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Master the Art of Photo Styling with iPhones

March 16, 2019

Whether snapping travel photos, posing for family pictures, or trying to find the best angle for products for your online shop, photo styling is a necessary skill for every photographer. Smartphone cameras have amazing capabilities today, from higher pixel resolution to multiple cameras. The iPhone is making it easy to drop traditional digital or film cameras and rely solely on your phone. Even for important photos for business or life occasions, the iPhone camera lens can capture it all in high resolution and better saturation than in previous years. However, the way these photos are styled changes everything. You have the basic equipment, and here are a few ways to take your photos from amateur level to expert status. 


Styling is not just about putting objects or people together in a pretty way but conveying a message or tone through the photograph. Maintaining consistency in a photo set with lighting, editing, and composition is important for branding. Whether cultivating a stunning personal page or impressive product photos, consistency is key. Experiment with editing, but focus more on saturation, exposure, and contrasting before relying heavily on filters. Use a cohesive color palette with the objects, background, or people in photos to establish a theme. The more realistic the photos look in comparison to real life, the easier it is for personality and unique character to shine through.


For bloggers and lifestyle experts that need an upgrade from the iPhone without buying a digital camera, look at iPhone camera lens attachments that macro focus on the details. Up-close-and-personal styling for objects, such as product placement or blog post supplemental, takes visual social media branding to an expert level without having to attend a photography class or outsourcing images. For travel and sports professionals, choose a wide lens that can snap on and off your iPhone for those landscape photos that need more crisp clarity. Styling landscape and wide focus photos should follow the rule of thirds while focusing on an individual object or person in the forefront. Experiment a bit and figure out a style and theme that fit your brand. 


Pro-Styling Tip: Never take just one photo. Change perspective, focus, or objects to get a variety to choose from later. It is always better to have many options to choose from than over-processing the one photo taken that is okay but not perfect.


Through cultivating a personalized photo style, content platforms and photo collections can be consistent, convey stories, and look stunning. Take your photo styling to the next level with attachable camera lenses that enhance focus and widen perspective. Photo styling takes an intentional step towards impressive photographs that are easily snapped, edited, and posted all within the same medium. 


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