Andrew Taylor Explores the Tasty Trails of The Dolemites

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Hitcase family member Andrew Taylor just posted episode 4 of Seasons of Shred where he and the Seasons of Shred crew rip down the trails of The Dolomites in Italy. A great variety of terrain from rocky to forest make for a challenging ride. Toss in some awe inspiring scenery and you see why this is a MTB dream spot.


Vidometer, How Fast, How Far, How Steep, How High Did You Go?


Hitcase with Vidometer app - turn your iPhone 4S into an action camera


noun, pronounced /vid-ah-m-i-ter


1) A free iPhone app that shows multiple instrument overlays for the action sports videographer, turning the iPhone into an action camera.

2) Combines the readings of a speedometer, odometer, accelerometer, inclinometer, altimeter and GPS data from your iPhone and overlays them over your own sports videos.

3) Show your speed, altitude, orientation, acceleration, and more right on your videos.

Works best in conjunction with Hitcase, the premium quality ruggedized waterproof case good to a depth of 30 feet.

Have you heard about our great new iPhone app that lets you record action camera data right over your videos?

That’s right, show your speed, altitude, angle of turn and acceleration on top of your videos just like a pro ESPN video, for free!

Why Vidometer?

Before we developed the Hitcase we were already shooting action videos. When the time came to create an outdoor worthy case for the iPhone we had a total video solution in mind. We wanted Hitcase to be something more than just a case. Hitcase with Vidometer is a hardware and software combo that works together to turn your iPhone into an action camera.

We created Vidometer with Hitcase Pro to help improve our snowboarding training times and see where we screwed up. Plus it was great to show the videos on a large screen at event after parties to compare runs and tease your friends.

vidometer iphone accelerometer app

How It Works

Using the great built in sensors of the iPhone, Vidometer uses the iPhone’s following sensors:

  • Axis accelerometer (get magnitude and direction of forces applied to the iphone)
  • Gyroscope (accurately detect orientation in space)
  • GPS chip (get speed and altitude)

The overlay is rendered over the video in post processing. Vidometer’s post processing time is the fastest among all of the apps in this category. To watch the video with overlay requires no post processing – only when you want to share or download the video from the app.

iphone 4s waterproof case


  • Free
  • Shows invaluable data to help you improve your time and performance
  • Review your run in HD for training and coaching or just to show off
  • Clean, uncluttered interface that is easy to use
  • No post processing necessary to playback videos
  • upload directly to Youtube
  • easily trim parts of your video clips

Future versions include skinnable interface with many new overlays and direct upload to Youtube (feature now available) right from the app. Come back here for future news and updates to Vidometer.


Ver. 1.3

New! Direct upload to Youtube and ability to trim videos.

– Listen to music while recording! Simply go to the app settings and set Audio = OFF. This will mean your recorded clips will have no audio, but now you can listen to your favourite tunes while recording.
– Audio for playback on Windows computers is improved. We are using a different audio codec now to fix some audio issues in recorded videos.
– High quality output mode for professional video producers. We have a new Video setting that will produce the highest quality video for you to transfer to your computer. Beware, the file sizes in this mode are huge!
– Improvements to the focus modes. The app will now lock focus once recording has started. Before starting recording, just tap the screen to set the focus, then hit record!

vidometer iphone app, iphone speedometer

In the meantime check out our featured Vidometer video post what others have shot with Hitcase and the Vidometer app. Send us your video links and subscribe to the Hitcase Youtube channel to see more.

Download the Vidometer App.