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Hitcase User Manual


We made your Hitcase to be a simple and easy way to waterproof your phone. Please follow all instructions included with your Hitcase in the packaging as well as other information at www.hitcase.com/go. We have tested Hitcase down to in some cases more than 33ft (10m) but we only recommend depths no greater than 33ft (10m) for regular use. That being said you need to make sure your case is clean, the seal is clean and the mating surface on the shockpad side is clean when you are closing the case. Always make sure your audio port plug is clean and in place before submerging your Hitcase. Test your Hitcase without your iPhone periodically by putting it in a full kitchen sink and holding it down for a period of about 30 mins (weigh it down with an object) to ensure it is still performing. We can’t accept any responsibility in any situation for the damage of your iPhone when using a Hitcase.

Water Test Before Use

We test every Hitcase at our factory but to be safe always perform the Hitcase “water test” before submerging the unit and after any crash.

  1. Fill a container one 8-12 inches deep with water (sink, bucket etc.).
  2. Put your Hitcase at the bottom for 30 mins (weigh it down with an object).
  3. Thoroughly dry off exterior before opening case.
  4. Check for water on the interior of the case (condensation/fogging is not a leak).
  5. 5. If you have water droplets on the inside of the seal surface, please contact customer support at 1-800-564-9401 or contact@hitcase.com

For any use greater than casual submersion (swimming etc) of 1 meter be sure to test your Hitcase at whatever depth you intend to take it to first before using with your iPhone. We use our Hitcase iPhone cases in all kinds of submersion situations, and we trust them, but we also test them and are aware of the risk it poses to our phones. You should be too.

Waterproof Rating

Hitcase conforms to the military immersion rating of MIL-STD 810F sub 512.5. Hitcase is waterproof to a depth of 10m (33ft.). Hitcase is not intended for diving or deep water immersion, its intended to let you have fun ie surf, kayak, swim etc and not worry. Hitcase with your iPhone inside will NOT float.