You can’t call it on a rollReed Hansen is on a landslide. He was recently named World Wakeskate Champion for the 8th time and he just took home the wake-world’s most sought after Trick of the Year award judged by the heads at Wakeboarding Magazine. So what could possibly be left to do for the man who walks on water? Where does he go from here? Well, he’s on his way to shoot deer, obviously.

Frontside Boardslide in the backyard playground

Frontside Boardslide in the backyard playground

Tell us about the winning Trick of the year with the world’s first Frontside 360 Heelflip how did this NBD come to be?

I had been dreaming about it for a long time, pretty much since I did the first Frontside Heelflip. It’s kinda funny actually I’ve won Trick of the Year two times now, the first time was in 2007, when wakeskating was just a baby, I did the first Frontside Heelflip. And now almost 10 years later with the 360 Heelflip which is kinda funny. A bunch of my family came to the awards, we celebrated with a bunch of them afterwards, it was pretty cool to have everyone there.

Is this the most money you’ve banked doing just one trick?

Again, funny story (laughs) Tiga Boats hosted a online best trick contest and I won that with the same trick. I found out I won that like 2 weeks before that and made $5000 there.


Check the footage, Frontside 360 Heelflip 


Stacking cash with the Trick of the Year at the Wakeboarding Magazine awards.

What’s next up on the trick list, you working on some new things?

That’s how I push my riding is through doing new stuff. I’ve been trying some boat tricks, some wake to wake stuff that’s never been done before, like a wake-to-wake 720 I’ve come really close on it.

Lets hear a little bit about the World Champs in Portugal. This is your 8th World Championship win is a row?

Just if you’re counting the ones I’ve been in, I was injured one year. I couldn’t compete.

No way. That’s insane. So how was Portugal?

Portugal was awesome, it had been 9 years since I’ve been out of the country. It’s a beautiful site, beautiful place over there and the locals are pretty cool. A lot of them are wakeskaters so it’s cool everyone is super stoked, a lot of new faces which was cool.

Reed in Portugal on his way to winning his 8th World Title

Reed in Portugal on his way to winning his 8th World Title

What’s left for Reed Hansen the 8 time world champ who just took home trick of the year?

Well you know, Kelly Slater has 11 World Titles so I’ve gotta get to 12 (laughs)

So that was the last contest on the schedule for the winter, what’s the plan for the winter.

Pretty much just sit in a tree-stand and wait for deer to pass by my way.

Naw really, you’re a hunter?!

Yeah, I was actually just outside practising with my bow. My dad brought me hunting when I was 4 years old and I’ve been doing it ever since. My in-lawsws have a farm up in West Virginia post up there for a while. It’s super relaxing. Going in the woods, it’s really fun, you feel like a little kid again. And then being able to bring home totally organic non processed meat you know exactly where it’s coming from, it doesn’t get any better than that.

How are people going to get the most out of their HITCASE?

Don’t go too far without getting the mouth mount. The perspective is really cool, I’m using that one about 90% of the time.


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Brand ambassador, professional freeskier, producer and star… Sean Pettit wears many masks. He poured new life into a stagnate pool of ski films in 2013 when he started Super Proof Inc. and released, The Recruitment, a high-end blend of cinema and modern skiing. He continues to simultaneously push the boundaries of filmmaking and whats possible on skis in his sophomore directorial release, The Masquerade. This film is the first legit action-sports production to feature footage captured with iPhone and HITCASE. We caught up with The Masquerade-Mastermind to talk challenges, triumphs, scaring yourself shitless while keeping the industry on it’s toes. // The Masquerade is Available on iTunes October 5th, 2015 


Cast and crew incognito at The Masquerade world premier

In your first film, The Recruitment, we saw a Hollywood style script fused with traditional ski action. What’s the story with, The Masquerade? 

It’s a full conceptual two sided story. Fictional, but the skiing is completely real. The total opposite of a Hollywood film where the action is staged, here the action is real and the storyline is staged. We’re trying to add value to the action-sport movie. The ski world is going to watch the action and be stoked on it, but we wanted to do something more and have it be more entertaining then just: trick, after trick, after trick. You know, if you were to watch a Hollywood film that was just action scenes, explosions and gun shots with no story. That’s what ski films have been, just that. And when (ski films) do tell a real story is just; “we went here, we got snow… or we didn’t get snow.” that same formula that’s been happening for so long. If you were to watch a Hollywood film that was about “making a Hollywood film” and Warner Brothers produced and released this film for 20 years in a row, you’d be like, “This is f#@king stupid.” That’s what it’s like in the ski industry.

So how are you keeping this blend of fiction and reality fresh?

I don’t want to keep doing the same thing twice either. It’s a different story with a different style. Different soundtrack.

Coming off the success of your last project did you find yourself facing more challenges with this film or just feeding off last years experience?

There are always more challenges. Budget is always a challenges. There’re filmers and editors that need to get paid, finding money to do that is a challenge, HITCASE has been a huge help. And putting myself in the producer roll has it’s challenges because I want to focus on my skiing as much as I can. That can be hard at times.

You spent almost all of last season sidelined with injury, how’d this past winter pan out?

That injury. It was a bit of blessing in disguise, cause I was able to get Super Proof films off the ground. I actually ended up hurting the same ankle at the beginning of the last season and was super not stoked going into this past winter. Once I was able to get past that, and make it happen, I had a really rad season. Absolutely happy with how my footage and season turned out.

Now, that line in the film you rode capturing it with the HITCASE Pro. That looked outta hand.

It was definitely the scariest thing I have ever done. It was literally the scariest thing. Everything about it was scary, just getting into it. I was struggling with the fear for sure.

And afterwards?

I was riding that adrenaline for a bit. It took me a while to chill the f#@k out.

If there’s one reason to take time to watch this film, what is it.

It’s an art piece mixed with a ski film – everyone should watch it just to see something different. See something that’s actually cool. Something fun and new and hopefully entertaining. Its got good style and I just want people to see it and have an opinion on it. Some people won’t like it, get it, some people will love it. As long as people have an opinion on it.


What’s the future of Super Proof Inc. look like? Continue to push creativity and keep the ski industry on it’s toes?

Absolutely. I just think we’re going to switch it up a little bit. I don’t know if we’re going to do a film next year. We’ve done two years of full-length films with a full cast. I want to stay up with what’s now. Videos are being made a lot shorter and I want to switch gears and keep it fresh at all times. I want to change the trends and styles. I have some different ideas on how to do that.

You always gotta keep ‘em guessing.

I think so.


Global tour is hitting Toronto, Montreal, France and all though out North America next month. Click HERE for more details.

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