Shred-It: Dean Bercovitch Rides The Whistler Train Wreck

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The Whistler Train Wreck is a hype urban legend around these parts, causing a cluster f%@! of confusion for locals over the question: how did a train end up in the middle of the woods? The wreck, which fell off the rails in the 1950’s, rests far enough away from the track and perfectly scattered between old growth trees, that this rusty gnarled heap of metal must have been relocated somehow. But by whom?

Filmmakers Ryan and Kris Harris from Beacon Media Group have always wanted to utilize the legendary location for a shoot, and considering that no one (at least to any of our knowledge) has ever skied the wreck they wanted to be the first to record it. When they called us over at HITCASE about the concept, it was a no brainer. Filmed entirely with an iPhone and the HITCASE PRO with the Wide Angle TrueLux Lens, this video is far from your average ski edit.

“We hiked to the train wreck a couple summers ago and saw the bike ramps setup,” comments Ryan Harris. “It was hard to imagine but we thought how cool it would be to shoot a little ski video in there. Limited speed, sketchy ramps, loose nails and tight trees it was not an easy one to find a skier for. Dean Bercovitch was keen to give it a go with us, so the madness began… ”

Unknown mountain bikers built the ramps around the wreck, however there isn’t enough vertical for a skier or rider to session the boxcars. The Beacon Boys McGivered a winch out of an old snow-blower, strapped it to a platform, slapped skis on it and pushed it the 4km to the film location in -15C weather. Boom. That’s some Einstein stuff right there folks.

The wreck was a war-zone to ski, with Bercovitch having to dodge rusty-ass metal, nails and trees. “Dean wanted to go even bigger on everything but tiny run-ups didn’t allow for enough speed,” comments Ryan. “The craziest trick was definitely the 360 through the 2 trees. His skis only fit straight so if he spun to slow or fast he was going down hard.” To fit between the trees Dean spun a 270 before threading the needle, with each trick having to be intensely calculated so he didn’t eat it into the train.

So why is there a train in the middle of the woods anyway? Aside from many suspect of X-files ghostery happening in the backwoods, it wasn’t until Rick Valleau came forward in 2013. His father had actually moved the wreck back in 1956 when Pacific Great Eastern Railway contacted him asking for his help, since he was the only person in the area capable of cleaning up the mess. Jimmy rigging his logging equipment, Valleau relocated the boxcars, allowing the track to go through a rebuild.

With the history of the wreck finally debunked, there’s something to be said about the vision of the Beacon Brothers coming to light and having Dean shred the old train. At HITCASE we’re all about supporting those in the pursuit of everyday adventure, and this is most definitely one hell of tale. So cheers to winter 2017 and keep on charging-it out there.

iPhone Life Names the HITCASE SHIELD for iPhone 7 As One Of The Top Waterproof Cases

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shield worlds thinnest

Hate bulky waterproof rugged cases? Hitcase has the thinnest iPhone case built to withstand the elements and your adventures. It’s waterproof and drop-proof up to six feet with a pure aluminum body. It’s particularly unique in the way the top of the case easily peels on and off. No need to carry around that weird key to unlock your waterproof case. The Hitcase Shockseal protects the screen while allowing you to use Touch ID and comes off easily when it’s time to switch cases. I’ve used quite a few Hitcase products in the past, and I expect this case will have the same high level of protection and quality.

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HITCASE in Digital Trends – Surf, swim, or splash without fear, with one of these waterproof iPhone 7 cases

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Waterproof cases don’t have to be ugly. The Hitcase frame is crafted from aluminum in colors designed to exactly match your iPhone 7. The flexible front panel includes built-in screen protection and makes it easy to fit. The case scores an IP68 rating and Hitcase says it’s good at depths of up to 10 feet (3 meters). It does also offer drop protection at up to 6 feet (2 meters), though the aluminum may chip or scuff. There are metallic button covers on the side and a dial for the switch. This case is available from the end of November.

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HITCASE in The Globe and Mail: Five pieces of outdoor gear to chase away the winter blues

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A deep snow bank or torrential downpour won’t stop you from catching that shot on your iPhone with the Hitcase Pro, the only case to have when you are inside nature’s washing machine. It’s 100-per-cent waterproof and drop-proof, letting you fearlessly share your life with the world. $99.99;

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HIT Technologies Recognized as Tech Innovator by Canadian Innovation Exchange

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HIT Technologies Recognized as Tech Innovator by Canadian Innovation Exchange

The Canadian Innovation Exchange has announced its selection of HIT Technologies Inc. (TSX VENTURE: HIT) as one of 2016’s top 20 most innovative public technology companies in Canada.

The CIX selection committee, made up of technology experts from across the country, evaluated hundreds of small and mid-cap technology companies and made its selection based on a number of key factors including overall innovation, product/service offering, depth of management, market opportunity, and business model.

“Being recognized by the Canadian Innovation Exchange is an honour,” said company founder and CEO Brooks Bergreen. “I’m extremely proud of the work our team has done, not only with our products but also with our marketing approach. I’m looking forward to meeting with Investors in Toronto to show off our next generation lineup.”

HIT’s CEO, Brooks Bergreen, will be presenting at CIX Public Investor Day on the afternoon of November 23 at MaRS Discovery District, Toronto, ON.

