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Red Filter 3 Pack - for the Hitcase ProShot Dive

Enhance your ProShot Dive's underwater footage with our Red Filter 3 Pack!

Using a red filter will help put red colors back into your footage so your underwater images and videos appear more vivid and saturated.

Why use red filters?

The deeper you go underwater, the less natural light that is available. Everything will begin to appear with a green and blue tint as the warm colors (reds, yellows, and oranges) are filtered out in a process called absorption. After roughly 30ft/10m, the color red diminishes entirely, and below ~50ft/18m, we lose all warm colors, with only green, blue, and purple remaining.

Red Filter 3 Pack comes with three custom-sized, red-shaded filters (red, magenta, & pink) that fit perfectly in the ProShot Dive Case. The 3 shades of filters are built for the following diving scenarios:

  • Red for diving 25+ feet / 7.5+ meters in blue water.
  • Magenta for diving 25+ feet / 7.5+ meters in green water.
  • Pink for snorkeling.

What's Included

  • 3 custom sized, red-shaded filters for the ProShot Dive case:
    Red for diving 25+ft / 7.5+m in blue water. 
    Magenta for diving 25+ft / 7.5+m in green water. 
    Pink for snorkeling.
  • A protective velvet drawstring bag for each filter to store safely 
  • Reuseable packaging with detailed instructions for easy transit