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IGTV: Why It Matters to Mobile Vloggers and Influencers

June 22, 2018 1 Comment

By now you've probably seen a lot of news about Instagram TV, or IGTV for short; a vertical video service that can be found both inside Instagram and as a standalone app. The reason why IGTV has been making waves online is that of how it can further democratize online video content sharing, but what exactly does that mean for mobile vloggers and influencers and why does it matter?

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Because IGTV is a reflection of the future…

If Digital Influencers want to maintain the engagement that they currently enjoy from their audience, they need to invest a little more time into creating a more cohesive story — IGTV matters to influencers, because it can help them make it happen. Instagram TV is about to become to mobile vlogging what traditional vlogging is to YouTube.


Mobile Vlogging and IGTV = Instant Gratification

The way we all consume content has changed. When you're on Instagram, you're typically not interested in watching a horizontal video. Audiences what content that is tailor-made for their phone and allows them to easily watch the videos without accidentally pressing a button when switching their screen's orientation. In its research, this is exactly what Facebook gleaned last year.

There's a misconception that creating high-quality content takes a huge amount of time, budget, and skill set but the reality is that most digital influencers can create some amazing content right in the palm of their hands through the smart use of apps and phone accessories.

This flies in the face of the convention which almost exclusively dictates that DSLRs are the only devices which can create great long-form video content for social media.


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With longer video content, a lot of apps are simply not apt to do all the work of making the content look good, if the foundation is bad...

For digital influencers who are still on the fence about how to get started on IGTV, Hitcase's CRIO phone case with its sophisticated system of lenses may just be the best mobile vlogging setup currently on the market.

superwide lens for igtv 

What exactly is CRIO?

CRIO is Hitcase's slim and lightweight iPhone camera case which complements and enhances an iPhone's 4K camera's capabilities. Through a link system of magnetic mounts and magnetic lenses.

In order to get started, all you do is put your phone inside the case, attach the magnetic mounts and then switch your lenses on the fly. That's it!

So once you've done that, all you have to do is record and edit your videos — and then you'll be ready to upload episodes of your Instagram TV videos, aka the fun part!

Simply open up the IGTV app and click on your profile picture; if you're not a well-known influencer, you'll initially be limited to creating 10-minute videos. IGTV will prompt you to create a channel, follow the prompts.

Sharing the creations from your camera roll is literally as simple as that!

Will digital influencers and mobile vloggers make money from IGTV?

Facebook, Instagram’s parent company, launched something called Brand Collabs Manager quite recently, and the premise of this service is to help creators land sponsorship and partnership deals, so it stands to reason that partnerships and sponsorships between brands and creators could become a new trend on IGTV as well, especially with brands still going out of their way to align themselves with digital influencers and vloggers.

Currently, there aren’t any ads on IGTV, but they’ll be on the way soon. As we’ve seen on YouTube, longer-form content will create an opportunity for Instagram TV to experiment with new ad types such as pre and mid-roll ads.

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Instagram said that IGTV will be "rolling out globally over the next few weeks on Android and iOS". The IGTV app seems to be available to at least some users now, though the button in the traditional Instagram app might not show up.

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1 Response

Giulio Sciorio
Giulio Sciorio

July 04, 2018

If IGTV don’t offer a way to monetize for pro-am creators by end of year I can’t imagine IGTV making a dent in YouTube. If I make content for YouTube today I get paid not to mention the videos help boost my engagement on other platforms. I’m launching my IGTV content next week but as an experiment. Can’t take it super seriously until I can monetize either directly or indirectly.

What I’d like to know is what Hitcase is doing for IGTV? With 235K followers on IG it would make sense.

Want come coverage on my channels? Could be a fun colab. @giuliosciorio everywhere.