iPhone Lenses.

The HITCASE SNAP and PRO are equipped with the TrueLUX® Wide angle lens. Get creative, switch it out with the Superwide or Macro Lens to capture your adventures through new eyes.

Clicking and sharing photos is simple, fast, and fun with the iPhone. However, no matter how good iPhone’s built-in camera is, it doesn’t come close to capturing images like a high-end professional camera would. Thankfully, there are some brilliant camera and photo-editing apps that will help you extend the functionality of your iPhone.

How would you like to capture high-resolution pictures or zoom in on a distant object to grab a great photo? Would you like to make the iPhone camera as good as your DSLR? Tough luck. There’s no apps for that.

However, you do have an option: HITCASE has world’s best iPhone lenses to turn your iPhone into a powerful, all-purpose camera. HITCASE makes glass lenses of the highest quality for iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 plus models.



TrueLUX® Macro Lens