Never Worry About Losing Your iPhone In The Water With Hitcase’s New FloatR

Action Case Mounts, Hitcase Pro 5.

While the Hitcase Pro is waterproof up to 33 feet and takes great photos in the water, you don’t always have a handy place to store it between shots. That’s where the new FloatR comes in.

The FloatR is a strap bandolier style floatation mount for swimming, surfing or any water or adventure sport. Comfortable and easy to use with Railslide™, it allows your Hitcase to Float weightlessly behind you when in the water, but easy to swing around for a quick photo or video.

Available for pre order now! 

A Quick Intro To the Hitcase ChestR Harness

Action Case Mounts, Hitcase Pro, Hitcase Pro 5.

The ChestR is a hands free iPhone chest harness for your Hitcase or Hitcase Pro for those recording situations where a helmet mount is too high and a handlebar or board mount is too low. This medium distance is great for snowboarding, skiing, kayaking or those times where a handlebar or board may have too much vibration.

We paid a lot of attention to the detail of what makes a great chest camera mount. We considered deeply the padding material, how quickly and easily the camera locks and disconnects and wearability.

The ChestR Hitcase mount is a complete re-think and re-design of what it means to wear a mount, and it feels as good as it looks. The neoprene is soft, pliable and comfortable to wear. The unique 3 point system is fast and easy to put on. The mounts are compatible with GoPro® and rotates along two axis for extremely flexible recording angles.

ChestR even includes a small, secure ID pocket and headphone loop so you can get to your most commonly accessed items.

The soon to be patented, quick release Railslide mount system allows you to pop your Hitcase in and out or rotate your iPhone 360° and pivot 180°. Record at all sorts of unique angles not possible with other chest mounts. We believe we have come up with the best compatible with GoPro® chest mount available. The Hitcase ChestR is more comfortable, quicker and easier to put on and more adjustable angles.

Well constructed and rugged ChestR is designed for wearing on your chest but creative customers have mounted it on their back and repurposed it for other uses. The ChestR is flexible enough for many uses. Use your imagination!

Key Features

  • Comfortable Fit
  • No Tangle Adjustable
  • Railslide Quick Mount
  • Stow Pocket

Get the ChestR here.