSeal. Both these materials melt at different temperatures and required us to do some trick engineering in order to see it realized.   We eventually came upon our proprietary and patented solution that perfectly melded the as thin as a human hair sheet polycarbonate to  our shockseal material, silicone. What you end up with is a perfectly fused combination of touchscreen protection and malleable waterproof shock absorption.

A Premium Quality iPhone Case

The ShockSeal is only one component out of many where we sweated out the fine details to an obsessive degree. The Hitcase cover, the lens of the Hitcase Pro, the brushed metal button covers and hinges, the finely engineered ShockPad, all these components have the same attention to detail and quality you won’t find in any other iPhone case. We will cover them in future posts but you can be assured when you buy the Hitcase you are buying the absolute best ruggedized iPhone case with the best customer service available.

Hitcase Records Roller Coaster Tattoo From Hell


hitcase waterproof iphone case

Mark Zealand from Hitcase meets up with the Monsters of Schlock guys who decided it was a great idea to get a tattoo while riding a roller coaster. The video recording these sideshow magicians used a chest mounted Hitcase Pro on the tattooee, another Hitcase from behind on a monopod and 3 other action cameras including a head mounted GoPro on the tattoo “artist”.

Check out the video below and visit the Hitcase Youtube channel to see more videos.

(photo by syxlangemannphotography.com)