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Summer Fun: The Best Waterproof iPhone Case for Swimming

September 06, 2019

waterproof iphone case


If you're lucky enough to have a backyard pool or you like to spend your summers at the local neighborhood swim club, you don't have to leave your iPhone safe and sound on your desk at home to ensure that it doesn't get wet.

In fact, if you're rocking a waterproof case, an afternoon swim can quickly turn into an Instagrammable photo op instead of a reason to hide your phone inside.

After all, the best waterproof phone case for swimming will protect your precious iPhone during any water activity, including surfing and snorkeling. And if you like to hang out on the pool deck catching some sun, a waterproof iPhone case could prevent that your next trip is to the Apple store to pick up a replacement phone.

That's because no matter what Apple says, their phones are not waterproof.

Water Resistant, not Waterproof

So if iPhones aren't waterproof, what are they?

Actually, they're water-resistant, which means they may survive a quick dunk in the pool or a splash of water here and there, especially when new, but you would never want to take your phone swimming or into the shower.

Indeed, Apple says so on their official statement about iPhones' water resistance: don't take an iPhone, swimming or bathing; or water skiing, wakeboarding or surfing; or in a sauna or steam room; and definitely don't intentionally submerge an iPhone in water.

So why does an iPhone, like the iPhone X need a waterproof phone case for swimming or other activities?

Well, because as Apple states, the iPhone's: "[s]plash, water, and dust resistance are not permanent conditions and resistance might decrease as a result of normal wear."

They go on to mention that if you do manage to get your iPhone wet, you should leave it to dry in an area with airflow or to place your phone in front of a fan so the air movement can dry your phone's Lightning connector. They also say to wait at least five hours before attempting to charge your iPhone or connecting anything to your phone's charging port.

But the biggest knock against the iPhone's IP67 water resistance -- iPhone 7 and up, with the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max boasting an upgraded IP68 rating -- is that it's temporary, and you'll never know when your normal use has worn off the phone's built-in protection. It could be that your next encounter with water is your phone's last, and you'll be looking at buying a new replacement phone since Apple doesn't cover water damage under warranty.

So if you can't count on your phone to save itself in the case of a little water exposure, you'll need the best waterproof phone case for swimming, like a waterproof iPhone X case, if you want to take it to the pool this summer.

The Hitcase Pro

The most rugged and tough case we make, the Hitcase Pro is crafted from a solid, anodized aluminum frame that can take a beating, and then some. Not to be outdone by other cases, the Hitcase Pro is MIL-SPEC Shock rated with drop protection up to 16 feet (five meters), and it's IP68 rated waterproof protection is good up to a highly pressurized 33 feet (10 meters).

That's good enough for just about any water activity, including swimming, snorkeling, and even some light scuba diving as long as you keep it under that 33-foot limit.

For most activities, however, you won't come close to the Pro's limits. This is great because you get to focus on what you're doing, not whether your phone can keep up or whether it'll still be working by the end of the day. With the Pro, you know your phone will be safe and sound inside the case's tough exterior.

And because the Pro has a built-in threaded mount where your iPhone's rear-facing camera sits, you get three additional ways to be creative with one of our add-on lenses, which are just as waterproof and rugged as our cases. As a result, a little bit of water is actually a photo opportunity, not a reason to hide your phone away.

The Pro's secure and stable Railslide mount also allows you to affix one of our 10 or so mounts, giving you more angles and perspectives than with handheld operation, especially if you go with our chest-mounted option.

But if you're only going to get one mount, we love the Hitcase FloatR. It is also compatible with all of our waterproof cases because of its buoyant and vibrant soft orange strap, perfect for spotting and rescuing your phone if you manage to get separated from it. It's also a great way to carry your phone as most bathing suits don't have pockets built for large phones.

All in all, we think the Pro is the best waterproof phone case for swimming and any other water-based activity. With its high drop rating, it's also great for land-based activities and everything in between.

The Hitcase Splash

But if you're not a fan of the ruggedness of our metal cases because you hate that cool and slick feel, or you're looking for a bit more grip in and around water, the Hitcase Splash just might be the best waterproof phone case for swimming and other water activities or adventures.

Instead of anodized aluminum, the Hitcase Splash is made from DuroSoft TPU, which doesn't get slippery when wet, causing you to lose your grip and possibly your phone. But don't worry -- it's not too grippy that you can't stuff it into a pocket or bag with ease.

Like our other waterproof cases, the Splash is drop-proof up to two meters -- making head-height drops a non-issue -- and waterproof up to three meters, so you can go swimming in up to 10 feet of water while you take pictures and shoot video with your iPhone. Take a look at our waterproof iPhone XR case as an example. 

The Splash is also compatible with our line of creative lenses, which gives you yet another reason to use your phone underwater because our lenses give you three unique views you won't get on a standard iPhone. In addition, they're also waterproof and drop-proof, meaning you don't have to treat them with the care you would a traditional DSLR lens.

Go Hitcase

We know you have a lot of choices out there when it comes to the best waterproof phone case for swimming or other water-based activities. Unfortunately, if you choose poorly, you could end up with an ill-fitting, plastic abomination that might not protect your expensive iPhone at all. That's because unless it's completely airtight and is easy to install, one wrong slip could expose your phone to a fresh batch of water.

That's not good when your phone's built-in water resistance is temporary, and you don't want to chance your digital life to something that might work. It'll also be an expensive trip to the Apple store when you find out your phone's warranty doesn't cover water damage.

The best part is that all our waterproof cases -- and all our iPhone cases -- are easy to install and don't limit the functionality of your iPhone. So you don't have to change your behavior or fiddle with complicated fastening mechanisms that require external tools just because you want to take your phone swimming.

So give Hitcase a try. There's a Hitcase for every type of person and every iPhone, and the protection you get allows you to focus on what you're doing, not whether your phone is up to the task. And with our lenses and mounts, a Hitcase is the only case that lets you do more with your phone than a stock iPhone. 

Go ahead. Go Hitcase.

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