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Lens Kit for Snap & Polycarbonate PRO


Compatible with

    • Hitcase PRO+ SE/5
    • PRO Polycarbonate for iPhone 6/6S
    • Snap
    • NOT compatible with new PRO, Shield LINK, or CRIO.

Two Interchangeable Lens

Switch your Hitcase Lens on the fly

Get Creative with a HITCASE TrueLUX® Lens Kit! Complements the Hitcase SNAP and Hitcase PRO Polycarbonate lines perfectly as it comes with the lenses you need to really have some fun. Macro videos anyone? Get super tight shots with the Macro lens and extra wide action shots with the Superwide. Be prepared for all shooting situations with our new Lens Kit. These 2 interchangeable lenses will expand your photo and video recording options.

The Hitcase Lens Kit is great accessory for travelers on vacation. Our compact and lightweight lenses easily twist on. Protect your iPhone on the beach, rain forest or on the slopes but still be able to record outdoor wide angle shots or a closeup of a hermit crab. The Lens Kit comes in a handy pouch and works with all your photo and video apps. These two versatile lenses will open up a world of recording capability for your iPhone.

Macro Lens

Magnify your View

With the Macro Lens increased magnification you can get in extremely close to capture detailed magnified photos of bugs, flowers or products. Get interesting shallow depth of field effect with this lens.

Macro iPhone Lens


  • 3x Magnification
  • Waterproof
  • Anti-reflective, Anti-Scratch Coatings
  • 2 Element: 1 Group Lens + 1 Flat Glass for Waterproofing
  • 15 - 25mm working distance

Superwide Angle Lens

EXPAND your view

160° Diagonal FOV in photo mode and 121° Diagonal FOV in video mode!

Hitcase TrueLUX® Superwide 3-element glass lens with anti reflective and hard coatings. Use the Superwide Angle Lens for filming without any vignetting in either photo or video mode, a first for any iPhone lens!

Superwide iPhone Lens


  • No vignetting (video or photo)
  • Waterproof
  • Anti-reflective, Anti-Scratch Coatings
  • 3 Element Lens
  • 160° Diagonal FOV in photo mode
  • 121° Diagonal FOV in video mode

LENS KEYCHAIN keep you enemies close and your lenses even closer. Safe and protected, always within reach.

  • Low-pro and lightweight
  • Opens bottles of good times

What's Included

  • Macro TrueLUX® Lens
  • Superwide TrueLUX® Lens
  • Lens Pouch
  • 2 Looped Lens Cap
  • 2 Pairs of Lens Cap
  • Lens Keychain
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