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Must-Know Camera Hacks For Your iPhone

July 31, 2018

You've heard it before that, "iPhone cameras are fast replacing conventional cameras as the go-to tools when it comes to snapping our memorable moments". For iPhone photographers who have already kicked their iPhone photography to the next level, these 9 iPhone camera hacks will come as no surprise.

Here are the must-know iPhone camera hacks, for when you're ready to step your game up and get some seriously DSLR-level images with your trusty smartphone!

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1. Turn your iPhone Camera into a Microscope

This is a quick project for anyone who fancies themselves a scientist but doesn't want to spend a whole lot of money on something like a microscope. With this little hack, you can get up to 375 times magnification. That’s amazing!

Firstly, you have to purchase an old laser pointer and screw the top off of it in order to remove the tiny plastic (sometimes it's also glass) lens inside. Place this lens on a piece of cloth to make sure it doesn't get lost.

Next, clean the lens to make sure that there's no dried glue on it

Step 3: Get yourself a bobby pin and secure the lens on to the back of your iPhone, with the lens centered over the camera.

Step 4: Turn on your camera to make sure that the lens is in the center and your set!

turn your iPhone into a microscope

2. Turn your iPhone Case into A Ring-Light

This nifty little hack requires an LED camping light, a cheap phone cover,  and heavy duty velcro. A ring-light on the back of your iPhone automatically makes it easier to take some high-quality headshots, without spending too much money.

YouTube video on how to turn an iPhone case into a ring-light

Step 1: Cut the velcro to the width of your phone case and stick the prickly half of the tape to the ring (the LED camping light).

Try to center your camping light's 'on' button with the opposite of the velcro. This will ensure that your 'on' button ends up over the iPhone and pressing it doesn't force the light and the phone apart.

Step 2: Line the ring and the lens of your camera up and velcro them to each other. That's it!

iPhone ring light

3. TrueLUX Macro Lens for your iPhone Camera

There are a lot of macro lens hacks out there, but why spend more than $40, when you just get a high-quality lens that easily snaps on to your iPhone.

Enter Hitcase's TrueLUX Macro Lens.

With this lens, you can capture small object in great detail with 3 times the magnification and a  working distance of 12-22mm, offering a wider, easier to use working distance than traditional Macro mobile lenses.

Bonus: The TrueLUX Macro Lens is the only 100% waterproof and shockproof macro lens for iPhones on the planet!

TrueLUX Macro Lens for iPhone

4. Make a Tripod for your iPhone with Binder Clips and a Business Card

source: Huffingtonpost

If you're looking for a quick, yet reliable hack, then this is it!

It needs no explanation either. Just by looking at the image below, you'll know exactly what to do.

binderclip tripod for iPhone

5.  Make a Flexible Smartphone Tripod for your iPhone Using Paper Clips

source: Instructables

Whether you want to watch videos hands-free or take a stable video, this quick 2-minute hack. All you need are 2 paperclips and a little patience. The wire is rigid enough to hold your phone, but it can still be bent some more so that you can wrap it around objects while your phone is cradled.

Firstly, flatten your paperclips so that they're completely straight and then double bend them at the bottom so that they're in the shape of a "rounded" V.

Step 2: Bend the legs of your V twice and then you're all set!

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iPhone paperclip tripod

6. Turn your iPhone into a Projector

Whether you're outdoors wanting to have your own movie theatre under the stars or simply want a change of scenery (pun intended), then consider turning your iPhone, with its already amazing display quality, into a projector.

YouTube video on how to turn your iPhone into a projector

All you need is a magnifying glass, a paper clip, electrical tape, foam board, PVA glue (Elmer's glue), hot glue gun, an Xacto knife, a cutting knife, glue sticks, hacksaw, a rule, and a shoe box — and your iPhone of course.

Start by tracing the outline of your magnifying glass onto one end of the box. Use an X-Acto knife to cut around the line, then cut a small hole in the other end for the power cord, so that your phone never runs out battery.

Next, use electrical tape to attach the magnifying glass to the box. Make sure you get it to fit tightly so that no light escapes. Alternatively, you can use a hot glue gun to attach the magnifying glass, because it'll prevent light from escaping and give you a snug fit.

Turn your iPhone into a projector

Step 2: Take your paperclip and bend it into a little stand for your phone. If you want your iPhone to be even more secure, take some double sided tap and put it on the back of your iPhone and then stick your iPhone to a foam board, which will anchor your phone in place and prevent any wobbling.

Ideally, you want to make sure that your phone is at a perfect right-angle (like the video shows) to prevent any wobbling.

Step 3: It's time to take your projector for a quick spin. You might notice that your projection is now upside down, so you need to change your screen orientation in order to fix this and keep it that way. On your iPhone, go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility, then switch Assistive Touch to ON. Tap the little white circle to bring up the menu, then go to Device -> Rotate Screen.

You're now ready to stream your favourite content!

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7. Macro, Wide and SuperWide aka Truelux Lens Bundle

Making your own macro, or wide lens is doable, but the cost! Fortunately, for the same price of materials, and the time spent glue and cutting, you could just invest that in a durable (and waterproof) Hitcase lens kit!

The TrueLUX Lens Kit includes the Macro, Wide and SuperWide, allowing you to capture the perfect shot every time. This allows you to easily swap between Hitcase's waterproof, compact iPhone lenses, offering you the best in class optics and edge to edge clarity. A smart investment is also a hack, so here you go!


iphone lens picture comparison

8. Filter Alternatives for your iPhone Camera

Instagram filters are awesome, it's why the app became popular in the beginning! BUT everyone has access to the same filters and really, where's the fun in that.

Here's a simple hack, take a pair of sunglasses with a colored lens and use it as an iPhone camera filter. Yellow, blue and pink sunglasses are super popular right now, so they'll be inexpensive and easy to get. Dark sunglasses actually imitate ND filters and they're fantastic at adding mood to a bright image.

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sunglass filter on iPhone camera

9. Create a Bokeh Effect Using your iPhone Camera and Sand

This one is almost too easy!

If you like the "fairy light" look in your images or want a moody blur or some depth of field, all you need to do is find yourself a piece of glass that's big enough to fit your iPhone and roll the outside of the glass in sand or some dirt that place your phone on the glass (not facing the dirty side).

Face the sun and snap your picture!

The sand will displace the light and create a bokeh effect adding some depth and texture to your iPhone image. Who needs DSLRs?!

Create a Bokeh Effect Using your iPhone Camera and Sand

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