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Vidometer - GPS Video Data Telemetry and Map Recorder App for iPhone

Vidometer App for iPhone. Overlay Maps, Heart Rate, Speed, Altitude, G-Force, Compass, and more onto your videos in real time

Ultimate iPhone Action Camera App

Built by HITCASE! We build Waterproof, Shockproof, Mountable cases for your iPhone!
Vidometer lets you overlay maps, your heart rate, your speed, altitude, G-Force, and more on your videos so your friends know it really went down that way.
Transform your iPhone into the ultimate helmet/action cam. Vidometer is packed FULL OF FEATURES! ...and lots more on the way!
  • โœ” 3 Unique and Map Overlays
  • โœ” Street Maps
  • โœ” Aerial / Satellite Maps
  • โœ” Configurable Zoom Levels
  • โœ” GPS Tracks / Path Trace
  • โœ” Current Location / GEO Text
  • โœ” Add Your Heart rate to your videos
  • โœ” Apple Watch Compatible
  • โœ” Health App Compatible
  • โœ” 3 Unique Graphical Telemetry Overlays
  • โœ” 14 Color and Visualization Options
  • โœ” HD Video Recording
  • โœ” HD Video Playback
  • โœ” HD Video + Data Overlay Export
  • โœ” Street Maps
  • โœ” Aerial Maps
  • โœ” Satellite Maps
  • โœ” Distance Traveled
  • โœ” Heart Rate
  • โœ” Speed in MPH or KPH
  • โœ” Altitude in Feet or Meters
  • โœ” Horizon level / Tilt
  • โœ” G-Force
  • โœ” Acceleration
  • โœ” Shock
  • โœ” Compass Heading
  • โœ” Current Date and Time
  • โœ” Timer / GPS Lap Timer
  • โœ” GPS Tracks, Route
  • โœ” Current Location
  • โœ” Save Videos to Your Camera Roll
  • โœ” Instagram Share with Square Format
  • โœ” YouTube Share
  • โœ” Facebook Share
  • โœ” Trim Videos
  • โœ” iTunes File Sharing Enabled
  • โœ” Auto Focus and Manual Focus Mode
  • โœ” Built in Power Save Mode
  • โœ” High Quality Video Export
  • โœ” Mount it in your car as a Dashcam
iphone gps track app

vidometer speed overlay

Vidometer uses the iPhone's built in sensors such as the accelerometer, GPS, gyroscope, and compass to build a custom and accurate graphical data telemetry overlay.

Vidometer is built by the same team that brought you Hitcase - the waterproof, shockproof, and mountable ruggedized iPhone case. The Hitcase mounting system is compatible with GoProยฎ, which makes it even easier to mount your iPhone like a helmet camera / action camera.

Don't forget to take Vidometer along for the ride - use it when you are out Mountain Biking, Skiing, Snowboarding, Skateboarding, Hiking, Sky Diving, Racing, Karting, Running, Dirt Biking, Flying, Skating, Rollerblading, Geocaching, Video Mapping, Navigating, Jumping up and down, or whatever! Vidometer functions great as a HUD, GPS Recorder, Dash Cam, Geocoder, Reverse Geocoder, action sports recorder, and more!


4.8 Average Rating on USA Apple App Store 203 ratings
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Thanks for all your support!
Vidometer continues to improve thanks to the help of all of you who have contacted us and shared your experiences, suggestions, and positive feedback!


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Mount Your iPhone with Hitcase

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For the best quality videos with Vidometer, use Hitcase to mount your iPhone

Mount your iPhone anywhere! Hitcase comes with a compatible with GoProยฎ mount and our StickR mount. The auto-locking and one-button trigger release makes this one of the easiest mounts youโ€™ll ever used.
Get Hitcase Here

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Vidometer is brought to you by Hitcase. We are always working on new data visualizations and improvements. We would love to hear what you think.

Send us your feedback using the contact link at the bottom of the page!

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