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Forget the Cost of a GoPro - Turn Your iPhone Into a GoPro for Less

June 18, 2019 1 Comment

If you love the idea of a GoPro for capturing your daily adventures but balk at paying $700 for a flagship GoPro Fusion -- hell, even the standard Hero 7 costs more than half that for the black variant -- we say forget it. Don't carry around another device with a unique set of charging cables, batteries and accessories. Everything you need to shoot video is already right in your pocket. And with the right case, you can turn your iPhone into a GoPro for a fraction of the cost of a GoPro, even the cheapest one. 


We all know iPhones are fragile devices. It only takes one mishap or clumsy moment to crack your screen or render it unusable after exposure to rain, dirt or mud. It's a big, bad world out there, and our iPhones are made more for the comfortable confines of indoor living than something you'd want to be caught brandishing on the trails, in the water, or even on the side of a mountain.  

Man using iPhone as GoPro while skiing

Which sucks, because everything you need to document your exploits is already part of your iPhoneAnd with later modelsyou get 4K video recording at various speeds for super-smooth action. You can also edit and share videos directly from your device with a bevy of apps and its always-on web connection. So, something you shot just moments ago can be cut and uploaded to Insta before everyone even heads home -- try doing that with any GoPro, no matter the cost. 


But back to our big problem. Your iPhone's already a fully featured video and photo production studio with a large, high-quality screen on the back. But it's kind of hard to hold without risking a drop, and forget about mounting it to anything.  


That's where we come in. Here at Hitcase, we design and build protective iPhone cases that extend the functionality of your phone. So not only do you get drop, dust, dirt and water protection. You also get access to our unique camera lenses and secure mounts, which makes even the most challenging shots and circumstances a creative opportunity, not a reason to pack things up. 


The Hitcase Pro 

Anyone looking for how to turn their iPhone into a GoPro will appreciate the Hitcase Pro. Our most rugged and durable case, the Pro is machined from a solid piece of aluminum, backed with bulletproof glass. Also, provides you with 16 feet of MIL-SPEC Shock rated drop protection and a dizzying 33 feet of IP68 waterproof protection, so you can be sure your phone will stand up to the rigors of just about anything you can put it through. And because it's compatible with our iPhone Lens Kit and line of secure mounts -- even GoPro compatible mounts -- the Hitcase Pro completely turns your iPhone into a GoPro and more. It's our favorite iPhone X waterproof case, as well as our favorite iPhone XS waterproof case, for its durability, extensibility and, dare we say it, looks. 

 Using your iPhone as a GoPro

The Hitcase Shield Link 

If you'd like to skip the mounting bar found on the Pro, the Shield Link still gives you great Hitcase mounting options with magnets, all in our smallest metal caseAside from looking great, the metal plate on the back works with strong and secure magnets to firmly mount your iPhone to a tripod, handlebar, dashboard or car exterior, or even to your chest or helmet. Magnets also make using our creative lenses a snap, by keeping the lenses securely fastened while you're shooting, but easily detaching when you want to change things up. And at less than half the cost of the cheapest GoPro, you save money when you go with Hitcase. 

 Turn your iPhone into a GoPro

The Hitcase Splash 

If you're often around water, and you like the soft feel of DuroSoft rubber as opposed to our harder, metal cases, the Hitcase Splash is for you. With lightning fast installation due to the Splash's easy-in, easy-out, two-piece design, you get six feet of drop protection and 10 feet of waterproof protection. In addition to the ability to use our magnetic lenses for additional creative options. It's a great waterproof iPhone case for water sportsor check out some of our other options in our waterproof iPhone case series. It's also less than 10 percent of the cost of the GoPro Fusion, the flagship GoPro.  

 Turn your iPhone into a GoPro

The Hitcase Ferra 

The first case from our new design series, the Hitcase Ferra is a beautiful, handmade leather case that provides you with head-height drop protection in a strong and durable yet soft exterior that is as comforting to touch as it is pleasant to look at. But the real trick of the Ferra is the magnetic lens mounts on the back of the case. This allows you to attach one of three artistic lenses, giving you even more creative ways to capture the world in photo and video. 

 Is the iPhone as good as a GoPro?

The Hitcase Crio 

Like the Ferra, with the Crio you get six feet of drop protection, all in our slimmest case yet. The Crio is made from impact resistant TPU and comes with a soft microfiber lining, so you won't scratch or damage your phone when removing or installing the case. It also works with our line of magnetic iPhone lenses and magnetic mountsso you can try out different looks and vantage points before you hit the capture button. 

 How to turn your iPhone into an action camera

The Hitcase TrueLUX Wide 

Letting you capture twice as much stuff in the frame over the iPhone's default camera, the Hitcase TrueLUX Wide is ideal for nature, travel and sport iPhone photography and video. With images as crisp as the native iPhone camera, the Wide's triple-element, optical-grade glass is as durable and waterproof as our rugged cases (excluding Ferra and Crio), so they can go anywhere your phone goes, no matter the weather or terrain. It's our favorite wide angle lens for iPhone, and trust us, we've tried all the other ones -- it's why we made our own lenses. And, because it's affordable, you could buy 10 of them before equaling the cost of GoPro's Hero7 Black, their mid-tier option. 

The Hitcase TrueLUX SuperWide 

Wider than the TrueLUX Wide, the Hitcase TrueLUX SuperWide gives you that fisheye look you've seen in countless action sports videos and creative music videos. And all without the vignetting, softness and chromatic aberration that you commonly get with cheaper lenses. Just like our other lenses, the SuperWide works with the optical image stabilization built into all recent iPhones, so you don't have to sacrifice sharpness when you go with a different look. 


The Hitcase TrueLUX Macro 

For those that like to get up close and personal with tiny worlds, the Hitcase TrueLUX Macro lens gives three times the magnification of a normal iPhone lens. And with a focusing distance of just 12-22mm, you'll be able to capture the tiny details of things you didn't even know were there. Also, because it's waterproof, dustproof and drop proof, you don't have to treat it like a fragile piece of kit with its glass elements, so you can be more spontaneous in the big world we live in. You can even pick up all three Hitcase TrueLUX lenses for less than half the cost of GoPro's cheapest option, the Hero7 White. 


Hitcase Mounts 

While handheld is certainly an acceptable means of capturing the ways in which you like to have fun in the world, taking things to the next level means attaching your iPhone to your body or the environment around you with our collection of secure mounts.  


With both Railslide (Pro only) and magnetic Link Mount (Shield Link, Crio) options, you can set your phone up on a standard tripod with the TiltR Tripod Mount, or go for a helmet, handlebar or chest attachment for that unique first-person view. All our mounts are secure and easy to use, by magnets or locking Railslide, so you don't have to worry about whether you got the shot or if your device is safe. 


But the one neat trick of the Hitcase Pro and its Railslide mounting system is that if you or a friend have any GoPro-compatible mounts, they'll work flawlessly with the Pro, giving you just one more reason to leave the GoPro at home, even if you have a backpack full of compatible hardware. Your iPhone's easier to use, always in your pocket or bag, and, inside of a Hitcase protective case and with a Hitcase lens and mount, just as rugged and tough as you would ever need on even the most extreme types of adventures. So ditch that GoPro and go Hitcase. 

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