HITCASE in Digital Trends – Surf, swim, or splash without fear, with one of these waterproof iPhone 7 cases

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Waterproof cases don’t have to be ugly. The Hitcase frame is crafted from aluminum in colors designed to exactly match your iPhone 7. The flexible front panel includes built-in screen protection and makes it easy to fit. The case scores an IP68 rating and Hitcase says it’s good at depths of up to 10 feet (3 meters). It does also offer drop protection at up to 6 feet (2 meters), though the aluminum may chip or scuff. There are metallic button covers on the side and a dial for the switch. This case is available from the end of November.

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Pre-order Your Hitcase Shield for iPhone 7

Hitcase SHIELD, iPhone 7.

Chances are that you’ve already been acquainted with the HITCASE SHIELD for iPhone 6/6s, with the official unveiling of the case in summer 2016. The HITCASE SHIELD is the world’s thinnest IP68 rated waterproof iPhone case; and yes you can fact check that.  Sleek, durable, lightweight and beautifully crafted out of aluminum, everything you want in a phone case with protection you can trust in water and on land.


Now, the moment Apple released the specs of the new iPhone 7 our Product Development Team went into  hyper-speed wizardry-mode designing the HITCASE SHEILD for iPhone 7. Factoring in that iPhone 7 has a built in water-resistance interior for accidental water exposure or splashes – this comes as fantastic news for iPhone users and even better news for HITCASE users. Double the protection means that you can have more confidence than ever before.

We’re beyond stoked to launch our PRE-ORDER for your iPhone 7. Don’t have the iPhone 7? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. The SHIELD is now available for all iPhone 6 models, including the SE, as well as all iPhone 5 models. Pre-orders are on now. The HITCASE SHIELD is available in four colour options: black, silver, gold and rose gold.



Shield 7 Black