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Shield LINK Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What is Hitcase Shield LINK?

The Hitcase SHIELD is the world’s thinnest waterproof iPhone case. Offering complete and total waterproof and drop-proof protection for your iPhone, now with the added bonus of the most simplified magnetic mounting system on the planet. Snap on a magnetic lens for the perfect shot, or quickly attach a magnetic Link™ System mount for added versatility

How waterproof is the Hitcase Shield LINK?

Hitcase Shield LINK is rated IP68, as defined in International Standard IEC 60529. The Hitcase Shield LINK offers complete dust protection and is suitable for continuous immersion in water at a depth of up to 3 meters (9.8 ft) for up to 30 minutes.

What is the Link plate for?

The link plate makes your case compatible with our magnetic mounting system. You can stick it inside you case, on the back panel.

What is the difference between Shield Link and Pro case?

The Shield Link is the thinnest waterproof case on the planet, compatible with our magnetic lenses and mounts, known as the LINK™ system. The Pro is our toughest, heavy duty case, perfect for active people who like taking their phones with them while skiing, surfing, diving, mountaineering etc. The Pro is compatible with all our lenses and mounts, however the lenses are threaded and the mounts having a 'locking' railslide system. Check out the Hitcase comparison table to find out which Hitcase are you.

Can I access Touch ID to unlock my phone?

The Hitcase Shield LINK has complete Touch ID capability!

Is Hitcase Shield LINK wireless charging compatible?

Yes, all you have to do is remove the LINK Plate on the inside of the case.

What height can the Hitcase Shield LINK be safely dropped from?

The slick Hitcase can withstand falls from as high as 2 meters. Keep in mind that landing screen-down on a rock or sharp object may still cause some damage to your screen but the real heart of your iPhone will be safe.

Can I charge my phone while using the Shield LINK?

Yes, you have access to all ports while your iPhone is safely protected inside the Hitcase Shield LINK.

Can I use a screen protector as well as the Hitcase Shield LINK?

We do not recommend it. You may run into various issues with sealing, screen sensitivity and air bubbles.

Can I use my Hitcase lenses, mounts and accessories with the Shield LINK?

The completely redesigned New Hitcase Shield LINK has a brand new set of amazing lenses available and is not compatible with the previous line of lenses (Snap or Polycarbonate PRO). It is also compatible with our LINK system magnetic mounts.

Which iPhones are the Hitcase Shield LINK compatible with?

Our engineers work tirelessly to keep you fully protected every step of the way, the Hitcase eco-system currently includes the following:

  • iPhone 7/8/X
  • iPhone 7/8 Plus 

How do I get rid of air bubbles or improve screen sensitivity while using my Hitcase Shield LINK?

The Hitcase Shield LINK Shockseal is designed to hug your screen to provide intense protection and superior touch sensitivity. If you are experiencing air bubbles or space between the seal and the screen, follow these easy instructions:

  • Fully install the Shockseal screen protection, ensure all sides are completely sealed.
  • Open the audio and charging ports at the bottom.
  • With the tips of your thumbs meeting at the top of the screen, simply slide thumbs down the screen, expelling any trapped air out of the port openings at the bottom.
  • Close both ports and go have fun!

Can I use non-Apple chargers with my Hitcase Shield LINK?

The Hitcase SHIELD will only support Apple chargers.

Can I buy replacement seals for my Hitcase Shield LINK?

Yes, please check our replacement parts selection on the top menu.

What is the difference between Hitcase Shield and Shield LINK?

Hitcase Shield LINK allows you to mount the case using our magnetic LINK mounts and also our magnetic TrueLUX Lenses while the Hitcase SHIELD does not support those features.