Hitcase Welcomes Pro Mountain Bike Athlete Graham Agassiz

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We’re hyped to welcome fellow British Columbian, and pro mountain bike athlete Graham Agassiz to the Hitcase Team, just in time for 11th edition of the Red Bull Rampage hosted in Virgin Utah, October 14th, 2016.  Sponsored by Monster Energy, Dakine and Kona Bikes, Graham is one of just 21 invited athletes who participated in the world-class event this past Friday. Make sure to check out the footage of Agassiz and his fellow competitors as they boosted off of the gnarliest and rugged landscape of all time. You won’t be disappointed.

Make sure to follow Agassiz for daily updates via his Instagram Stories (@grahamagassiz), shot on his iPhone and Hitcase Pro.

“Graham is a super star athlete and adventurer as well as hugely creative, which is why we wanted to work with him,” said HIT Technologies CEO, Brooks Bergreen. “We are really excited to welcome him to the Hitcase Family, and looking forward to an amazing year for both him and Hitcase.”

Check out Agassiz’s qualifying run at Rampage 2015 below.

View the official press release via Stockhouse HERE.

Welcome to HITCASE iAdventure

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Welcome to HITCASE iAdventure

HITCASE is a patented waterproof, shockproof and mountable protective case and accessories system that turns the iPhone into a powerful action camera and the essential adventure companion.
To put our product to the ultimate test we created the iAdventure Video filmed exclusively with HITCASE for iPhone.
The iAdventure video pairs our world class HITCASE TEAM of athletes and ambassadors, with one of the most innovative and progressive action sports film producers in the world. We gave them four iPhones and four days and challenged them to put HITCASE to the test. Welcome to iAdventure.
To see how iAdventure was made, check out the BEHIND THE SCENES story of the making of the piece.
YOUTUBE/TWITTER iAdventure Behind The Scenes SHARING LINK:
Featured Talent includes:

“The Hitcase Team has worked really hard on our new iAdventure campaign and I’m really excited about our latest product and the limitless possibilities it is bringing to mobile photography and filmmaking.”

Brooks Bergreen
Hitcase Founder

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Shot Entirely On An iPhone With Hitcase: Amber Torrealba

Big Hitters, Hitcase 6.

Catch our team member Amber Torrealba’s video The Roots as she films her usual day of skimming, skating and adventuring.

Shot entirely on Amber’s iPhone with Hitcase, it might just blow your mind how capable your iPhone actually is. Watch the video and be the judge for yourself. Hit It!

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Follow Amber on Instagram : @ambertorrealba

Alex Andrews Snowboarding with the ShootR Pole

Big Hitters, Hitcase PRO+.

All of our Hitcase PRO+ packages come with our aluminum ShootR pole (selfie stick) bundled for free!

Here is a perfect demo video of Alex Andrews using his Hitcase PRO+ and ShootR pole with an iPhone 5s. So much powder on the east coast!!

Andrew Taylor Explores the Tasty Trails of The Dolemites

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Hitcase family member Andrew Taylor just posted episode 4 of Seasons of Shred where he and the Seasons of Shred crew rip down the trails of The Dolomites in Italy. A great variety of terrain from rocky to forest make for a challenging ride. Toss in some awe inspiring scenery and you see why this is a MTB dream spot.


Sean Pettit Joins The Hitcase Family

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sean pettit for hitcase

Another week, another top athlete has signed on to Hitcase. Things are going to get crowded at the Hitcase family table this Christmas. We are stoked to have award winning freeskier Sean Pettit join us. Surprisingly young, even for an X athlete, Sean was signed as a Red Bull Athlete at 13. Since then Sean has been racking up powder awards and accolades non stop.

One of the top freeskiers in the industry, Sean’s innovative and vibrant style can put a smile on anyone’s face because it doesn’t take much to recognize the the magnitude of what he will mean for the future of this sport.

Look for some wild ski footage from Sean’s Hitcase real soon.

Welcome To The Family Geoff Brown!

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geoff brown hitcase welcome

Congratulations to Geoff Brown for joining the Hitcase team! Geoff is a big hitter, an amazing backcountry snowboarder from Whistler. Geoff has been rockin Hitcase for about a year now after fellow snowboarder Trevor Karl gave him a Hitcase.

Geoff has been a fan of Hitcase since that initial introduction and we have been looking forward to working together since that time. We are so pumped to have such a stoker and extremely talented athlete on the team.

For Geoff, the Hitcase just makes sense for what he does. He is a mad social media guy, with a Hitcase he no longer needs to use his action camera and download videos before uploading, he can upload directly from his iPhone to his Instagram and other social media accounts.

A video posted by Geoff Brown (@geoffbrownsnow) on

Geoff has already made a custom Hitcase mount for capturing over the shoulder pov videos like the example above. Killing it!!!

Glad to have you onboard Geoff. We can’t wait to see all your adventures through the Hitcase lens.

Check out Geoff’s site and follow him.

Reed Hansen Does It Again! Comes Up With New Wakeskate Trick

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Hitcase athlete and wakeskater extraordinaire Reed Hansen has come up with another new trick. Nobody has done this so he doesn’t even know what to call it!

Here’s his Instagram video and text thread to our Mark Zealand and some of his missed shots. Check em out in the video above!

hitcase wakeskate with reed hansen

“New trickery! I have been riding my wakeskate for about 10 years now and landing a new trick never gets old. Even if it is just a new trick to me it is still fun, but in this case I don’t think anyone has ever done this one on a wakeskate. I don’t even know what it’s called, maybe some of you can help me out. I also got to put in some serious time in with the @hitcase and mouth mount attachment. It took the beating of my hundreds of attempts.”

Pro Skateboarder Ryan Decenzo Joins Hitcase Team

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We are stoked to announce the signing of professional skateboarder Ryan Decenzo to the Hitcase team. Ryan is from Hitcase’s home town of Vancouver. He spent his early days watching pro skaters, dreaming of the big time.

Fast forward a few years and Ryan’s collecting medals at comps like 2010 Street, a gold medal in Game of Sk8 and the list goes on and on. Ryan is a true legend at what he does and he does it with class and style.

Lucky for us Ryan also loves shooting skate vids. We are so pumped that Hitcase will make it just hat much easier to do what he does and share it with all of us.

You can follow Ryan’s adventures here on the Hitcase blog and on Facebook.



Amber Torrealba #howihitcase, How Do You Hitcase?

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One of our most prolific Big Hitters, Amber Torrealba just put out an awesome video compilation of her doing what she does best. The editing is top notch and the vid showcases the kinds of shots you can make with the Hitcase. Amber exemplifies what we mean by Big Hitter.

Follow Amber on Instagram.