iPhone Life Names the HITCASE SHIELD for iPhone 7 As One Of The Top Waterproof Cases

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shield worlds thinnest

Hate bulky waterproof rugged cases? Hitcase has the thinnest iPhone case built to withstand the elements and your adventures. It’s waterproof and drop-proof up to six feet with a pure aluminum body. It’s particularly unique in the way the top of the case easily peels on and off. No need to carry around that weird key to unlock your waterproof case. The Hitcase Shockseal protects the screen while allowing you to use Touch ID and comes off easily when it’s time to switch cases. I’ve used quite a few Hitcase products in the past, and I expect this case will have the same high level of protection and quality.

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Hitcase Introduces The Hitcase Pro+: Interchangeable Lenses, ShockWave Sound

Hitcase PRO+, News.

New TrueLUX Interchangeable Lenses

We’re stoked to launch our new Hitcase Pro+ model that now has our most requested feature, removable lenses! Our 3X SuperWide zoom lens has been totally redesigned from the ground up and improved. Our TrueLUX technology makes the lens sharper and now completely removes vignetting in both photo and video modes, a first for any iPhone lens!

The Hitcase Pro+ has a new front panel with an easy to use “twist on” lens mount that lets you quickly swap lenses on the fly even with gloves on.

The Hitcase Pro+ comes with both the 3X SuperWide zoom lens that’s perfect for action sports and a Flat Lens for a slimmer lens profile and a standard field of view. Both lenses have anti reflective and hard coatings for excellent color and scratch protection.

ShockWave Sound

We improved the sound quality in the Hitcase Pro+ to be 2X better while retaining the same durability and waterproof protection down to 33 feet. Our new ShockWave audio seal gives you iproved clarity and better audio quality for both making calls and recording adventure videos. Capture more detail in your recordings compared to other rugged and waterproof products on the market.

Pro+ Upgrade Kit Available!

Already have a Hitcase Pro 5 but want the improved TrueLUX swappable lenses and ShockWave sound? We have you covered with our Hitcase Pro+ Upgrade kit. The kit comes with a new cover designed for the new lenses, both the TrueLUX 3X SuperWide lens and the flat lens (does not include ShootR monopod). See more details here.

Comes With Our New ShootR Pocketable Monopod

Each Hitcase Pro+ comes with our new ShootR monopod. We designed the ShootR monopod in house because the ones we were using were either too big, too heavy or not waterproof enough for our needs. Lightweight, waterproof, and designed for Hitcase, the ShootR is collapsible down to a 6 inch pistol grip form factor and compact enough to fit into a pocket yet extends to almost 19 inches to capture wide angle selfie shots or get high above the crowd for “bird’s eye view” perspective.

Easy Mounting RailSlide System

Of course the Hitcase Pro+ retains all the best features of earlier versions including complete compatibility to our wide family of easy to use RailSlide mounts. With RailSlide the Hitcases  slide on and off in seconds. A locking mechanism holds the case firmly and steadily. We have mounts for motorcycles, cars, boats, roll cages, surf boards and anything else you can imagine. You can even use our RailSlide® mounts with your GoPro® cameras as all mounts are compatible with GoPro®.

Still Waterproof To 33 Feet

The new lenses and improved audio does not take away from the durability that is a key component of all Hitcases. The Hitcase ShockSeal and ShockPad dual seal system works in tandem to provide maximum water sealing and shock protection. This unique combination allows the Hitcase PRO+ to be waterproof up to 33 feet and lets your iPhone take drops from up to 10 feet.

Compatible With iPhone 5/5s/5c

Hitcase Pro+ works with all versions of iPhone 5.

Hitcase Pro+ is a complete protection and adventure recording system for your iPhone. It’s an enabling device that lets you capture your outdoor adventures for sharing in realtime.

Shoot, send and share amazing footage, whenever, and wherever you are.

Skate & Hitcase Just Got Real, Hitcase In Asia

Big Hitters, News.

Our friend and fellow Vancouverite Jordan Mayfield is a freelance director, editor & camera operator. His passion for action sports drove him to the world of cinematography. He loves travelling to exotic locations to capture the exciting and new.

His new business is the growing video production company (Flow Point Productions) where Jordan creates strong and powerful skate videos for various clients within the action sports industry.

He recently took a Hitcase Pro along with a few of his buddies for a skateboarding trip to Asia. See Jordan, Cameo Wilson, Matt Berger, Jordan Hoffart and Jeff Gonzales and their epic adventures in Asia shot with Hitcase on Instagram under #hitcaseinasia. We’re so looking forward to more Hitcase videos from Jordan.

Keep your eye out for more strong content coming from this guy. Stoked to have him onboard.

An iPhone 5, Hitcase and a pole is really all you need to make it happen.

Cameo Wilson, Jeff Gonzales, Jordan Hoffart and Matt Berger team up to show us how they #hitit in Hong Kong.

BIG thanks to the boys and Jordan Mayfiled for this Hitcase In Asia edit. Thanks for helping us spread the word!

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