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Military & Combat iPhone Photography

October 04, 2018

Admittedly, this isn't something that's commonly discussed; photography in the military, or military photojournalism, or even combat photography...

The lack of association of the military with photography is totally understandable — when you think about the military, photographs, let alone those taken with an iPhone instead of a DSLR aren't the first thing that comes to mind. At least not initially. BUT, the military is constantly looking for innovative ways to capture and keep records of activities, because of how dynamic service-life can be.

So, if the military needs pictures of the troops on duty, they will also need photographers to take those pictures, HOWEVER, here's the catch; those photographers have to already be soldiers themselves.

military iphone photography

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That means, military photographers are also in combat and not simply spectators. So, unfortunately, military photography is not something that you can, "get into", if you're not interested in "getting into" the army. That means that when you're not wielding a rifle, you're snapping images on behalf of the army. Double Duty!

Things happen at lightning speed in combat. When you’re wielding a rifle and also towing a DSLR around your neck, focusing on doing a good job at both tasks is a tall order. This is why combat photography is so rare… Using an expensive DSLR brings on a multitude of anxieties, besides the obvious one of potential injury (or death)...

Why Use an iPhone?

A DSLR is an expensive piece of equipment that was never meant to go anywhere near ballistics. Sure the military probably does a great job at ensuring that they've made allowances for this, but nothing provides the greater assurance and convenience that your iPhone brings. For its price, it's definitely worth it in the end!

military iphone photography

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Most professional photographers will explain why using Instagram was such a natural progression for them. It presents the opportunity to connect with the world and also share their world — especially because they get to experience the world through such a unique lens (pun intended).

The average DSLR does not connect to social media, neither does it give the photographer the freedom to curate a gallery and decide, on the spot, the sort of images that would need to be classified and images that can be shared with people all around the world. The iPhone can do that!

Besides being able to connect, having an iPhone X,  iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, or iPhone XR is like having a mini MacBook in your pocket. You get to edit images, add filters and create a unified, editorial signature with all your images. Being able to add text to photographs allows you to watermark your combat photos so that anyone who sees the images (i.e. Newswires when images go viral) will be able to credit you accordingly.

Unfortunately, since you’re practically out in the wilderness with your iPhone, you could still have some gripes about whipping your phone out in a tense situation, because people might assume that you’re not being serious.

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Fortunately, Hitcase lenses give your iPhone a professional, high-tech look without being bulky, clunky and dated. Instead of looking like an amateur, you end up looking like someone who is using the latest military-grade tech to chronicle the daily life of a soldier in combat.

Are you ready to put your new iPhone Xs, Xs Max or XR in the line of duty?

military iphone photography


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