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Social Influencers: Capture Better Content With Your iPhone

March 14, 2018

The sunset has never looked crisper... The clouds are bowing in and out of frame in a perfect symphony and then the thought hits you, "If only I had an expensive DSLR, I'd shoot these images, and tag the hotel that I'm staying at, maybe then I'd be able to work with them..."

So you scrounge around in your pocket and you see your trusty old iPhone. You reach for it just about to capture the remaining minutes of the majestic sunset, but you wonder if your old phone is capable of shooting something at the same level as an iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X.

Besides what you might have been made to believe, your "trusty old iPhone" is trusty for a reason, and for that reason, you can still shoot amazing content from anywhere...

Hitcase Crio iPhone X Case


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Recently, an Instagram influencer who reached out to a hotel in Dublin caught the ire of the internet for asking for a free four-night stay, without demonstrating to the hotel how she would help them reach a bigger audience and why she would be the one capable of doing so.

If you're not yet at the level of 11,000+ followers but can't wait for the day when brands (and hotels) reach out to you for collaborations, you're in luck! It's easier now than ever to create amazing content from anywhere, and when the day brands finally call you comes, you have to know that a photograph of you and your friends hanging out by the pool just isn't going to cut it — especially in this day and age where brands can just invest in commercials.

Social Influencer Content

Thankfully, according to Michaela MacIntyre from Gravity Thinking, "most brands aren't giving up on influencers," she admitted to Cosmopolitan magazine, however, "the relationship between brands and influencers is getting more sophisticated". Mainly driven by the need to receive far more sophisticated content. Brands expect influencers, and anyone else who wants to approach them, to step their game up!

Stepping Your Game Up

In order to pull this off, without spending tons of money on DSLR cameras and the latest iPhone, you need the right tools. Luckily these don't cost much, but what's the cost of creating great branded content compared to ending up with egg on your face?

Get yourself something like the HITCASE PRO 2.0

It's Hitcase's toughest, most protective iPhone case made for a plethora of unexpected adventures. It's waterproof and drop-proof, but the best part of it all is that the Hitcase Pro 2.0 comes attachable iPhone lenses and mounts, so you can give the DSRL a miss for a while.

Hitcase Pro iPhone 8 Case

Whether the content that you want to create involves having more of an outdoor lifestyle like camping, or heading to the coast and diving with Sharks, or maybe it involves something as simple, yet memorable as a music festival, the HITCASE PRO 2.0 allows you to whip your iPhone out without worrying that it'll get completely ruined!

Why make the investment into turning your old iPhone into a DSLR rival? The numbers make sense!

By using a tool like HITCASE PRO 2.0, you can fully submerge your phone up to 33 feet (10 meters) underwater for up to an hour, and even if you lose it and it washes ashore, the Hitcase phone cover is totally sealed from dirt and dust. You actually can't do the same thing with a DSLR without spending a lot of money.

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iPhone Photography is growing as more people realize that they can take incredible photos with the one camera that they likely always have with them in their pocket. Most people with influencer ambitions feel held back by what seem like complicated photo and video editing processes.

waterproof iPhone Case


Granted, some "waterproof" iPhone cases will make your phone appear bulky and unsightly — some even impact the quality of the audio quality of phone earpieces and speakers, but you figure that the compromise is worth it because "at least your device is sealed," right? Nope! Because you won't ever be able to submerge your phone for up to an hour with any other iPhone case, unlike the HITCASE PRO.

iPhone Photography is The Future of Content Creation

If you care about iPhone Photography but don't want to compromise phone protection over tools and equipment, then you need to seriously consider the HITCASE PRO 2.0. This bundle includes a phone case, a lens of your choice, and assistance to get you started...

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If you think that you and your little old iPhone can't possibly attract an audience, just note that brands are becoming even more particular about who they work with. They understand that some social media celebrities with large followers can also have terrible conversion rates. Part of a major brand's content strategy is understanding the pain (and passion) points of their intended audience, and finding out which influencers speak directly to those audiences.

best social influencer photos


Instead of trying to grow as an influencer, focus on using your phone and shooting from a unique point of view where a brand would want to bring you on board as an ambassador. Brand ambassadors have a totally different relationship with brands than the average influencer. For starters, as an ambassador, a brand will pay you to associate your name with them ONLY for a specific period of time. You are paid a retainer for this and officially become a spokesperson for the brand.

The world is a film roll of content waiting to be captured, but you can't take advantage of your vantage point if you're busy using excuses like "not having a DSLR camera". If you want to get your foot in the influencer door, the first step will be getting out of your own way, and allow your inspiration to move you!

Your phone already captures your memories, so now is the opportunity for you to use it to capture better content and step your game up.

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