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The Best iPhone Accessories for Winter | Skiing, Snowboarding, Hockey

November 15, 2018

It's quite true that winter is one of the most exciting times to just get yourself outside and expand your skill set as an iPhone Photographer. Just think about it, is there a more magical time than when your entire surroundings have been enveloped by blankets of snow, and have transformed into, clichés aside, a wonderland? Tis the season for skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, winter camping, sledding, hockey, skating. SO what iPhone accessories can help you create epic content along the way?

winter iphone accessories

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With that being said, it's quite true that winter, and winter sports at large *do present certain challenges to every budding iPhone Photographer — even while the latest iPhone XS, iPhone XR etc. have improved.

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Fortunately, Hitcase has some amazing accessories that will be able to complement your new tech by keeping it safe and broadening your focal point, by allowing you to put your brand new iPhone in some seriously precarious positions (in order to get the perfect shot, of course), without endangering it!


Whether you're the type of iPhone Photographer that likes to take snow-mound images with a few people on the slopes, to someone who likes to get right in the thick of things, Hitcase has accessories that will allow you to take enviable imagery!

iPhone chest harness
  • ChestR Mount - Allows you to film hands free with your iPhone, when a helmet not only looks a bit goofy, but maybe gives a vantage point that is just too high!
iphone chest mount
  • Sports Bundle - If you want to get the absolute most out of your iPhone, and buy the ultimate kit. Then this is it!
    • The Sports Bundle comes with the ChestR Mount, which is designed for wearing on your chest; the easy to use, quick release Railslide mount system allows you to pop your Hitcase in and out or rotate your iPhone 360° and pivot 180°.  
    • You also get the Mini Hitcase SuckR, which is a small, strong, secure, and quicking mounting iPhone suction mount. And finally,
    • The StickR base combined with the swivel base which converts your case into a multi pronged base that makes it easy to adapt to any flat or curved surface.
iphone accessories
  • Hitcase PRO  - This is a MUST-HAVE! Hitcase’s ultimate iPhone protection against festivals, diving with sharks, nature, your dad’s skis from the 80’s, camping, too many people in a canoe, climbing Everest… You name it! If it’s got water, Hitcase PRO will PROtec!
iphone hitcase pro
  • StickR Base - Mount your Hitcase StickR Mount or swivel mount on every piece of your sports gear with these. Do it and broaden your vantage point!

  • Hitcase Shield LINK - Every iPhone Photographer needs to get this magnetic iPhone X and Xs case. It has zero bulk, is extremely easy to use, and of-course, it wouldn’t be a Hitcase case if it wasn’t both highly protective and drop dead sexy!

Shield Link


When you want to create snowboarding content, your brain is probably going to work at a mile a minute. Should you take a Point of View video of yourself doing “corks,” or should you rather strap your iPhone on someone else who'd probably do an even better job?  What if you can do it all?! (And take these accessories from your previous Ski trip).

iPhone mountainscape photography

  • Hitcase PRO - The Hitcase PRO is Hitcase’s toughest most rugged iPhone case. It’s waterproof to 10m, drop-proof to 3m, the PRO is the ideal case for adventurers, outdoor lovers...perfect for mountain lovers, aka skiers and snowboarders. So thank goodness, that this PRO Holiday Bundle includes a lens of your choice as well as the popular ChestR (chest mount), made for capturing impressive POV (point of view) video.
hitcase pro holiday bundle


This is one of the more laid-back ways to really get the most out of your winter. You get to take pictures of animals in their natural habitat, without leaving the finding of these animals to happenstance. To know that you're half a frozen lake away from seeing some beautiful wildlife like deer, red foxes, coyotes and some cute little geese. At that moment, you might be a little too startled to get some HQ images, so what do you use?


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While snowmobiles, just like cars, can be used for transportation, and work, just like cars, there are advantages to mounting a camera on your snowmobile and seeing what happens... If you've ever wondered what something or someone looks like at a totally different vantage point when you're with your family and want to head into the mountains to get a different perspective on things, these accessories are a key point.

snowmobiling iphone accessories
  • Mini SuckR Mount - Mount your iPhone anywhere with this suction cup mount. The Mini SuckR Mount offers strong and stable connection to any flat surface, and it’s small, strong, secure, and a quicking mounting iPhone suction mount.


“Hockey is one of the most difficult sports to shoot because the action on the ice is moving so quickly. Unlike other sports, photographers cannot move with the play." - Joseph Nuzzo, Photographer

Word, Mr Nuzzo. Word.

But have you SEEN what you can do with your iPhone when it has the right accessories, though?

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