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The Case for Every Adventure: What iPhone Case Is Right for You?

April 01, 2019



We've all had that moment. You're rushing to your car, or grabbing tacos from the local food truckor maybe you're in the middle of nowhere on the first leg of a week-long hike before you start your trek up the mountainand your phone slips its way out of your pocket, backpack, or wherever it is that you hastily stored it the last time you checked your Instagram feed.  


With one of our premium iPhone cases, you can rest easy knowing that Hitcase has your back. From rugged and waterproof to thin and minimalist, our cases keep your phone protected from the rigors of everyday—and not-so-everyday—life. So, you won't ever miss capturing that perfect moment because you cracked your screen yesterday and you're months away from a phone upgrade. 


Here at Hitcase, we strive to make cases that fit your lifestylehowever creatively you like to live it. Whether you're swimming with sharks off the coast of Southern California, camping in Yosemite with friends or just out for a walk around the neighborhoodour iPhone cases don't just protect, they make your phone better and more adaptable to your adventures. 


Unlike most manufacturers that use cheap plastic and brittle rubber, we build our cases with premium aluminum, glass, and silicone. We're also the only case company that turns your iPhone into a versatile video and photo camera with threaded and magnetic lenses so a little rain or dunk in the water won't ruin your day. 


The Case for Hitcase Pro 


Ideal for adventurists and activities such as big mountain skiing, diving, surfing, mountaineering and mountain biking, and also perfect for travelers that want the most comprehensive protection and extensibility we offer. 


Our flagship product, the Hitcase Pro, is the ultimate iPhone case for the discerning adventurist. Made out of slim and tough aluminum, the Hitcase Pro provides five meters of drop protection, five meters of waterproof protection, and comes with Railslide mounting points and the option to affix one of three TrueLUX lenses---all to give you a best-in-class case system that aggressively protects and dramatically extends the functionality of your iPhone. Think of the Hitcase Pro as being the ultimate companion for your phone, making it stronger and better able to document even the craziest of adventures.  


Modeled to complement your iPhone's sleek look and, let's be honest, fragile nature, the Hitcase Pro frame is precision-machined from a single piece of aluminum and includes aluminum alloy push buttons that give you just the right level of feedback and a satisfying click to avoid accidental presses. The back of the case is made from high-strength polycarbonate, the same stuff that makes bulletproof glass, and allows you to see your phone in all its snug and protected glory. Then we wrap everything in our patent-pending ShockSeal technology, custom waterproof seals and more high-quality polycarbonate to give you an iPhone case that keeps your digital life in, and everything else out. 


In addition to the protection that allows your phone to keep up with you, you can extend your iPhone's video and photo capabilities with three different TrueLUX lenses, each complementing the iPhone's natural image quality. There's the TrueLUX Wide, which gives you 2x the field of view (FOV) as the iPhone's built-in camera. For an even wider FOV, the TrueLUX SuperWide is the perfect lens for that fisheye look. Then there's the TrueLUX Macro, which allows you to get up close and personal with a 3x magnification macro lens that focuses on elements just 12-22mm away. 


But the real key to the Hitcase Pro iPhone case is the Railslide mounting system, enabling you to situate your iPhone just about anywhere to capture that perfect shot. There's the TiltR Tripod Mount, which can be mounted on any tripod that fits the standard 1/4"-20 thread on the base; the StickR Adhesive Mount, which attaches to any flat surface with strong adhesive and rotates 360 degrees and tilts 180 degrees; and other assorted mounts that attach to bikes, cars and motorcycles, as well as to your chest or wrist. We even have a floating mount, which keeps your phone buoyant and easily visible in water with a bright orange flotation strap. 


The Hitcase Pro is for the iPhone Xs Max, iPhone X/Xs, iPhone 7/8 and iPhone 7/8 Plus. 


The Case for Hitcase Active Protection 



If skiing down a double black diamond while shooting video of your exploits sounds more like a spectator sport than your idea of a good time, we have many cases to fit your exact need. From extreme impact protection to slim, barely-there cases, our cases are perfect for a life on the go, even if it's just a night of bar-hopping or singing songs around the campfire. 


