iPhone Life Names the HITCASE SHIELD for iPhone 7 As One Of The Top Waterproof Cases

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shield worlds thinnest

Hate bulky waterproof rugged cases? Hitcase has the thinnest iPhone case built to withstand the elements and your adventures. It’s waterproof and drop-proof up to six feet with a pure aluminum body. It’s particularly unique in the way the top of the case easily peels on and off. No need to carry around that weird key to unlock your waterproof case. The Hitcase Shockseal protects the screen while allowing you to use Touch ID and comes off easily when it’s time to switch cases. I’ve used quite a few Hitcase products in the past, and I expect this case will have the same high level of protection and quality.

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Waterproof Cases for iPhone 7 on the Way!

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With Apples official launch of the iPhone 7, we are excited to announce that production has already begun on the HITCASE PRO and HITCASE SHIELD for the iPhone 7.

The HITCASE SHIELD is the world’s thinnest IP68 rated waterproof iPhone case. It will be available this fall for iPhone 7. Apple’s announced iPhone 7 has built in water-resistance for accidental water exposure or splashes, which is fantastic news for iPhone users and even better news for HITCASE users seeking adventure with their fully waterproof HITCASES. Sleek, durable, lightweight and beautifully crafted, everything you want in a phone case with protection you can trust in water and on land. The HITCASE SHIELD for iPhone 7 will launch this November.

The HITCASE PRO for iPhone 7 will be available for pre-order later this year. The PRO case takes HITCASE customers even further and adventuring farther with it’s versatile Railside mounting system for hands free live video streaming and video capture. It allows interchangeable TrueLUX (fisheye, wide, macro) lens options giving customers a suite of creative tools to capture and share their adventures directly from their iPhone, no cameras needed.

3 Tips To More Exciting Skateboard Videos Using A TrueLux™ Wide Angle Lens

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3 tips to making better skateboarding videos with wide angle lens

“The Hitcase is good because there’s no transferring. When you film a trick, you can upload it right away,” said team rider Ryan Decenzo.

Taking professional video on an iPhone has its many advantages, especially when filming documentary-style or in the moment skate videos. Because it’s readily available, you are always in place for the action and to top it off you can easily edit the videos on the go or at the shoot.

Once you’re ready and want to use your Hitcase TrueLUX™ Wide Angle Lens to film like a professional, try following these three simple tips.

1. Steady your shot.
Let the skater enter on one side of the frame and exit on the other. This keeps the camera from moving too much and allows the viewer to focus more on the trick. It also creates visual cues indicating the beginning and end of the shot. It takes some practice, but this simple skill will add a dynamic element to each clip.

2. Get closer to the action.
The best part of having a Hitcase with a TrueLUX™ Wide Angle Lens is that it combines protection for your phone with a professional quality wide angle lens. To take full advantage of these benefits, get close to the action. The closer you get to the trick, the more the viewer feels like they are right there. There’s no danger of harming your phone, thanks to the solid case.

3. Film from a low vantage point.
When you film a trick from above, it feels further from the camera than it really is. It might look like a mini board doing tricks on the end of a very long-legged skater. Instead, shoot from a low vantage point and get close up to get the best angle.

A final reminder that can be applied to all of these tips is to keep the skater and board in the frame. If you really want to get technical, enable the grid and use the rule of thirds as a guideline to where you position the main element of the scene.

“It’s the best wide angle lens to use with snapchat for skate clips,” Said team rider Ryan Decenzo.

Being a good skateboard filmmaker takes a lot of practice, but with time you can master the art, become a pro and who knows maybe even be an award winning filmmaker like Ty Evans.

Article contributed by skateboard enthusiast and photographer James Houser.

Discovery Channel #SharkWeek 2016

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Discovery Channel Shark Week returns June 26. Shark Week is an annual event that brings you shark-based programming for a whole week.

This year, HITCASE is excited to be part of the week long programming event. HITCASE PRO is a waterproof, mountable, go-anywhere case that will be swimming with the sharks this year!

Stay tuned for more information.


Waterproof iPhone Case.

Take your iPhone anywhere and everywhere. Take photos, videos and even listen to music while underwater. Bring your phone swimming, diving, surfing, running, bike riding, sailing… click here to find the best waterproof case for your iPhone 5 or iPhone 6.

HITCASE is the world’s best waterproof iPhone case for, and it’s Ready for Adventure. HITCASE is great for diving, surfing, snowboarding and any other water related sport.  Hitcase PRO is rated IP68, as defined in International Standard IEC 60529, and is the most rigorous classification. This rating means that HITCASE PRO offers complete dust protection and is waterproof up to 10 meters (33 feet) for up to 30 minutes..

Buy waterproof iPhone case on Hitcase.com.

Introducing The Mini SuckR

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How often have you wanted to quickly mount your Hitcase on your car or gear but didn’t want to permanently glue on a mount? We’ve got your solution right here.

The Hitcase Mini SuckR is a tiny suction mount that is both strong and quick mounting. You can suction mount it to your car, boat, window or any flat surface in seconds. A quick snap latch and a unique suction material secures the SuckR to any clean smooth surface.

Hitcase Featured in the Hypebeast 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

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Better late than never, right? Men’s fashion and lifestyle magazine HYPEBEAST featured Hitcase in their 2014 Holiday Gift Guide! You can check it out here, scroll over to slide 24 to check it out.

Why Hitcase?

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It’s almost embarrassing when our customers can explain the benefits of the Hitcase better than we can :-)

This video interview with Paul McDermott from one of our distributors Hitfar, explains how he replaced his Gopro with the Hitcase Pro. He goes over the ease of use and wider angle options you get with the Hitcase mounts and demonstrates how he uses the ChestR.

A nice bonus at the end is Paul’s cool footage using the iPhone 5S and Hitcase.

Hitcase Hits Backcountry At Retallack With Orage

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Hitcase is teaming up with Orage, a leader in mountains sportswear by hosting their Chinese Downhill for the whole event from March 25th to March 28th. 2 Teams, 20 Events, 89 Flamingo Points & 10 Grand up for grabs! We need your help choosing a winner. Just watch the two videos below then vote for your favorite team!

The Orage Masters event is a team vs team ski battle of fun, bragging rights and ski trickery that leaves athletes and spectators speechless and begging for more. This year, skiing’s one and only “anti-comp” is headed to the backcountry of Retallack lodge, BC with 10 of the most diverse skiers in the world, each set to show the world what a good time looks like… and maybe win $10,000 dollars cold hard cash along the way compliments of Orage and sponsors.

This year’s Masters is backcountry at Retallack Lodge . No fans will be able to attend any part of this Masters.. so the Orage Masters is taking Rumble at Retallack online!

Hitcase will be hosting the Chinese Downhill all three days starting on Wednesday. It’s basically a free for all race with Pro’s trying to make it down to the finish line (Hitcase tent) in one piece and of course.. first.

All the athletes will be able to rock their own Hitcase. We gave everyone on each team an action case so there should be some pretty insane videos that comes out of this contest.


Watch both videos below and then vote for your favorite! Do you like Pirates or Superheros?!?



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