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To Case Or Not To Case: Is Your iPhone X Better Without a Case?

February 13, 2018 2 Comments

An iPhone made completely of glass in 2018. 

What beauty... What technology... What could possibly go wrong? 

Well, nothing if you take into account that there are two breakable surfaces on the new iPhone X and act accordingly. 

If you’ve recently purchased an iPhone X or have been an avid iPhone X user for a while now, you’ve probably wondered whether your iPhone is better without a case. Which is a fair question because this Apple iPhone model is one of the most advanced phones to ever enter the market. We’re here today to unpack this debate and help you decide whether or not you need an iPhone case for your latest Apple device.   

Better Off Alone: iPhone X Without a Case 

iPhone X is the most expensive mass-market phone ever. As in, the most expensive phone ever in the history of mass-market phone production. That should mean to someone who has already invested their time and money into their iPhone X.  It's probably then a good idea to protect your purchase with an iPhone case. 

iphone x gray


Every iPhone and 'at-large' Apple fan should know that the brand is all about exclusivity, but they've completely outdone themselves with the iPhone X. It's the first mega overhaul that Apple has put on a basic consumer product like the iPhone and that sort of action has gotten everyone pretty much excited and completely hyped up. The rub?This iPhone costs over a thousand dollars. This price tag might even make you wonder, “With such an advanced Apple product do I even need a case for my iPhone X?” 

But you’ll find, after a quick meander through Apple's service pricing support page, that it will cost $279 to repair your iPhone X's screen if it falls — especially if you don't have AppleCare+ which is the extended warranty, suddenly, whether you are or aren't a phone case person becomes completely immaterial. With such a high price tag and a high cost of repair, using an iPhone case to protect your device can be a cost-effective way to reduce your risk of paying exorbitant repair fees, time after time.  

More than ever, it should become apparent that you need a phone case for your iPhone X. 

iphone case crio


Better Together: iPhone X with a Case  

Nothing could happen on the iPhone X without its amazing A11 Bionic CPU. The brains behind the entire operation. Once you get past the initial awe of the beautiful glass-covered chassis and the space-age iOS 11 software, the real show-stopper is the A11 Bionic. How can one chip accomplish so much? It is pure Apple sorcery, which is something you get when you fuse and focus more on Artificial Intelligence as a way to seriously boost performance. 

 The final product is 70 percent more energy efficient, while also being 25 percent faster than its predecessor. The Image Signal Processor (the camera's brain) also received a massive upgrade making sure that it performs better under low-light conditions with improved color, by making use of a 3D Face Mapping technique through the A11 Bionic's artificial intelligence technology, for increased facial recognition. 

Apple Pay on the iPhone X works just as well as on previous editions, only better. Since Touch ID is kaput (there's no home button), you're going to be using the side button and Face ID. 

In physical stores, you can use your iPhone X the same way that you use every other iPhone — just substitute the side button for the Home button when you're ready to make your payment. A simple double-click of the side button brings up Apple Pay and makes it possible for you to proceed with the transaction after authenticating your identity with Face ID. 

Back to the outside of the iPhone, even though Apple claims that they have utilized the most durable smartphone glass, you wouldn't want to drop it anyway. iPhones are notorious for cracking so imagine walking around with a fully cracked phone — back and front. No bueno! 

The repair costs will also be bigger than previous models because the phone is made with much more technologically advanced features. It stands to reason that a phone that is completely covered in glass will seriously cost to repair, especially when a glass-covered chassis is topped off with an OLED display. 

Don't be fooled, because this isn't a typical display. The iPhone X boasts a so-called "Super Retina" OLED display which has a 2436 x 1125 resolution. The iPhone X is the highest resolution iPhone in history! As already mentioned, Touch ID has been completely done away with in favor of the more high-tech Face ID technology. 

Face ID is made possible by the 7MP "TrueDepth" portrait camera and a host of sensors that are on the front of the phone. There's also a new swiping gesture that you can use in order to go "home" on your phone instead of a traditional home button. Out with the old, we say, because if this is the new, the old will not be missed. The side button is also what you will use to turn on Siri. 

Ushering us into a new era of smartphone usage, wireless charging comes standard with all iPhone Xs by supporting the Qi wireless charging that would be available to both the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus, but third-party charging accessories are also supported — as long as they are Qi compliant. 

Now back to that beautiful, bezel-less, all-around glass chassis. Beautiful though it may be, you seriously have to put a cover on it. After getting on a waiting list and holding on with bated breath (not even mentioning the $1,000 price tag), cover it! 

The iPhone X camera was practically made for adventures and taking artistic landscape shots, which is ironic, considering how fragile the phone could potentially be without a cover... 

With all due respect to Apple, the phone has been designed to be admittedly durable, but it's hardly unbreakable, although it's probably the only smartphone with a strengthening layer that is 50 percent deeper, further reinforced by a steel and copper bumper that has been laser welded, so you can be sure that under the best circumstances, that your phone isn’t going anywhere. 

The Verdict: You’re Better Off Using an iPhone X Case 

While a lot of phone case makers will no doubt offer an iPhone X version for all their other designs, this beauty deserves its own specially developed range — that'll be the difference between a phone case that simply looks good for the sake of projecting the Apple aesthetic and a case that both looks aesthetically pleasing yet can withstand the shock of being dropped from a wireless charger for instance or worse yet onto the pavement. 

Protect Your iPhone with the Hitcase Crio 

The iPhone X is probably the most minimalistic, well-designed phone on the market. It's practically allergic to mediocrity. 

Hitcase Crio is a lightweightiPhone camera case almost specifically designed with the iPhone X in mind, especially since it enhances the camera’s capabilities, while also integrating Hitcase’s impressive system of magnetic mounts and lenses that you can switch out, attach and reattach in order to take your photography to the next level. 

hitcase iphone lenses

Protect Your iPhone with the Hitcase Shield-Link 

Redesigned and remastered, just like the iPhone X, the Shield-Link iPhone case allows you to put a cover on your phone and take it with you wherever — wherever you need to go. This particularmagnetic iPhone case is both waterproof and shock-absorbent which gives you the added confidence of drop protection. Plus, you can add magnetic iPhone lenses and mounts at your leisure, turning your new fancy phone into an even better camera! 

Hitcase Shield Link iPhone X Case

Protect Your iPhone with the Hitcase Pro 

 The Hitcase Pro is a tough iPhone casethat’s heavy-duty and made for adventure. You can literally take it anywhere: diving, skiing, cliff jumping...you name it, the Pro can handle it. With an expensive device like the iPhone X, keep it protected, allowing you to adventure with confidence.  


Hitcase Pro for iPhone X Case


Whether the iPhone X is easier to damage than previous models will certainly depend on time, but for now, it's safe to say that this is the most exciting iPhone yet. 

Apple worked really hard on coming up with an intuitive design which seamlessly incorporates their hardware upgrades, why would you want to put any old cover on that? 

Explore all our iPhone cases and iPhone accessories today to find the case for your iPhone that can handle whatever your day holds!  


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2 Responses

Richardsson Huddson
Richardsson Huddson

August 13, 2019

For me, I use iPhone x waterproof case to protect my beloved iPhone. and thanks for great article too

Bailey Shutt
Bailey Shutt

January 10, 2019

I am planing on buying the Hitcase Pro but Iwould first like to know how the iPhone flashlight can function while being rimmed by the large Hitcase camera lens covering. I have not found any descriptions or specs available in your advertising. Why?