The Danocracy Review

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So this is awesome… We sent Dan Rodo some gear to test out for his review. Dan has his own channel on YouTube and he seems to keep people engaged and laughing throughout his twice-a-week blogs. It was no brainer to send him some gear in hopes HITCASE might get him stoked. It did. Here is his review in all it’s Danocracy glory.

Discovery Channel #SharkWeek 2016

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Discovery Channel Shark Week returns June 26. Shark Week is an annual event that brings you shark-based programming for a whole week.

This year, HITCASE is excited to be part of the week long programming event. HITCASE PRO is a waterproof, mountable, go-anywhere case that will be swimming with the sharks this year!

Stay tuned for more information.

Hitcase Featured in the Hypebeast 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

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Better late than never, right? Men’s fashion and lifestyle magazine HYPEBEAST featured Hitcase in their 2014 Holiday Gift Guide! You can check it out here, scroll over to slide 24 to check it out.



shockproof waterproof action camera case for iphone

Dual Shockproof System For Your iPhone

Besides being one of the most durable waterproof iPhone cases on the market, the Hitcase incorporates a patent pending shock absorbing system called the ShockPad and ShockSeal. These two components work in conjunction to provide extraordinary protection against bumps and drops for your iPhone.

Hitcase’s unique dual seal combination of ShockPad and ShockSeal does two things, one it allows all Hitcases be waterproof up to 33 feet and two, protect and cushion your iPhone from drops up to 10 feet.

shockproof  rugged waterproof iphone camera case with changeable lenses

Water Seal and Shock Absorber In One

The ShockSeal, acts as both a water barrier and shock absorber. The single piece design wraps around the phone providing protection without gaps. The single unit makes a more reliable seal and when the ShockSeal and ShockPad are snapped together, they take up less volume, saving space.

Designing the ShockSeal as a single unit means removing it is fast and easy for cleaning or in the unlikely instance where you need to replace the seal. Modularity and replaceablility is built into the design of the Hitcase. Our goal is to make almost every part inexpensive and easy to replace.

drop proof waterproof iphone action camera case with changeable lenses

Premiere ShockProof iPhone Case

The finely engineered ShockPad made of xxxxxxx contains grooves cut to allow moisture vapor to escape to prevent screen cover fogging. The grooves also provide extra shock absorption. Every component that make up the Hitcase has been finely considered. The replaceable cover, replaceable ShockSeal & ShockPad, metal hinges, swappable lenses, all these components have the attention to detail and quality you won’t find in any other iPhone case. When you buy the Hitcase you are buying the absolute best shockproof, ruggedized iPhone case with the best customer service available.





How Waterproof Is The Hitcase?

All Hitcases go through rigorous waterproof testing before shipping. Since the very first Hitcase, our waterproof design has been one of the most reliable and deepest surviving on the market. Waterproof protection up to 33 feet and and shock absorption are provided by our special ShockSeal and ShockPad system.

This unique dual seal combination allows the all Hitcases to be waterproof up to 33 feet and protect and cushion your iPhone from drops from up to 10 feet.

The ShockSeal is the heart and soul of the Hitcase. We spent more time developing and testing our watertight shockproof seal than other companies spend developing their whole case. Our CAD expert Keddie along with Brooks our founder spent countless months making minor adjustments and ordering dozens of silicone prototypes to fine tune the Hitcase’ seal to make it perfect. Several hundred hours of computer simulation were completed for our underwater performance simulations using the same computers NASA uses.

hitcase-shockseal-shockpad for iphone 6

What Sets The ShockSeal Apart From Other iPhone Case Seals?

Other cases have only a single seal, typically an o-ring to prevent water from seaping into the case, this single point of contact makes it more vulnerable to failure. Our patented ShockSeal has a dual seal design built into a single unit. This provides and extra level of security when you are in rough water environments. Take the Hitcase kayaking, surfing or snorkling. You can be assured your iPhone is not going to get soaked because it is designed for hard waves and use in deep waters. In fact the Hitcase can go down to a depth of 33 feet. That is 3 to 10 times deeper than any other iPhone case!

hitcase shockseal for iphone, waterproof iphone case

The Best Ideas Are Simple Ones, Both Water Seal and Shock Absorber In One Unit

The ShockSeal, being both a water barrier and shock absorber in one has several benefits. The single piece design wraps around the phone providing protection without gaps. The single unit makes a more reliable seal and combining the two elements saves space. Creating the ShockSeal as a single piece also makes replacing it simple and quick for easy cleaning or in the unlikely scenario where you will need to swap it out. That modular replaceablility is part of the Hitcase design philosophy. Our goal is to make almost every part inexpensive and easy to replace.

hitcase waterproof dropproof iphone case

A Premium Quality iPhone Case

waterproof and rugged iphone case hitcase

The ShockSeal is only one component out of many where we sweated out the fine details to an obsessive degree. The Hitcase cover, the lens of the Hitcase Pro, the brushed metal button covers and hinges, the finely engineered ShockPad, all these components have the same attention to detail and quality you won’t find in any other iPhone case. We will cover them in future posts but you can be assured when you buy the Hitcase you are buying the absolute best ruggedized iPhone case with the best customer service available.