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The Best Waterproof iPhone 8 Case You May Have Missed

July 09, 2019

When it comes to being waterproof, there's a bunch of misinformation out there about what iPhones can withstand water and other liquids, and how much protection you really get with a "water-resistant" iPhone. Also, what does that silly IPXX number mean? 


We're here to set the record straight. But the news isn't good. The short end of it is that no, the iPhone 8 isn't waterproof, and neither is any iPhone, which is why you need the best waterproof iPhone 8 case you can get. Because you never know when you'll be caught in a sudden downpour or if you'll take a tumble into the river on your very next hike. 

 iPhone with water drops

Apple says the iPhone 8 is water-resistant, which means it'll likely survive the first or second bit of limited contact it has with water if it's within the first few weeks or so of ownership. That's because even Apple admits in the fine print that all water protective qualities are temporary and will degrade under normal use and wear. Apple also won't cover any water damage under warranty or give consumers any guidance as to when their phone's protection will wear away, so it's up to us to weigh the costs and benefits of going caseless. 


For us here at Hitcase, that's crazy. Our line of protective iPhone cases are durable yet comfortable to hold, and they give you peace of mind that you have the best waterproof iPhone 8 case you can get. because a little water can stop you cold in your tracks if your phone stops working. 


A History of iPhone Water Resistance 


Starting with the iPhone 7, Apple has claimed that their phones are water-resistant, the result of reworking the many seals and ports of each device to prevent and minimize water damage. In testing, a brand-new iPhone 7 was able to be submerged in up to a meter of water for up to 30 minutes, which gave it an IP67 rating under IEC standard 60529. But, in the real world, many people reported issues with even the most minimal instances of water exposure. And, because the protection wears off over time, it was never clear how much water and what circumstance would defeat the iPhone's inherent water resistance. 


The following year, the iPhone 8 was unveiled with the same water resistance rating as the iPhone 7, IP67, which again meant that in a controlled laboratory environment a brand-new iPhone 8 could be submerged in up to three feet of water for up to 30 minutes. Apple again implying that the best waterproof iPhone 8 case is the iPhone 8 itself. But we don't live our lives in controlled labs, and the real world is full of variables that can compromise your phone's water resistance in a multitude of ways. Apple knows this and continues to avoid covering water damage under their warranties. 


Even the iPhone XS and XS Max with their upgraded water resistance rating of IP68, which meant a new device could withstand water up to two meters deep, has Apple claiming water resistance with a new and improved rating but still refusing to cover any device under warranty for water damage. In fact, they specifically mention an additional soda, beer, coffee, tea and juice protection for the XS and XS Max, suggesting users rinse any exposure area with tap water and to simply wipe and dry the device.  


That's strange because Apple advises users to avoid swimming, bathing, showering or surfing with your phone: using your phone in a sauna or steam room, submerging your phone intentionally, operating your phone in humid environments, or dropping your phone. Not that everyone does each of these activities, but they all sound normal, and you're bound to partake in at least a few activities that'll put your phone's safety in jeopardy, so why risk it. 


Waterproof Your iPhone 8 With a Hitcase 

At Hitcase, we don't like to entrust our digital lives and our connection to the world to chance. They say the iPhone 8 is water-resistant, but we wouldn't go without an iPhone 8 case, and we definitely wouldn’t want to risk getting in a rainstorm or taking a dip in the pool with an iPhone 8. 

That's why we make the best waterproof iPhone 8 cases that you can buy. From our flagship Hitcase Pro to the rubbery Splash, there's a Hitcase for everyone.  


The Hitcase Pro 


The Hitcase Pro is our most rough and tough case and the ultimate in physical iPhone security. With a low-profile anodized aluminum frame, the Pro is MIL-SPEC Shock rated for drops up to a long 16 feet. But where it really shines is due to its IP68 waterproof protection up to 33 feet, making it one of the best waterproof iPhone 8 cases you can get, and one of the only cases you could legitimately go scuba diving with. Also, because it features our easy-in, easy-out Shockseal technology, you'll have protection when you need it and you can always easily access your bare iPhone in just seconds. 


The secret of the Pro is that works with our iPhone Lens Kit and Railslide mount, which opens an infinite number of creative opportunities with different field of views and vantage points you don't get with a regular iPhone. 


There's the Hitcase TrueLUX Wide, which doubles the amount of stuff you can fit into the frame; the Hitcase TrueLUX Superwide, which is great for that fisheye look; and the Hitcase TrueLUX Macro, which lets you capture tiny worlds with a focusing distance of just 12-22mm. Combined, the lenses weigh just 54 grams and fit easily in a pocket, so you won't ever have to choose between them for a simple day walk without a bagTrueLUX lenses are also rugged and waterproof, so a little rain is a creative opportunity, not a reason to stay in. 


And once you've got your favorite Hitcase lens attached, use the Pro's distinctive Railslide mounting system to affix your iPhone to a standard tripod, handlebar, dashboard, car exterior or even to your helmet or chest with a Hitcase mount. All our mounts are easy to use, secure and allow a surprisingly extended range of motion, so once you've got your iPhone 8 where you'd like it, it's easy to dial in those minor tweaks without re-establishing the whole shot. 


The Hitcase Splash 


If you're not a fan of metal cases or you just want something softer and more inviting in the hand than cool aluminum, the Hitcase Splash could be the best waterproof iPhone 8 case for you. It offers the same easy-in, easy-out, two-piece Shockseal design as our other cases, yet the outer shell is made of DuroSoft TPU, which helps protect it from those frequent bumps and drops that inevitably add up over timeIt's also MIL-SPEC Shock rated with drop protection up to six feet, and you get worry-free IP68 waterproof protection up to a full 10 feet underwater. That's good enough for snorkeling, surfing, and even an unexpected fall into the deep end of the pool. 

Note that the Pro and Splash are also available for the iPhone 7 or 8 Plus, making them great waterproof iPhone 8 Plus casesand all our iPhone 8 cases also fit iPhone 7 variants. 

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