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New Protective iPhone Case Technology

April 08, 2019

Everyone loves their iPhone, but be that as it may, we still manage to either accidentally or absent-mindedly do some very silly things to them. It stands to reason that the fact that nearly half of all smartphone owners have had their phones lost, stolen or damaged makes a ton of sense. When you get a new iPhone, you’re faced with the anxiety of wanting to see it in its glory and being terrified of ruining it.


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iPhone Cases that don’t Add Unnecessary Bulk

The debate of to protect or not to protect your iPhone has evolved from being something that was interesting, to something much more pressing. It’s just a no-brainer. But UGH the iPhone is just so damn gorgeous, so why oh why should you make it this rubbery, fat thing that is the absolute antithesis of what it should be? We know! We get it!

And that is exactly why Hitcase has dedicated a crazy amount of time creating iPhone cases that do not add any bulk and still maintain your iPhone’s cool factor. You spent a lot of money on your iPhone and we understand that you want people to see it! But if you’re not careful, or if you get the wrong type of phone case, you could end up with a bad situation.

Some iPhone cases can lead to dirt and debris getting caught between the iPhone and the phone case and that’s a disaster, and in most cases, the only way to bypass this is to spend a lot of money. That’s where Hitcase comes in. Why do you have to compromise on quality and style? What about when you want to switch to another iPhone case? How easy is it to switch cases?

The world’s most innovative iPhone cases, lenses, and mounts   

Hitcase provides a baseline level of protection at every imaginable price-point, making sure that your iPhone’s most vulnerable areas are protected and covered. As a pro-tip, don’t just buy any old plastic case. They’re just not good enough. Try to find something that is specifically built to be shock-absorbent and can stand to be exposed to water. Those are the absolute basics.

At Hitcase, iPhone cases are categorized into the PRO, DESIGN and ACTIVE series.

Hitcase PRO

Whether you’re the proud owner of an iPhone Xs Max, an iPhone X/Xs, an iPhone ⅞, and an iPhone 7/8 Plus, Hitcase PRO’s shockproof design offers extreme protection.

Waterproof iPhone Case


Key features:

  • Triple patented design
  • Low profile anodized Aluminium frame
  • IP68 Waterproof rating up to 33ft/10m
  • Drop-proof to 16ft/5m - MIL SPEC Shock rated
  • Mount it anywhere with our Railslide mount system.
  • Compatible with all 8 HITCASE mounts and GoPro® mounts
  • Scratch resistant screen
  • Get your phone in and out in seconds with our super secret Shockseal design
  • Seamless Touch ID: talk, text, shoot, share = do all the things.

"If you buy a Hitcase Pro, your phone will transform into a rugged action camera that’s almost impossible to break. Indeed, your iPhone will turn into something resembling a GoPro.” - Dan Price, Make Use Of

GET IT and see!

Hitcase Ferra Leather iPhone Case

Protective iPhone cases that are on the market today are focused on making products cheaper, but in the race to make things cheaper, things got worse, sharp edges, flow lines, rough textures, careless design. So when you’re ready to step things up, FERRA, Hitcase’s premium leather iPhone case is exactly where you turn.

Black Leather iPhone Case


The Ferra Leather Case is designed exclusively for the iPhone X/Xs and the iPhone  Xs Max. It has been crafted with full-grain Italian Leather, while still simultaneously maintaining a slim, ultra-light design that combines traditional leatherwork stylings with solid day-to-day protection for your phone. Hand cut, hand sewn and hand pressed, when you first get your hands on Ferra, you’ll be amazed by how much it feels exactly like a high-end wallet: soft yet strong with finite attention to detail and quality. Ferra is craftsmanship you can feel.

Full leather gives Ferra its iconic premium feel, but the stainless steel beveled hardware is the technology that you’ve come to love and respect from Hitcase. As we say, once you put Ferra on, you won’t want to take it off.


Hitcase ACTIVE Series

The Hitcase Active Series is a collection of iPhone cases designed for people who live an active, on-the-go lifestyle. Let's face it - the world is a busy place and you need a case that can keep up with you while protecting your device. Whether you're hiking with the family or summiting Everest, our lineup of cases have seen it all. No matter what the adventure, Hitcase has you covered: drop-proof, waterproof, everything-proof protectives that have attachable iPhone lenses and mounts, allowing you to create incredible content along the way. Welcome to the Hitcase Active Series.

Photo Case for iPhone

What are your needs?

Need something thin, light and waterproof? Get the Shield

Do you need something that also waterproof and magnet? Get the Shield LINK

Simply on the market for a slim case for your iPhone photography? Get the CRIO

Are you a wanderlust who travels to exotic destinations? Get the SPLASH

It couldn't be easier to stay active and still protect your iPhone!

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Many professional iPhone repair technicians have noticed water damage is less common than screen damage, although aquatic accidents tend to co-occur with long weekends and summers when many photographers and beach-goers mistakenly take their phones along for a dip. If you can’t resist the call of the sea, the entire Hitcase collection will have your back till the point you realize your error.

It’s time to elevate!

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