HITCASE HACKS: How To Keep Your iPhone Battery Alive In The Cold

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You know what it’s like: you wake up early to venture out for a day of skiing, snowboarding, hiking or work and just before you snap that EPIC photo or dial that important call…your phone dies. Total bummer. Not having the ability to capture photos or videos on your latest adventure sucks, but not being able to call or text can also be a massive pain, especially when you’re in the backcountry or at work. At HITCASE we’ve been playing around with how to keep your iPhone battery alive in the cold for a while now, and with these five simple hacks, you’ll be able to keep those mobile juices flowing while you venture out into those frosty environments.



iPhones use a type of battery called Lithium-Ion, and while the battery recharges quickly and doesn’t need to be fully depleted before you plug it in, Lithium-Ion batteries don’t fair so well in the cold.

Cold temperatures increase the internal resistance and diminish the capacity of a Lithium-Ion battery. In laymen’s terms this means your battery is struggling to perform and expends energy quickly in the cold. Global news did an experiment which showed an iPhone left outside dropped 14% in only 30 minutes, while an identical phone left inside dropped only 1%.

So, instead of leaving your battery life up to the elements, here’s five simple hacks to keep your battery alive:


The shell of your iPhone is made out of metals and glass…and if you can think back to your high school science class, both are excellent conductors of hot and cold. While strapping on a case might not be the perfect answer to preserve battery life, it does in fact help your iPhone brave the elements. We recommend the HITCASE PRO or HITCASE SHIELD to provide added protection, both of which are waterproof iPhone cases that are smashproof and durable as well.

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When our team is out filming in cold temperatures, we carry rapid battery chargers. They are small enough to fit into your jacket pocket and can be easily plugged in and attached to your phone while you are braving the elements. Rapid chargers are the sure fire way to boost or maintain battery life over the course of a few days.

Check out Gotta Be Mobile’s post on the Best Quick Charge Portable Battery Chargers to find the best one for you.



HITCASE Influencer Marty Robertson knows the trials and tribulations of a dead iPhone all too well. His solution: cover your HITCASE with a thin glove and place a pocket warmer into it. The pocket warmer will keep your iPhone battery from dying and will warm you up in the process. SMART.

“Buy yourself the reusable hand warmers that have the little disc inside that you snap, (causes a chemical reaction and heats the pack up). Buy two. When you’re done simply boil them in a cloth over a pan and reuse. I found the HITCASE and the plastic of the actual hand warmers stick well together so the plastic bag isn’t necessary, it just helps keep them together and acts like a jacket. Simply activate the hand warmers and place in the zip lock bags. I’ve also used an old sock or glove to sandwich the HITCASE with hand warmers on either side and cut a hole for the camera lens. Looks ghetto but works. I found iPhones hate the cold and turn off even with full battery without this little hack.”
martys hack1


It seems kind of obvious, but switching to airplane mode or low power mode while out in the cold retains far more battery life than operating your phone as usual. Airplane mode will extend your iPhone’s battery life in the cold and we recommend turning it on as soon as you venture out.


Our friends over at 9to5mac.com have a great tutorial on how to reduce your screen’s brightness beyond your iPhone’s default settings. However, to reduce your iPhone’s brightness within the default settings, follow these steps:

Go back to the main Accessibility section of the Settings app, and scroll down and select Accessibility Shortcut. Tap Zoom for the Accessibility shortcut to assign a three finger-tap to the Zoom setting. Triple-press the Home button to quickly switch between brightness. BOOM.

HITCASE Athlete Geoff Brown’s Out Of Service Video Teaser Is Out Now!

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Geoff Brown and his crew of snow gurus ventured out into the mountains in search of deep snow and good times. They headed to zones where cell phones lose service and instead are simply high-priced cameras. All POV footage was shot simply on an iPhone and a HITCASE PRO, our toughest most rugged iPhone case. Shockproof, mountable, waterproof protection for your iPhone.

Check out all their antics in this teaser to their web-trilogy, released exclusively on Transworld Snowboarding

Song: I Can’t Dance by Mating Ritual

HITCASE in The Globe and Mail: Five pieces of outdoor gear to chase away the winter blues

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A deep snow bank or torrential downpour won’t stop you from catching that shot on your iPhone with the Hitcase Pro, the only case to have when you are inside nature’s washing machine. It’s 100-per-cent waterproof and drop-proof, letting you fearlessly share your life with the world. $99.99; hitcase.com

View the original article here.

Discovery Channel #SharkWeek 2016

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Discovery Channel Shark Week returns June 26. Shark Week is an annual event that brings you shark-based programming for a whole week.

This year, HITCASE is excited to be part of the week long programming event. HITCASE PRO is a waterproof, mountable, go-anywhere case that will be swimming with the sharks this year!

Stay tuned for more information.

Waterproof Case for iPhone SE

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HITCASE PRO is the ultimate waterproof, shockproof protection for your iPhone SE.

Go deep, down to 33 feet deep. The HITCASE PRO for iPhone SE ShockSeal and ShockPad is a dual seal system that works in tandem to provide maximum water sealing and shock protection. The silicon ShockSeal mates tightly with the ShockPad foam. This unique combination allows the Hitcase PRO to be waterproof up to 33 feet and lets your iPhone SE take drops from up to 10 feet.

Available for your iPhone SE. Get it here: HITCASE PRO for iPhone SE.

Hitcase Featured in the Hypebeast 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

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Better late than never, right? Men’s fashion and lifestyle magazine HYPEBEAST featured Hitcase in their 2014 Holiday Gift Guide! You can check it out here, scroll over to slide 24 to check it out.

Tranquil Paddleboarding In Banff With Hitcase

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Friends of Hitcase, Paiwen is the first paddleboard company made by and exclusively for women. Paiwen is a big proponent of a healthy lifestyle through Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP). Check out Paiwen’s blog for tons of info on paddleboarding for women. Sisters are doing it for themselves! This scene of serenity was shot in Banff, Alberta with an iPhone and Hitcase.

Paddleboarding Moraine Lake BC from Scribblevision on Vimeo.

Hayley Gordon’s Inspiring “Dog Days Of Winter” Shot Completely On iPhone

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Hitcase – Dog Days of Winter from HITCASE on Vimeo.

Ladies and Gentlemen…  Please enjoy Dog Days of Winter, a #howihitcase short by Hayley Gordon.  Hayley is a gem.  A smart, talented, and independent filmmaker in a niche’ industry dominated by “The Boys”.  We’ve been a fan of Hayley’s ever since we started following her over at Korduroy.tv  a few years ago.  Her well trained eye and keen sense of matching “wish I was there!” imagery to “who is that band?” music is phenomenal.
Hayley has the unique ability to make even the worst conditions look like a dream trip (see said video above) and that alone makes her one of the leading artist of her craft.  We’d like to thank Hayley for producing this fine little piece of art for us and for proving that an iPhone, a Hitcase, a few beers and some great friends are all that you need to make memories that you can revisit for the rest of your life.
See more of Hayley’s work at:  www.leashless.tv
Special thanks to: @hayley__gordon, @furrowsurfcraft, @swallowtailsociety, @margause for sharing your pretty faces and surf shred abilities.