  • The Splash, our iPhone case for those that aren't afraid of getting wet, is water resistant and waterproof up to three meters, but we won't judge if it saves your phone from a dunk in the john. It's also dust and liquid proof with full port coverage, so you'll be good in a storm of rain or dust. And it's compatible with our three magnetic lenses, so you'll be sure to get that perfect shot whether underwater or above. 
    Excellent for everyday protection and all water activities such as surfing, swimming and snorkeling. 
    The Splash is for iPhone Xs Max, iPhone Xr, iPhone X/Xs, iPhone 7/8 and iPhone 7/8 Plus. 
  • Shield Link is the world's thinnest, magnetic, waterproof iPhone case. It's got everything that made the Shield great, but it's thinner than ever, meaning you don't need to trade sleekness for waterproof protection. Like the Crio, it also works with our magnetic lenses and mounts. 
    Ideal for travel, camping, vacationing and water activities such as swimming and snorkeling. 
    Shield Link is for iPhone X/Xs, iPhone 7/8 and iPhone 7/8 Plus. 
  • Crioour thinnest and lightest case, is perfect for creatives and photographers looking for a way to extend their iPhone's image taking capabilities with Hitcase lenses. Inside the Crio is the world's first integrated magnetic lens and mounting system for iPhone, allowing you to use the Wide, Superwide and Macro lenses, as well as body mounts that attach to a flat surface, car vent or other Hitcase mounts. 
    Excellent for everyday use, urban life, work, gym, hiking and travel. 
    Crio is for iPhone X/Xs, iPhone 7/8 and iPhone 7/8 Plus. 
  • Enduro, our tough, protective iPhone case is ideal for job sites and other high-impact environments. Thanks to our innovative EnFrame chassis, your phone sits comfortably inside a pocket of air, providing extra protection against large drops and big impacts. Furthermore, the DuroSoft TPU exterior, port covers, bulletproof glass back and screen membrane provide complete protection against dust and dirt. 
    Best for heavy abuse such as construction, warehouse or industrial work, motorcycling and skateboarding. 
    Enduro is for iPhone X/Xs. 
  • The Shield --our ultimate case for travel -- is a thin, aluminum-framed case with full protection of all sensors, ports and screen. You get drop protection, scratch protection and waterproof protection, all with no compromise to your phone's sound quality. The case is also MIL-SPEC shockproof, so you don't have to worry about those frequent drops that always seem to multiply in frequency whenever we're farthest from home. 
    Ideal for travelers, water activities and those that need a little more protection in everyday life. 
    The Shield is for iPhone 7/8 and iPhone 6/6s. 
  • The Snap, which was the second case we brought to market, is a more affordable version of the Hitcase Pro. It works with the same mounts and lenses, and comes with the ShootR Extension Pole and TrueLUX Wide lens. 
    Best for urban life, skateboarding, biking and travel. 
    Snap is for iPhone 6/6s and iPhone 6/6s Plus. 


The Case for Form (and Function) 


Ideal for home and office, a night out, road trips and urban travel. 


For the more aesthetically minded case connoisseur looking for something beyond the generic and unimaginative, cheap, black plastic iPhone cases that saturate the industry, we created the Ferra. It's part of our new Design Series that places a premium on how we interact with and experience our phones 


Made with full-grain Italian leather, the Ferra feels more like a natural skin than your typical plastic iPhone case. Cut, sewn and pressed by hand by artisans and matched with stainless steel hardware buttons, Ferra looks as nice as it is to touch. And since it's made from real leather, it won't flake or chip like fake leather products, and over time the case will adapt and change as you do, revealing a gorgeous patina uniquely yours -- little memories of each and every one of your adventures. 


But Ferra isn't just for looks. It's compatible with our TrueLUX magnetic lenses, protects from drops up to two meters and even has soft microfiber interior to protect your iPhone from microscratchesFerra is also thin enough to work with wireless charging. 


Ferra is for the iPhone X/Xs and Xs Max. 


Which Hitcase Are You? 


From the thrill-seeker to traveller to the urban dweller and everything in between, Hitcase's collection of premium iPhone cases have a solution to fit any lifestyle or adventurebecause our phones aren't just pieces of technology; they house our entire digital lives and store priceless mementos of our travels and adventures. 


At Hitcase, we understand this, and that's why we're so passionate about protecting and improving these devices to fit our lives, not the other way around. We're into living life, not worrying about whether our phone will make it. And through our collection of cases, lenses and mounts, we hope we can help you live your life to the fullest. It's a big world out there. Grab your phone and have an adventure!  

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