Truelux Lens Bundle


TrueLUX iPhone Lens Kits

Take your iPhone photography to the next level.

Turn your iPhone into a better camera with the redesigned TrueLUX® Lens Series from Hitcase. The TrueLUX Lens Kit includes: the Macro, Wide and SuperWide, allowing you to capture the perfect shot every time. Easily swap between our waterproof, compact iPhone lenses, offering best in class optics and edge to edge clarity.


The TrueLUX SuperWide, aka Ultra Wide Lens, offers 3 spherical lens elements, delivering crisp images and video with excellent detail throughout the entire field of view (FOV), and no vignetting. Fit everything into the frame: landscape, group or team photos, urban or city-scapes, adventure and sport photography and video.


The all new HITCASE TrueLUX® Wide Lens allows you to fit 2 times more photo into the frame, ideal for landscape, portrait travel or sport iPhone photography and video. With incredible clarity across the entire field of view, the new Wide Lens features 2 element optical grade glass, capturing crisp images with a wider 111° diagonal FOV in photo mode and 83.6° diagonal FOV in video mode.


The all new HITCASE TrueLUX® Macro Lens captures small worlds in great detail with 3 times the magnification and a up-close-and-personal working distance of 12-22mm, offering a wider, easier to use working distance than traditional Macro mobile lenses. The TrueLUX Macro Lens is the only 100% waterproof and shockproof macro lens for iPhone on the planet. Crafted with 2 element optical glass and weighing in at only 10 grams, this compact lens is truly best in class, allowing you to take stunning close-ups of small subjects both on land or underwater.

What's Included

  • 3x Truelux Lenses with lens cap
  • 1x Lens case
  • Microfiber pouch bags

Compatible with

  • Hitcase CRIO, Shield LINK, PRO

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