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The 13 Best Online iPhone Photography Classes

July 09, 2018 1 Comment

To say that there is a whole world out there teeming with iPhone photography enthusiasts would be an understatement.

From Skillshare to platforms like iPhone Photography Secrets, there are many ways to move from A to Z with your iPhone Photography, so that you too can finally embrace the glorious art of taking high-quality images with your iPhone. Here are 13 of the best iPhone photography classes on the internet, to get editing, and posting images online without ever needing to switch your devices!

iPhone photography classes

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1. Lifestyle Photography with Dan Rubin

If you wanna learn how to crush it at iPhone Photography, who better to teach you than Instagram beta tester and keynote speaker at 1197, a mobile photography conference. Dan Rubin is a lifestyle photographer who is one of the earliest pioneers of mobile photography. Nowadays, he teaches how to plan shooting an Instagram story for instance, without any awkwardness that comes with it, or the worry that you'll be disturbing other people in public.

2. On-Brand iPhone Photography with Joe Greer

If you're someone who values the appearance of a cohesive, consistent Instagram feed, then Greer, a former VSCO employee, is the perfect tutor for you! As a freelance photographer who specializes in various types of photography, he is a trustworthy source for individuals who want to start using their Instagram for business purposes or Influencers who are ready to elevate their business.

iPhone photography classes

3. Telling Visual Stories with Marte Marie Forsberg

Just like you, Forsberg is a self-taught photographer whose interests range from food to lifestyle photography. Buoyed by the natural beauty in Norway's landscape, it's totally understandable that this would inspire her vantage point. If your someone who prefers to create emotive photographs, instead of simply getting the lighting right, then this is the class for you!

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4. Elevate your iPhone Photography Strategy with Tyson Wheatley

Like most iPhone photographers, there's no doubt that you have a bunch of ideas about how to move forward and what sort of content you should be creating. That's the fun/creative part! But, did you know that there is a science to going viral? No? Then who better to teach you all about content strategy than someone who has worked for CNN and Instagram? From Tyson, you'll learn how to make the best use of your iPhone accessories, like your lenses, and which captions give you the best chances of being discoverable on Instagram.

5. Perfecting your iPhone Food Photography with Adam Goldberg

From the creator of the A Life Worth Eating site comes some much needed lessons (gleaned from Golberg's years of traveling as a photographer and food enthusiast) on taking the right shot for a beverage or some haute cuisine, regardless of the lack or abundance of natural light, this is the class that you take. Most restaurants prefer to use dimly lit mood lighting in order to encourage a more relaxed atmosphere, but this exact lighting can create challenges for photographers, which is where Goldberg's classes come in!

iPhone photography classes

6. iPhone Camera Essentials with Guy Yang

Most iPhone photography tutorial lists already cite iPhone Camera Essentials as a must-see. With a multitude of video guides and tutorials (at least 50), it totally makes sense that Yang's course is one of the most well-known iPhone photography classes. From knowing the basics of how your iPhone works to editing like a professional, you'll be in great shape to create much better content.

7. iPhone Photography Secrets with Chet Davis

There's no doubt that Davis created a huge course when he created iPhone Photography Secrets. There's also no doubt that it's definitely worth your time! From the basics to pro tips, you can never be too advanced for this course and it stands to reason that if you use Instagram, Snapseed or mobile Photoshop, you'd want to understand the basic principles of photography in order to take even more advantage of having an iPhone.

8. iPhone Photography Pro with Matt Kemp

Your iPhone has all the components of a small DSLR. If you can understand that your iPhone is like a small, inexpensive, mirrorless, DSLR, then you can finally understand why it's so important for you to also know the basic principles of professional photography and put them to practice with your iPhone. When you're finally ready to take the plunge and breeze through Kemp's 33 lessons, you'll finally be able to see the world in a whole new *artistic way.

iPhone photography classes

9. The Art of iPhone Photography by Bob Weil and Nicki Fitz-Gerald

If video tutorials aren't your speed, get your hands on Weil and Fitz-Gerald's book, "The Art of iPhone Photography" and switch up the pace. The best part of reading this book is that you get to do things at your own pace and at the end of the day, you end up with a fantastic coffee table book, plus conversation starter!

10. The iPhone Photography eBook by Misho Baranovic

This is another iPhone Photography book for people who aren't fans of learning from video and would rather read and learn at their own pace. Baranovic structured the eBook moreso as a guide familiarising you with your iPhone and making you comfortable of the various principles and ideas behind professional photography so that you can apply them to your iPhone photography.

iPhone photography classes

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11. iPhone Photography School with Emil Pakarklis

Just as the name suggests, Emil Parkarklis has created the ultimate school for you to learn about iPhone photography as a neophyte. And just before you dismiss it as a tool for you to learn what you can and then walk away, fear not, he's also included some content that will serve as your ultimate resource with both information and inspiration.

12. Skipology with Paul Brown

Producing beautiful images with your iPhone is more than having the best lighting, equipment, accessories, etc — although these tools go a long way in helping you pull off such a great feat! Brown brings is back down to basics. It's about how you're planning to take the images, after all, and who better to help you improve your iPhone photography workflow than an award-winning iPhone photographer? Step into Paul Brown's shoes and see how the pros really do it!

13. Instagrammers with Philippe Gonzalez

Finally, it's understood that a huge part of making it on platforms like Instagram is understanding how the app works, in relation to the content that you publish and the audience that you expect to receive these images and videos. Philippe Gonzalez helps you upgrade your iPhone photography in his classes, of course, but you will also learn how to interpret Instagram insights, as well as news updates about the platform.

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