The mobile video revolution is upon us.

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That the photo landscape has changed dramatically in the last decade isnt news to anyone, but in my opinion it was the intro of early DSLRS like the Canon 10D really got people excited about high quality digital photography.

Back in 2004 I was working out of a house in Kabul, Afghanistan on satellite communications projects (Thats a few blog posts on its own), and I was really struggling to share my experience there with my family and friends, and decided that a 10D was for me. I had some photojournalist friends from a few newspapers help me figure out what to buy and then I would go and shoot stories with them to learn the ropes. I would go and shoot a few hundred photos, and then when I got back to the compound a few hours later I might download them to my laptop to see what I had gotten, but more often then not Id would leave them on the card for at least a few days worth of shooting, and then download and edit all at once. Usually it would be a few days or a week and sometimes longer before I would get a chance to do any post work on my photos. Sometimes photos would sit for weeks on a hard drive and never be seen again. Sound familiar? Now we just snap, edit and upload. What used to take me days and weeks, now takes seconds.

The point to all this is that video is following a similar timeline. Ive got Terabytes of video from my all GoPro Cameras all over the place on hardrives everywhere. Its great stuff (well, some of it :) and GoPros and other mountable “hardware” cameras, will be the go to cameras for pros and hardcore amateurs that want to make sweet vids, but increasingly software is eating the video world too. Apps like Vine have exploded (Vine has more shares than instagram on twitter after only a few months), and there are some stellar video editing apps on iOS these days that make editing a cool 30 second video a one click affair.

Yes. ONE CLICK. Cool music, Cool editing effects, and smart looking edits. Some apps to try are Qwiki, and Frameblast. They go through your camera roll, and because they know where you were, the time of day and all the other metadata associated with your photos and videos they can make a wicked edit for you with one touch and your choice of music from your iTunes library. Its actually been fun to go take a bunch of video and photos and Qwiki a video at the end of the day just to re experience the days adventures.

Here at Hitcase we are big fans of Instagram, (looks like they are launching a video feature as well!) I use it on my own account @Loteq and we post through our @Hitcase account as well. I seem to be a big fan of the Mayfair filter, its just the right blend of color saturation and vignetting.

Here at Hitcase, we’re in our happy place, because we know we’ll get to be a big part of how people share their experiences, which is why we do what we do.

Below find a few choice cuts of some photos I took with my trusty 10D in Afghanistan.



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ShockSeal, The Heart Of The Toughest iPhone Case

Making Of The Hitcase.

iphone camera case

The ShockSeal is the heart and soul of the Hitcase. We spent more time developing and testing our watertight shockproof seal than other companies spend developing their whole case.

Our CAD expert Keddie along with Brooks our founder spent countless months making minor adjustments and ordering dozens of silicone prototypes to fine tune the Hitcase’ seal to make it perfect. We even paid for several hundred hours of computer simulation using the same computers NASA uses for our underwater performance simulations.

iphone case for video

Details of the ShockSeal As It Sits Inside the Hitcase

What Sets The ShockSeal Apart From Other iPhone Case Seals?
Other cases have only a single seal, typically an o-ring to prevent water from seaping into the case, this single point of contact makes it more vulnerable to failure. Our patented ShockSeal has a dual seal design built into a single unit. This provides and extra level of security when you are in rough water environments. Take the Hitcase kayaking, surfing or snorkling. You can be assured your iPhone is not going to get soaked because it is designed for hard waves and use in deep waters. In fact the Hitcase can go down to a depth of 33 feet. That is 3 to 10 times deeper than any other iPhone case!

iphone case for action video

Detail Of the Double Seal Design

The Best Ideas are simple ones, Both Water Seal and Shock Absorber In One Unit

The ShockSeal, being both a water barrier and shock absorber in one has several benefits. The single piece design wraps around the phone providing protection without gaps. The single unit makes a more reliable seal and combining the two elements saves space. Creating the ShockSeal as a single piece also makes replacing it simple and quick for easy cleaning or in the unlikely scenario where you will need to swap it out. That modular replaceablility is part of the Hitcase design philosophy. Our goal is to make almost every part inexpensive and easy to replace.

Two Tough Materials Fused Into One

One of the biggest design problems we faced was sealing the tough clear polycarbonate material covering the iPhone touchscreen to the pliant silicone material in the rest of the ShockSeal. Both these materials melt at different temperatures and required us to do some trick engineering in order to see it realized.   We eventually came upon our proprietary and patented solution that perfectly melded the as thin as a human hair sheet polycarbonate to  our shockseal material, silicone. What you end up with is a perfectly fused combination of touchscreen protection and malleable waterproof shock absorption.

A Premium Quality iPhone Case

The ShockSeal is only one component out of many where we sweated out the fine details to an obsessive degree. The Hitcase cover, the lens of the Hitcase Pro, the brushed metal button covers and hinges, the finely engineered ShockPad, all these components have the same attention to detail and quality you won’t find in any other iPhone case. We will cover them in future posts but you can be assured when you buy the Hitcase you are buying the absolute best ruggedized iPhone case with the best customer service available.

A Glimpse Into The Making Of Hitcase

Making Of The Hitcase, News.

The story of the Hitcase is a long and interesting one. We will delve deeper into that at another time but for the moment here is an inside glimpse into the development process of the most rugged and waterproof case available for the iPhone.

We went through multiple iterations of the final Hitcase design, sweating out almost impercetible details like the exact friction and smoothness of the plastic texture to provide excellent grip while maintaining an attractive appearance. In the immortal words of  Steve Jobs, the iPhone is an “insanely great” product, and we also aspired to create something that is insanely great as well.   In order to to do that we paid fanatical attention to the tiniest of details, which we hope you will notice when you receive you Hitcase.

We have also created a free app called Vidometer that compliments the Hitcase perfectly. Safely take your phone to the harshest environments in the world then amaze everyone with your action videos using the Vidometer video app.

Below are some images from the development over the last year of Hitcase.  Lots of iterations, lots of test parts, and lots of broken Hitcases so we could get to the final version we’ve made for you.

You can take advantage of our hard work by ordering the Hitcase or the Hitcase Pro now, we’re shipping anywhere you are in the world.


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