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Keep Your iPhone Safe on Family Summer Adventures

April 09, 2019

Summertime is full of activities and gatherings that make lifelong memories and encourage fun experiences for you and your kids. Before you head out on your next family summer adventure, here are a few ways to use your iPhone’s versatile features as a resource while simultaneously protecting it from summer fun.


Beach Days

Ocean waves, sandy beaches, and snack food make for a great day at the beach for all ages. Bring along your iPhone and a Bluetooth speaker to amp up the fun, or use an attachable, waterproof iPhone camera lens to capture family memories on the beach.


But unfortunately, your iPhone alone isn’t made to handle all the fun in the sun. Get a waterproof and shockproof case to protect your iPhone from water, sand, and food crumbs. Worrying about keeping your phone dry is distracting for everyone. Keep it simple and easy by protecting your iPhone from your beach day adventures. 


Sport Tournaments

Your all-star players probably have a soccer tournament or two this summer, and who wouldn’t want to watch them score the ultimate goal? Bring along an all-weather blanket, shady umbrella, and sports drinks to keep you comfy and energized for a day of supporting your family's superstars. 


While your iPhone comes with a quality built-in camera, enhance your photos with a wide lens to capture all the action on the field. Attachable lenses increase the clarity and frame size of your photos without needing a DSLR camera. 


Family Reunions

Summer is the season of barbecues, park gatherings, and family reunions. Whether your family tends to be laid back or a more adventurous clan, capturing the memories and keeping your iPhone safe from high-impact activities should be easy. 


Use your iPhone as a resource while cooking a family recipe. Or keep a tally of team points during an intense volleyball match. Choose an iPhone case that’s shockproof and waterproof, keeping it safe from splattering ingredients or rogue volleyballs. Don’t forget to capture the memories with an attachable iPhone camera lens that you can take with you wherever you go.


Camping Trips

Your iPhone’s versatility makes it a great resource for your next family camping trip. Use the flashlight feature to help you set up a tent at twilight, or save maps to follow the trail to your favorite campsite. Having an iPhone available for emergencies is especially important, so bring along a solar power pack to keep your device charged. 


Keeping your iPhone charged also makes it a great on-the-go camera. Use a macro lens to get close-up nature shots with incredible detail without a pro-camera that weighs down your pack. Get a shockproof case to protect it against any drops on hard surfaces or damp trails. If you want to capture a time-lapse of the night sky or take an all-inclusive family photo with a timer, get a mount that allows you to stick your iPhone on a lightweight tripod.


About Hitcase

Hitcase offers a selection of durable iPhone cases and iPhone camera lens options that allow users to take stunning pictures wherever they are in the world. The company’s innovative, top-quality products help get people ready for adventure.

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