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If you've ever wished for more from your iPhone's camera, Hitcase has you covered. The Hitcase Crio is a slim and light case that does more than just protect -- embedded magnets extend the functionality of your device by seamlessly and easily attaching any of our creative lenses and secure mounts to help you get the perfect shot, no matter where you are. 

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Perfect for creatives on the go or light protection around the office or at home, the Hitcase Crio is an iPhone camera case that is miles better than your run-of-the-mill plastic case. With no jagged edges or rough seams to mar your device or scratch your fingers during installation or use, the Crio is made from impact-resistant TPU. Also, it features a soft microfiber liner that securely holds your device in place, regardless of how you use it. 

It all adds up to six feet of drop protection, which covers you up to head-height mishaps, in a case that weighs just 34 grams and is so low-profile that you'll barely even notice it. And because it works with all our lenses and mounts (except the FloatR), you can do so much more with the Crio than a naked iPhone. And unlike other aftermarket lenses and mounting options, Hitcase products are easy to use and durable, so you don't have to coddle your device or our accessories when you're getting down and creative. 

Hitcase Crio for iPhone 7/8/Plus/X/XS 

Compatible with iPhone 7 and 8, 7 and 8 Plus, and iPhone X and XS, the Hitcase Crio is the best way to expand the functionality of your phone without breaking the bank. For the price of just a few coffees, you get the peace of mind of a protective Hitcase that works more like a fully featured DSLR, with a seemingly unlimited array of mounting options to boot. Forget the backpack full of hardware, the Crio gives you everything you need to take your iPhone photography to the next level without overcomplicating your day with confusing straps, connectors and adaptors -- just line up the magnets and you're ready to go. 


CRIO: An iPhone camera case that does more. 



Capture effortlessly with Hitcase Crio, an impressively lightweight and low-profile iPhone camera case that enhances iPhone’s 4k camera capabilities. Integrating the Hitcase Link System of magnetic mounts and lenses, you can seamlessly attach or remove accessories on the go. 


Crio Reviews 

"You and your iPhone multitask; let your case multitask, too." 

"I can highly recommend the Crio and have counted on Hitcase, almost from their inception, to keep my iPhones safe, especially on vacations, as well as allowing me to capture some spectacular angles without having to lug my 90 lb DSLR around everywhere!" 


An iPhone camera case for everyday use. 

When you're not scaling mountains, jumping out of planes or otherwise living life vigorously , a case that can withstand extreme impacts may be overkill, especially if you just want a simple iPhone camera case that expands your creative options. And even if you like to be adventurous with your activities, a secondary, slimmer case may be just what you want for home, at the office or around town -- something you can live with every day. 

But just because the Crio is slim and unassuming doesn't mean it does less than our more robust cases. Sure, you probably won't be able to throw it off your second-floor balcony onto asphalt, but head-height drops, and those normal, day-to-day bumps and scuffs are no problem for the Crio. Furthermore, access to our magnetic lenses and mounts means you can unleash your creativity in new and inspiring ways. 


Lightweight with form-fitting design protects against drops and daily wear. 


Seamlessly attach and swap between 3 x TrueLUX magnetic lenses for the perfect shot or quickly attach to any 6 x magnetic Link System mounts for added versatility. 

Link System 

100% safe - does not affect credit card readability. 

The secret of the Hitcase Crio is that it works seamlessly with our magnetic mounts and lenses due to the lightweight metal plates hidden inside.  

One around the iPhone's rear camera makes the Crio a bona fide iPhone camera case. Attach the TrueLUX Wide, SuperWide or Macro lens, all of which alter the focusing distance and field of view of images captured. And because they attach with magnets, swapping out a lens takes just seconds, not minutes like with a complicated DSLR. 

The other hidden plate sits across the back of the case, giving you a multitude of secure and stable ways to go hands-free, all with the ease of use of magnets. Attach the case to a standard tripod with the TiltR Tripod Mount or stick the case on a wall with our Car/Wall Mount for some interesting vantage points. 


Attach to any flat surface or car vent. No adhesive residue. Easily removable and washable. 


Compatible with HITCASE mounts. Simple to attach, remove, and swap. 

*not compatible with FloatR 


Simple to attach, remove, and change-up your lenses on the go. 


Unleash and inspire creation with Hitcase TrueLUX magnetic and waterproof lenses. Seamlessly attach, remove and swap between Macro, Wide and SuperWide with the power and strength of magnetism with the Crio iPhone camera case. 

Ideal for landscape, travel and sports iPhone photography, the Hitcase TrueLUX Wide lets you fit twice as much stuff into your images and videos. It's also great for increasing the distance between you and your subject without physically moving, something that comes in handy if you're shooting in small rooms or other confined spaces. And, like all our lenses, it's got multiple-element, optical grade glass that captures crisp images you must see to believe. 

For that classic "fisheye" look, the Hitcase TrueLUX SuperWide is an ultrawide iPhone lens that elevates even everyday shots to something unique and interesting. With 148 degrees of horizontal field of view in photo mode (compared to 120 for the Wide and 104 natively), the SuperWide pulls everything in with rounded and compact angling that works great for everything from skateboarding to music videos. 

But if you've ever wanted to capture the intimate details of tiny worlds, we made the Hitcase TrueLUX Macro just for you. With three times the magnification of your iPhone's camera and a breath-holding focusing distance of just 12-22mm, the Macro brings you up close and personal with details you didn't even know existed. And because of its narrow focusing distance, it's great at generating natural bokeh, or blur, so you can easily separate the subject from the background, even in video. 

Or get all three of our lenses for your iPhone camera case with the convenient iPhone lens kit. Not only do you get all of our creative lens options at a great price, but you also get a convenient lens case that's functional and protective, as well as individual microfiber pouch bags if you ever need to split them up. 

The best part is that all our lenses are waterproof, dustproof and drop-proof, so you don't have to baby them like you would traditional camera lenses. They're also ridiculously lightweight (just 10-22 grams each), making them easily pocketable and swappable, even in the middle of an action. Their anti-reflective and anti-scratch coatings are the icing on the cake because a little bit of sun or slight contact with a hard surface shouldn't have the power to ruin your shoot. 


Connect effortlessly with the Hitcase Link mounting system, compatible with Shield Link and Crio. Securely attach to any six magnetic Link System mounts and unleash the versatility and functionality of the iPhone. 

For creative applications, nothing beats a standard tripod mount. Use any tripod -- including bendy Gorillapods or other non-standard options like monopods or even stabilized rigs -- with the Hitcase TiltR Tripod Mount. In addition to all the angles and functions of your favourite tripod, the TiltR also tilts 180 degrees, so it's super easy to get the exact angle you need, even if you're attached to something rigid like a fence or post. 

For those moving shots, our other mounts allow you to securely attach your iPhone camera case to a handlebar, car exterior or dashboard, so you can get the exact angle and motion you need without the challenges of handheld operation. At the end of the day, our flat-surface mount also doubles as a nice desk stand when you're done shooting and it's time to transfer everything to the laptop for editing. 

To see all of our mounting options, including other creative ways to mount your phone, jump on over to the Hitcase accessories page. 

iPhone Photography Case

The high-function, low-profile case on the go. Seamlessly attach and swap between 3 x TrueLUX magnetic lenses for the perfect shot or quickly attach to any 6 x magnetic Link System mounts for added versatility.